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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: bertacasanova121


• Towards 9.000 BC (the beginning of the Neolithic, with sedentary), humans started to use dogs to hunt and to protect them from the other animals. • Later, they were considered pets, in the sense of company. • The first dogs were wolves that the humans domesticated.

• In Ancient Mesopotamia (6000 BC-539 BC), they celebrated a party dedicated to the dogs. • In Ancient Egypt (3150 BC-31BC) a usual pet of the Pharaohs was the lion, which was used in the war too. • In the reliefs despicting the famous battle of Kadesh (1274 BC), the Egypt army fought with the Hittites, Pharaoph Ramsés II appeared fighting with his lion. • Other pets (most popular for the poor people) were cats, monkeys, and dogs. They were buried with their owners.

• The favorite pet in Greece (1200 aC-146 aC) was the dog. • Aristotle said: «There are seven races and the most popular is the Molsser, a Mesopotian kind of dog». • In the Odyssey, Homer tells the story of Argos, Odysseus’s dog, who waited for his owner for twenty years and he died when he saw his owner returning home. • Cats were the other great pets of Greece. They were brought from Egypt.

• In Ancient Rome (753 BC- 476 BC), the most common pets were dogs, because they guarded the houses. A lot of mosaics were found with this warning: «Cave Canem» (beware the dog!) • In the Roman houses, there were cats, pigeons, ducks, crows and birds in general.

• Caesar (100 BC-44 BC) had a giraffe, who brought from Alexandria and he showed to the Romans the animal (the people never saw it!). • Calígula (12 AD – 41AD) had got a horse called Incitatus. Calígula worshipped the horse like a god. He ate with it and he covered the horse with jewellery. • Nerón (37 AD- 68 AD) had a wild panther called Febea. Febea moved free during the dinners. • The poet Virgil (70 BC- 19 BC), author of the Aeneid, sent out a very expensive mausoleum for a fly to keep his land.

• The poor people had all types of farm animals: pigs, sheep, horses… they lived in the same house together and there were many problems with hygiene. • People didn’t have any cats, because they thought were the symbol of the devil. • Rich people loved falcons, because these animals helped them to hunt.

• Collecting exotic animals was a sign of power in the Modern Age. They used the wildest animals to fight and they showed them to the people the most exotic... • Louis XIV of France (1638-1715) had an elephant. • The English Tudor dynasty (1485 - 1603) loved the monkeys and the sons of one monkey belong to the sons of the king (in the image, Catalina de Aragón, the first wife of Edward VI).

• In the Contemporary Age, pets have become more numerous and diverse. • Today, the most fashionable animals are the exotic ones: pigs, alligators, tigers, squirrels, snakes and kangaroos.

• Marquis de Lafayette, one important politician and French military (1757-1834), had an alligator. When he visited the White House, he put the alligator in the bath. • The son of the president of the USA had two alligators and they lived in the garden.

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