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Published on February 28, 2008

Author: Berta


An Introduction to Stevenson Library Resources :  An Introduction to Stevenson Library Resources A Guide to the Collections Elsa Winch William Harnett. Still life with Violin 19th C Copyright Elsa Winch Your Topic: The Preliminary Sketch :  Your Topic: The Preliminary Sketch Identify Concepts or Ideas associated with the topic Familiarize yourself with your topic (learn more) Match your topic to Library and other resources available to you. Jacob Lawrence. Migration of the Negro #58 1941 Pose a Question: Identify key ideas :  Pose a Question: Identify key ideas What are the effects of television violence on children? Can vitamin supplements prevent Alzheimer’s disease? How did the voting patterns of older Americans influence the last presidential election? Why does this guy have an apple over his face? René Magritte. Son of Man 1964 Identify the Keywords in your question:  Identify the Keywords in your question Television, media, TV, violence, violent, adult content… Vitamins, supplements, alternative therapies, Alzheimer’s, treatments… Senior citizens, age group, voting, voters, surveys, polls, election, George W. Bush… Surrealism, René Magritte, self portraits… Words, Words and…:  Words, Words and… Databases can access any word in the title, text, table of contents, subject headings, or summary (abstract). Describing a topic varies; the first term you use may not work Detail of Incipit. Book of Kells 700-800 A.C. …More Words:  …More Words Ideas = keywords Subject = keywords Synonymous terms = keywords Detail of Beasts. Book of Kells 700-800 A.C. Framing your Topic: The Uses of General Information :  Framing your Topic: The Uses of General Information Define and Describe your topic Provides a Glossary of terms Refers to accepted and standard knowledge in a specific area Additional Bibliography sources of information cited lead further in the topic Joel and Ethan Coen. “The Big Lebowski”(1998) Jeff Bridges Sources of General Information:  Sources of General Information Stevenson Library Books: Pilot Online Britannica Online Encyclopedias Specialized to topics and disciplines Scribe 15th Century Popular verses Scholarly Magazines and Journals:  Popular verses Scholarly Magazines and Journals Characteristics of Journals:  Characteristics of Journals Scholarly Audience Abstract, Introduction, Literature review, Discussion,Results or Summary Editorial Board and Peer Review Footnotes, works cited, or bibliography Robert Rauschenburg Collection , 20th C Characteristics of Magazines:  Characteristics of Magazines General Audience: Non-specialists Advertisements are prominent: Marketing strategy Represents a “Point of View” Illustration by Winslow Homer Appleton’s Journal 1869 Characteristics of Newspapers:  Characteristics of Newspapers Breaking news Who, What, When, Where, and Why New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post: noted for checking sources Opinion, opinion, opinion! J.C. Leyendecker (1874-1951). Illustration: Arrow Shirts The Tao of Journal Title Searching in Pilot…:  The Tao of Journal Title Searching in Pilot… Journal Title Search in Pilot Greer Goodman, Jenniphr Goodman. “The Tao of Steve” (2001)Greer Goodman, Donal Logue Databases :  Databases EbscoHost OneFile Newsbank Severin Roesin Flowers in a glass pitcher c.1867 The Zen and the Art of Searching Databases:  The Zen and the Art of Searching Databases Linking Keywords with AND Expanding the possibilities with OR Okuhara Seiko (1837-1913). Zen Bamboo EbscoHost Web: AND:  EbscoHost Web: AND InfoTrac: OR:  InfoTrac: OR Artful Combinations…:  Artful Combinations… Television and Media and Child* Violence or Violent and Television and Children Childrens program* and violen* The * = Truncation Richard Diebenkorn Seated Woman No. 44, 1966 Composing to Persuade …:  Composing to Persuade … “Controversy” “Debate” “Opinion” “Viewpoint” Stevenson Library Andy Warhol. Elvis (n.d.) Use keywords which identify bias Evaluating Information on the Web:  Evaluating Information on the Web Authority: Is this Site Reliable? Content and Accuracy: Does the site provide reputable information? Currency and Coverage: Timeliness, Completeness of information Disclosure: Intentions of the page owner Georgia O’Keefe Evening Star, 1917 Search Engines :  Search Engines Google Stevenson Library:Commercial Search Engines Robert Rauschenburg Revolver, 1966 Composing the Search :  Composing the Search Understand your assignment Sketch out, then identify the key concepts (i.e., keywords) in your question Keep track of the terms you do try in an informal log in your notebook Note the combinations of terms, databases used, etc. Preparatory Sketch Raphael, 15th C Composition… continued:  Composition… continued Consult Background Information Build a source list Finally, Return and Reinforce: Does the information answer the research question you posed at the beginning of your search? Saint Writing from the Breviary of Martin of Aragon, 15th C

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