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Published on December 26, 2008

Author: LearnTrends



Online Educa Berlin 2008 workshop

Phase Change

2 Paintings of Charles Sheeler





World as biosphere

What humans can't engineer, evolution can. Out of Control, Kevin Kelly 8

Density of connections Cycle time Unpredictability Collaboration Pace Leveling Interdependence Intangibles Volatility Work as improv Services Collective intelligence Flow

Phase Change Industrial culture to network culture End of Age of Stuff Beginning the Age of Connections Cogito ergo sum Perception is reality Material world Therefore, many realities out there WYSIWYG, one reality Everything is connected “It is I.” “We are all in this together.” More than demise of industrial era Everything is relative Newton just a summary Everything flows Focus on the visible It’s all connected World is mechanical, predictable World is complex, outcomes uncertain Pre-atomic, pre-quantum All is a work-in-progress Belief in fundamentals, absolutes Time as a artificial overlay, i.e. a tennis racket Some stuff is “finished” Ditto ownership (since things are a figment) “We are nodes” “We are connectors” Learning to do stuff Learning to be (take new vantage point) Programs Platforms

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