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Information about Peterhof

Published on July 24, 2013

Author: nikkitta



Russian Tsars' summer residence

Aram Khachaturyan 6 / 06 / 1903 -1 / 05 / 1978.
The Masquerade suite is an orchestral work by the Soviet-Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian

Peterhof Russian Tsars' summer residence

Peterhof was a summer residence built for the Emperor at the beginning of the 18th century. Initially it was a simple hunting lodge beside the Baltic Sea, following a visit to Versailles, he decided to expand it according to the French style The architect, Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Leblond was also French

Entrance at the side of The Imperial Chapel

The view of the Grand Cascade with the Grand Palace behind it, first sight to visitors arriving at Peterhof by sea, is truly breathtaking. Grand Cascade

The Palace Park contains one hundred and seventy-six fountains

At the centre stands Rastrelli's statue of Samson wrestling with a lion.

The marble sculptures were made in Venice by the sculptor Giovanni Bonazza in 1718 ADAM AND EVE FOUNTAINS

The Dragon Hill or Chess Hill Cascade in Peterhof

Erected in 1739, are situated in the Parterre Garden in front of the Chessboard Hill. The architects Blank and Davydov rendered with some changes, the famous fountains in the Square of Saint Peter in Rome ROMAN FOUNTAINS

Just Married in a Roman Fountain At the Back, part of Chess Hill

The garden is probably the smartest of all the gardens in Peterhof Monplaisir Garden

The Sheaf Fountain issues from a rocky pedestal in the center of a small pool in the gardens in front of the Monplaisir Palace in Peterhof

The Pavilion (originally the Elizabeth Pavilion) was built by Rastrelli in the place of the old Monplaisir orangery in 1748-49 Monplaisir

The Monplaisir Palace (from French "mon plaisir“ ) faced the Baltic Sea

View of the Baltic Sea and Finland Gulf

AVIARIES The Garden was made in 1717-24 as a menagerie analogical to the one Peter I had seen in Versailles Outside the pavilion is decorated with oyster shell. Nowadays, as well as under Peter I, birds are kept here

The Orangery, or greenhouse is situated between the Grand Palace and Monplaisir. It now houses a restaurant for visitors to Peterhof Built by Braunstein and Zemtsov In 1722- 25

Triton Fountain (1726) The sculpture of the fountain (Triton fighting with the sea monster and turtles) was made after B.C. Rastrelli's design

Peterhof (from Dutch – PeterHoff ) meaning in English - Peter's Yard) is the most spectacular Russian site, often called 'The Capital of Fountains' or 'The Russian Versailles'. It was modeled after the original French Versailles which Czar Peter the Great had visited during his 'Grand Embassy' to Europe in 1697 Peterhof is the palace of the sea god. Here the fountains are not mere accessories: they are the essence of the place. By Maria Music: Aram Khachaturyan “Masquerade”

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