Pervasive Games - Flux reading at the HKU gamedesign - Arjen de Jong

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Information about Pervasive Games - Flux reading at the HKU gamedesign - Arjen de Jong

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: ArjendeJong3



Flux reading for the HKU game design courses. About pervasive games, giving a framework to look at and learn from them through their core design differences with video-games.

(Note: Slideshare kills my font so text may be difficult to read in some slides.)

Pervasive Games Arjen de Jong Pervasive Gamedesigner & Writer for Interactieve Media

Win-condition: Understanding pervasive-gamedesign and putting it in perspective with classic- and video-gamedesign.

Games < 40



‘Other’ gamedesigner

Magic Circle

Urban Game

Interactive Theatre

Playful Installation

Life Action Roleplaying

Location Based Game

Alternate Reality Game

Pervasive Gamedesigner & Writer for Interactieve Media

Video removed in online-slideshare version.

Video removed in online-slideshare version.


What is a game? = What is art? - Meaningful Interaction - Progression - You can PLAY with it - Game ≠ Videogame - As long as we sort of agree, it’s ok.

Can we categorize games? Digital Analog Entertainment Applied Created world Pervasive

Common ground? - Ruleset - Players - Magic Circle

The Ruleset - Actions and forbidden actions - Designing behaviour - Players don’t always know (all) rules

People think in rules - Causal thinking - If this  Then that - Recognising patterns

Game design done!

Well not quite..

The Magic Circle

Space - ‘Physical’ Space - Time - Social Space - Mindset

Suspension of Disbelief - Agreement - Metacommunications - Pretending ‘as if’ - Cheating / Breaking


Ruleset Players Game Context / Magic Circle Big Game

So what’s different?

Pervasive games ‚One or more salient features that expand the contractual magic circle of play spatially, temporally, or socially.‛

Creation vs Staging



What does that mean?

Videogames can be pervasive

Pervasive games can be digital

Hidden treasure?

Magic circle = true - Your game doesn’t just happen in your game world - Realize that and use it.

Thinking outside of the box? - Burn the box - Seriously, do it - Thinking in platforms is limiting - Genres are only a way to communicate

Thinking outside of the box? - Design an experience - Catagorize later - ‚It’s like … but then with …‛ should get you fired

Intrinsic motivation wins - Leave players more freedom to set their own targets - Go from ‘I have to’ to ‘I want to’ - Make players feel smart - Winning in multiple ways = less losers

Emergent play = awesome - Design a game like a framework Allow players to play and experiment Play, don’t tell. Allow players to co-create the experience

Pervasive Gamedesigner & Schrijver voor Interactieve Media Playful Narrative

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