Pet Protector: The Most Common Questions

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Information about Pet Protector: The Most Common Questions

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: milenamili


Pet Protector Training Webinar Learn How To Answer The Most Common Questions Your Prospects Will Ask You, Like a Pro! Questions about the Pet Protector Disc: 1. What’s the shelf life of the Pet Protector Disc? Answer: The Pet Protector Disc doesn’t spend its energy before it ‘s attached to a pet’s collar, meaning that you can keep it packed as long as you need and after you start using it on the pet, it will last for 4 years. 2. Can I engrave the Pet Protector Disc? Answer: Yes, you can engrave it and it won’t disturb its efficiency. 3. Can I keep other tags on my pet’s collar and attach the Pet Protector Disc? Answer: Yes, other tags cannot decrease the disc effectiveness, but to avoid scratching, or wearing off, you may attach the disc a few inches away from other tags.

4. Does the Pet Protector Disc have any effects on pacemakers? Answer: No. The Pet Protector Disc uses totally different energy than a pacemaker and its energy level is very low – it’s high enough to be sensed only by parasites. 5. Do I have to take the disc off when my dog goes swimming in the ocean? Answer: No. The Pet Protector Disc is water-resistant and even salt water cannot damage it. 6. Is the Pet Protector Disc tested? Answer: Yes. It has been tested for 4 years before it was released. Please visit my website and open ‘About Pet Protector’ page, where you’ll find a PDF document with official testing. 7. How can I be sure this product works? Answer: How can you be sure that chemical flea products work? You’ve heard about it and you went to a store to buy it. Our company has sold over 400,000 discs now (in 2 years) and it would be absolutely impossible to have this number of users if the product wasn’t working. Now, I understand your skepticism. But let me ask you a question: would you rather keep using products you believe in while knowing they are killing your pet, or would you rather give a chance to a new

product you are not 100% sure of, but a product which gives your pet a fair chance to survive? Questions About The Pet Protector Opportunity 1. What do I need to do to start making money? Answer: Recommend our product and/or opportunity through your affiliate website. Make sales and/or enroll members. There are no special requirements to start earning. But in order to earn all 4 profits, there are certain requirements: Enroll minimum 2 direct members to start generating the Volume profit (one to the right and one to the left). Enroll minimum 4 direct members at any of the 3 joining levels to earn the $140 Welcome Bonus 2. How do I place members in my binary? Answer: The Company places the very first person that joins your Team on your Power Leg. You then get to place everyone who joins your Team after that. 3. Can I move members in my binary? Answer: Once allocated, members cannot be moved. That’s why it’s important to pay attention when allocating your members, because member’s allocation determines the amount of the Volume Profit.

4. Can you personalize your Free Trial affiliate website. e.g putting on your picture and phone number? Answer: No. Once you upgrade then you can personalize your Site. 5. Is there a monthly autoship? Answer: The company does NOT charge your credit card automatically every month. There is a monthly requirement to keep your position in the business and you decide when during the month you want to complete this action. Monthly activity is covered by purchasing one or more Pet Protector discs (discounted price), or by purchasing a package of Marketing Tools and Software ($19.90 USD). The Marketing Tools and Software package contains your personal replicated website, affiliate links and marketing and educational materials, which are located in your Virtual Office. Monthly activity for the first month is already included in the price of joining level. But, do not get surprised if you join at the end of the month, and at the beginning of the next month, you see a notification ‘ Inactive’ in your back office. It doesn’t matter if the site says ‘Inactive’ at the moment, because you can pay the activation any day during that current month, even the last day, have a minimum of 30 days between your registration and the first next payment, and have your position monthly activated. It’s only important to make that monthly activation payment before the month expires. You also have the option to activate your position in advance. Best Offer: by purchasing 10 packages of Marketing Tools and Software, we'll extend your activity for 12 months (2 months for free ) - $39.80 USD savings. 6. I am interested in marketing this product, but mostly to resell it, and not to enroll members. How do I do that?

Answer: They would go to your Affiliate Website and click on the Shop Tab. Then they place their order, pay for it at the full price ($73.40 including shipping), and then this disc gets shipped out to them by way of U.P.S. You would generate only the Retail Profit in this case. 7. I see new members appearing below me and I didn’t put them there. Where did they come from? Answer: This means that you’ve got a ’spillover’. Members above you have no other choice but to place their direct referrals on their left or right leg, meaning that a certain number of their referrals fall under your position. This is excellent for you, because these members also make your team , and we call them ‘indirect’ members. Once you start enrolling your referrals and when you start allocating them, you’ll notice that having a ‘spillover’ on one binary side significantly increases your profit. You will also make a ‘spillover’ to your members which makes our pay plan, one of the most generous ones in the industry. Members benefit greatly to each other. 8. Is there any support from the company and leaders, do we get some marketing material? Answer: Yes and yes. You’ll get access to your personal virtual office with marketing and educational material, your replicated web pages, complete statistics of your business, etc. You’ll be able to join our support group on Facebook and I, as your sponsor, have the biggest responsibility to guide you, which I will do with great satisfaction. Also, there are leaders who help us big time, for example by holding Live Conference Calls.

They explain almost everything a new prospect would need to know about Pet Protector and they help them with making an informed decision about joining your business. Your task would be to simply invite your contact to our Thursday Opportunity Calls and let these Calls work for You!! 9. How do we get paid? Answer: We get paid at the beginning of every month for the commissions made in the previous month. We receive funds through eWallet system. After you join, you should immediately open your eWallet account, which you can do by simply clicking a button in your back office. Then you make a confirmation via email and follow a simple set up process. To withdraw your funds from eWallet, you have different options: • eWallet to Bank Account • eWallet Wire to Bank Account • eWallet to Prepaid Card • Request Check

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