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Published on January 11, 2008

Author: Rina


Efficient Rendering of Local Subsurface Scattering:  Efficient Rendering of Local Subsurface Scattering Tom Mertens1, Jan Kautz2, Philippe Bekaert1, Frank Van Reeth1, Hans-Peter Seidel2 1 2 Overview:  Overview Problem Related Work Local Subsurface Scattering Our Approach Implementation & Results Discussion Summary & Future Work Subsurface Scattering :  Subsurface Scattering BRDF BSSRDF opaque translucent Slide4:  BSSRDF model function of distance introduced by Jensen et al. (SIGGRAPH’01) multiple scattering materials with high albedo: marble, milk, wax, skin,… Slide5:  BSSRDF model function of distance introduced by Jensen et al. (SIGGRAPH’01) multiple scattering materials with high albedo: marble, milk, wax, skin,… Related Work:  Related Work Jensen et al. ’02 General scattering effects Offline rendering Mertens et al. ’03 Dynamic models General scattering effects Per vertex Our paper Dynamic models Local scattering effects Per pixel Local Subsurface Scattering:  Local Subsurface Scattering Certain cases no global response Dense materials Large scale Distinct appearance! Rough surface Local sampling sufficient But accuracy is important! Rd decays exponentially Per vertex too coarse Apply to skin rendering Only local response Global response Local Subsurface Scattering:  Local Subsurface Scattering Local subsurface scattering Diffuse Local Subsurface Scattering:  Local Subsurface Scattering Local Full Our Approach:  Our Approach High level description Employ importance sampling scheme for Rd Rendering algorithm Generate importance samples Render irradiance image Integrate irradiance image locally in tangent plane Importance Sampling of Rd:  Importance Sampling of Rd Need to solve integral Idea: sample according to Rd Result: set of distances ri Issues: Need samples on surface, not ri’s Need irradiance at sample Importance sampling of Rd:  Importance sampling of Rd Solution: Pick a view e Render irradiance to image T Generate sample p’ in tangent plane Project p’ on surface  p Project p’ into T to retrieve irradiance E(p’) Importance sampling of Rd:  Importance sampling of Rd We take eye position for e p’  p implies a jacobian J ratio of solid angles Integral becomes: Rendering Algorithm:  Rendering Algorithm Generate importance samples in 2D 2D Rd ri Rendering Algorithm:  Rendering Algorithm Render irradiance image Rendering Algorithm:  Rendering Algorithm Integrate image locally in tangent plane Rendering Algorithm:  Rendering Algorithm Store result in final image Implementation:  Implementation Variance reduction Stratified sampling Deterministic, pseudo random Interleaved sampling Noise  dither pattern Combined sampling Importance + uniform Irradiance discontinuties Software implementation Programmable Graphics Hardware Combined sampling Uniform importance Implementation:  Implementation Programmable Graphics Hardware Overview: generate 2D samples quick per-frame preprocess in software Render irradiance image T Bind E as texture For each sample Look up sample E in T (pixel shader) Accumulate E in temporary texture Output temporary texture Results:  Results ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 500x500 image, 4 to 5 frames/sec Some pictures… Image Quality:  Image Quality Color bleeding (forehead) Shadow smoothing Image Quality:  Image Quality nVIDIA’s skin shader Our method Slide23:  Complex lighting Demo video:  Demo video Discussion:  Discussion No global effects E.g. backlit ears Prone to noise Irradiance discontinuities Shadow borders Geometric discontinuities Kills effect of importance sampling Ghosting artifacts Accumulation  fill-rate limited ghosting Summary:  Summary Novel technique for local subsurface scattering Amenable for hardware implementation Interactive frame rates Dynamic models Application: skin rendering Future Work:  Future Work Hybrid algorithm Global response per vertex Local response per pixel Eliminate ghosting Apply technique in texture space Combine with skin BRDF Take into account varying blood concentrations Acknowledgments:  Acknowledgments Head model courtesy of nVIDIA Funding: European Regional Development Fund

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