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Published on December 13, 2008

Author: stmcomputers


Slide 1: Persuasive Turkeys The Assignment : The Assignment Use KidPix and create a turkey by tracing around your hand or using a provided template Export your KidPix picture and insert it into a slide in Powerpoint Add a persuasive paragraph with at least 3 reasons why we shouldn’t eat your turkey to your picture Slide 3: 4th Grade Slide 4: AO Slide 5: BE Slide 6: DS Slide 7: JC Slide 8: JJ Slide 9: JJ Slide 10: SC Slide 11: TP Slide 12: 5th Grade Slide 13: You shouldn’t eat me. JR Slide 14: MP Slide 15: Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t eat turkey. One is your hurting animals. The second is I am a beautiful creature. The third is I am a living thing. This is why you shouldn’t eat turkey for thanksgiving. PG Slide 16: You should not eat me. I am a living creature just like you. That would be like me eating you NC Slide 17: You should not eat me. Because we have lives to. We have families. We all came from god. See why you should not eat me. JC Slide 18: Don’t eat me I’m like all of you. You shouldn’t eat me because how do you think I feel? I feel you should be a vegetarian. You shouldn’t love meat. That’s why you shouldn’t eat me. SH Slide 19: Don’t eat me ……. Okay I know I taste good. I am a living creature. I am like all of you. I want to live to be old. That’s why you shouldn’t eat me SH Slide 20: HOLD ON NOW!!! This is why you must not eat ME! 1.I DON”T taste good! 2.I also have a life to live you know!!! 3. And I DON’T DESERVE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GP Slide 21: WAIT!!!!!!!! Do not eat the turkey. For anybody who loves turkey READ THIS FIRST. 1 you shouldn’t eat turkey because they are great animals. 2 There is no reason for them to die. 3 I’m not tasty. This is why you should not eat me. GM Slide 22: Don’t eat me for Thanksgiving. You can eat chickens they taste better. they eat ducks to you know come on. If don’t like those be a vegetarian please. So just don’t eat me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CC Slide 23: Please don’t eat me on Thanksgiving. I don’t even taste good. I taste like moldy cheese. And I have many medical problems. So that is why you don’t want to eat me on Thanksgiving. BF Slide 24: 3 reasons not to eat me!!! 1. I am a living creature and harmless. 2. I am loveable like a care bear. 3. I am not as delicious as you think I am? that’s why you should not eat me! AL Slide 25: 6th Grade Slide 26: Please don’t eat me I’ve heard that chicken is very good and please I should be in my home land Turkey. If you eat us we will go extinct because we’re in your stomach. Please think how many baby turkey’s I have at home. Eat ham it’s better than turkey seriously come on I mean it. Lastly I’m very sick so you don’t want to be sick like me. ND Slide 27: Please don’t eat me I need to live with my family. PS: Ham is better and less fating eat ham remember. I have lots of bones that you can choke on. Now you see why not to eat me. KS Slide 28: JM Slide 29: Please don’t eat me!! I probably do not taste very good. I could make a wonderful pet.. For your kid’s. I belong in a farm not in your MOUTHS. I’m very sensitive and I can get my feelings hurt really bad. Try eating chicken I hear that they are very tasty. See told you that you shouldn’t eat me. Your missing out on all the fun!! XO Slide 30: Hi, I’m Don Turkey! Don’t eat me!!!!! Try some Roast Beef! I hear that it is really good! How would you like it if all turkeys would want to eat you?? I have a family and 3 little chicks. So now how do you feel about Turkeys?? Ya, we have a life too ya know!! DE Slide 31: Hi my name is Henry and here is some reasons you should not eat me. First I am a living thing and there is no reason fat people should come and chop my head off. Then I should be celebrated on Thanksgiving not eaten.So maybe you’ll think twice of eating a turkey on turkey day By: EM Slide 32: Hi I am Bob please not eat me!!! I can not die I’m to young. I know you want to eat me , but ham is much better. Think about my family they would be so sad if I was eaten. What if you would be eaten!! I. So I hope you don’t eat me!!! AR Slide 33: Don’t eat me! AA Slide 34: Hello I’m abcd. Don’t eat me. Here are some reasons why not to eat me. First off, I’m all skin and bones, no meat. Second, I taste like garbage, and I should know. I haven’t showered in days. Third, think of my family, they would be heartbroken if I died. So don’t eat me. JC Slide 35: Turkeys are smart, you probably shouldn’t eat them. You probably should know, that your turkey has 400 calories. That’s a lot of calories. Besides we may carry diseases. That’s not cool. So before you buy that good turkey at the store, think to yourself “Do I really want to eat this? KC Slide 36: You should not eat me because I have feelings too. I do not want to be eaten. How would you like it if I ate you? All my turkey friends would miss me a lot. So think about that the next time you eat a turyey! VS Slide 37: Please don’t eat me I have a life and my fellow turkeys will miss me the love of my life MS Slide 38: Hey people its Thanksgiving and I bet the first thing you are going to do is eat me! Why? You shouldn’t eat me because I’m nasty tasting, chickens taste way better because there juicy and full of wonderful flavors!! Please don’t eat me I’m to pretty to die I mean think of my family and kids there all waiting for mommy to come home to them and I mean its thanksgiving and your not giving thanks to turkeys if you eat them!! So don’t EAT ME!!!!! TS Slide 39: 7th Grade Slide 40: Come on Man Please DON’T Eat me I with a Family At Home There’s place to go and place to see! My Dream is to Be A human Please Don’t Eat Me JG Slide 41: Please don’t eat me my family needs me im too young to die. There is places i still want to see. Just eat me when i drown in the rain naturally. MdG Slide 42: Please don’t eat me, I have a life. Unlike those chicken, they don’t have lives. So eat them instead of me please! On top of that, I make people sleepy if I’m eaten. Turkeys are related to the dodo bird and they are extinct. So if you eat me, you are eating a dodo bird and making my race go extinct. So when you are preparing your thanks giving dinner, think of buying a chicken instead of a turkey. ML Slide 43: PLEASE don’t eat me! First of all you should not eat me because chickens are way low in fat unlike the turkey who is loaded with fat. Second of all turkeys are almost extinct unlike the chicken who they are getting rid of because they might over run the earth. And lastly if you eat turkeys just think of their family but don’t feel sad for chickens though because they live alone. So please do not eat turkeys this year at Thanksgiving. PL Slide 44: Don’t eat me! You don’t want to stop this friendship. We could be the best of friends. We’ll do lots of stuff together. So lets be friends. BF Slide 45: Please, don’t eat me I am full of calories you people will get fat. I am a rare turkey. And anyway you hate meat. So don’t eat me. JJ Slide 46: Don’t eat me. I’m a rare turkey, I have rainbow feathers. Be a vegetarian, it’s healthier. I’m sick, so you could get a disease. So please don’t eat me! HS Slide 47: 8th Grade Slide 48: Why are turkey’s the ones to be eaten? Tofu is just as nice when you add a little spice. Turkey is such a hassle to cook and slice. All we do is add calories and fat to a thanksgiving meal. After eating a turkey, you won’t be thankful at all. KJ Slide 49: DON’T EAT ME!!! I DON’T TASTE GOOD!!! IM TOO PRETTY TO BE EATEN!!! IM NASTY!!! LEAVE ME ALONE… MY MOMMY LOVES ME!!! TJ Slide 50: Please!! Don’t eat me!! I am very fat and have no good meat on my bones! I also have abnormally weird shaped feathers! And my eyes bug out of their sockets!!! Leave me be!!!! HB Slide 51: Please don’t eat me! I am a living thing just like you even though I am delicious please don’t I will be your best friend if you do! PD Slide 52: Please don’t eat me! I have a family too you know! Would you like it if I came around and ate you for thanksgiving? Ya, I don’t think so! So, please think twice when going to Vons And purchasing a turkey. Instead. Buy a chicken!!!! KS Slide 53: Don’t eat meat! Turkeys are supposed to be running around not in tummies. It is cruel to eat meat because you are basically eating yourself. So just don’t eat meat! Thank You!! AD Slide 54: Don’t eat me...i have feelings too! Throughout our life are fed and taken care of, but only to be brutally killed in the end for someone's dinner. Would you like to be killed and eaten? I’m guessing not. So this thanksgiving, don’t eat my friends and I. Gobble! Gobble! HH Slide 55: Please, don’t eat me! My feathers are so bright and pretty. I have a family that will miss me. And I don’t taste like chicken! Let me have a good Thanksgiving! RF Slide 56: DON’T EAT ME. EAT HAM. BESIDES IAM ONLY FAT,BONES, AND FEATHERS. DD Slide 57: Please don’t eat turkey! You killing my brothers and sisters! After enough Thanksgivings we are all going to be extinct! Once again, PLEASE DON’T EAT TURKEY!!! MP Slide 58: Hey, my name is hand turkey. Please don’t eat me! I taste bad. I’ll get you extremely sick. My mom and dad will send the rest of my tribe to do something bad to you. So please think about not eating me. NB Slide 59: Don’t eat me please. You don’t want to eat me because I’m an animal. I have feelings so if you eat it would hurt me. I will be nice to you if you don’t eat me. I knew you were generous to not eat me Thank you. CF Slide 60: I‘m a helpless turkey. Please don’t eat me I have a wife and two kids. I call them my little gobblers. Please I don’t eat me I don’t even taste good. Even without my feathers and garlic and other herbs and butter and mashed potatoes. Ewhhhhhh so good. But please don’t eat me. DG

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