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Published on January 8, 2009

Author: aSGuest9632


Slide 1: Petersburg Tourism Workshop March 29, 2001 Marketing 101: Tapping Tourism Dollars Slide 2: Marketing Approach This is our target customer This is our product To whom do wesell it and how? Traditional Strategic What product development do we need? Slide 3: Quantity Management Strategy Quality Profits Numbers of Visitors versus Slide 4: Why a Marketing Plan? Focus on Success Establish Foundation for Selecting Strategies Ensure Best Use of Limited Marketing Monies Provide and Communicate Direction Develop Management Insight Slide 5: Marketing Plan 1. Situation Analysis 2. Marketing Objectives Position Platform 3. Marketing Strategies and Action Plan 4. Evaluation Slide 6: Marketing Plan Competition 1. Situation Analysis Customer Product 2. Marketing Objectives 3. Marketing Strategies and Action Plan Price Distribution 4. Evaluation Advertising Research Measurement Measurable Goals Position Statement Slide 7: Situation Analysis Industry activity, trends, forecast Legal, Regulatory Environment Economic Situation Political Environment Technological Environment Social, Cultural Environment Environment in which you thrive or dive... Local, Regional, National, Global Slide 8: Situation Analysis Competition Customer Product Slide 9: Research Sources Government Trade Associations Small Business Development Centers Research Firms Doing your homework…getting the info. Local, Regional, National Travel Industry Assoc. of America AK Travel Industry Assoc. AK Wilderness Rec./Tourism Assoc. Ecotourism Society Universities Competition Internet Chambers, Visitors Bureaus Slide 10: Alaska Visitor Statistics Program Resident Survey Regional Business Surveys Tourism Profiles Tourism Business & Service Inventory DCBD Research Slide 11: Using Research Ideal Customer Now that you have it…use it to your advantage! Stays a few days Spends lots of money Isn’t a nuisance Doesn’t destroy things Stays out of your space Doesn’t move in Understand the needs and motivations of the customer. Because every other state, destination, and business wants a piece of this customer, too! Slide 12: Customer Analysis Needs motivations, expectations Communication Access Distribution networks 2000 Images IV Research Study: 22.5 million U.S. adults indicate a high interest in visiting Alaska. Slide 13: Customer Segments Geographic Can you describe them by their characteristics and needs? Local In-state Out-of-state Domestic International Social Demographic Behavioral Activities, interests Opinions Motivations, desired benefits Lifestyle Recreation equipment ownership/use Lodging requirements Level of independence Lodging and amenity preferences Age, Sex Family life stage Income Education Occupation Ethnic background Slide 14: Conduct thorough assessment of products and services you offer. Does product match your target visitor’s characteristics, needs, motivations, desired benefits? If so, explain how. Product Assessment Slide 15: Major Competitors Success factors Market Share Sales Performance Trends Competition Slide 16: Position Statement For active individuals looking for adventure and rejuvenation, Angler’s Paradise provides clients with a unique combination of recreation access, experienced guides, and luxurious and restful accommodations. Designed to communicate to your desired target market and based on the promises or product you can actually deliver. Slide 17: Once you have assessed your products and the desired benefits of potential customers, some product modification may be required. If your product does not deliver the desired benefits, how can you change it to fit visitor needs? For example: Timing of service Place of business, atmosphere Packaging Level of service (too much, too little) Hospitality Practices (conservation, recycling, etc.) Revise Slide 18: Tell potential visitors how you can fulfill and even exceed their needs. Your advertising should tell an interesting story and help the customer visualize the potential needs you will be able to meet and the benefits (they want) that you will be able to provide. Communicate “I can picture myself here…” Slide 19: All of the communications your customer receives before, during and after the visit are important aspects of delivering the product and include hospitality and personal contact with the visitor. You should constantly review the messages you are sending your visitors. Aesthetics Ethics Service Quality Hospitality Ability to deliver Review Slide 20: Follow-up is another necessary step in your marketing strategy. Quantitative: Financial return on Investment Qualitative: You need to make sure your customer is getting what he or she thinks is important. Conversations with Customers Observation and Listening Guest Surveys Exit Interviews Follow-up Post Cards Follow-up, Evaluate, and Begin Again Slide 21: Evaluate desired market and identify needs and desired benefits. Decide what benefits you can provide and the needs you can fill. Assess your product and its match with emotional benefits sought. Summary Alter your marketing strategies, and if necessary, the product. Design appropriate communication strategies. Follow-up with the customer Start again. Slide 22:  Technical Assistance Caryl McConkie, Business Development, Planning & Marketing 907-465-5478 Aneta Synan, Community Planning & Lands Management 907-465-3961 Odin Brudie, Transportation & Trails Planning 907-465-5466 Lillian Ruedrich, Workshop Planning 907-465-2162 State Office of Tourism Division of Community and Business Development

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