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Published on February 20, 2009

Author: ACMBangalore



Perspectives on Cloud Computing by Dr Prasad Ram, Google India Site Director, keynote delivered at Cloud Symposium, as part of Compute 2009, ACM Bangalore

Perspectives on the Cloud Computing Prasad Ram Eng & Site Director Google India Pvt Ltd January 2009 Google Confidential and Proprietary 1

The Mainframe The Personal Computer The Internet 1 computation & storage 0 accessibility -1 ease of 1 deployment 0 functionality -1 Google Confidential 2

The Mainframe The Personal Computer The Internet 1 computation & storage Make the cloud more accessible 0 accessibility -1 Keep connectivity pervasive ease of 1 deployment Make the client more powerful 0 functionality -1 Google Confidential Google Confidential 3

Open Web, Economic Incentives Richer More More More web apps users usage revenue open web platform Google Confidential 4

Client Connectivity Cloud make it more powerful Google Confidential

Browser is the Client 1995 2008 •  LocalServer: WebKit offline access •  Database: local, relational DB •  WorkerPool: V8 asynchronous Multi-pocess architecture threads Google Confidential 6

What is Google Chrome all about? Speed Stability Security •  Google Chrome was •  As we do more online, we •  Google Chrome includes designed to be fast to rely on our browser more features designed to help protect users from –  Startup •  The browser must be as phishing, and malicious stable and fault-tolerant –  Open and render pages webpages designed to as possible. If a single exploit the browser to –  Let users do what they page or plugin crashes, install malware do most often the rest of the browser should not be affected. Google Confidential

Open Source: Chromium Advantages for App Developers •  Better Security: Sandbox model •  Faster Apps: V8 Engine •  Easy Portability: Webkit Tools for App Developers •  Web Inspector •  JavaScript Console •  JavaScript debugger •  Task Manager Google Confidential 8

Client Connectivity Cloud keep it pervasive Google Confidential

Keep Connectivity Pervasive Mobile Phone and Internet Users (M), India Internet Users Mobile Phone Users 300 37% and 21% annual growth of mobile and 250 internet users 200 150 100 50 0 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 Google Confidential 10

Why did Google invest in Android? •  Help deliver on the promise of open mobile Internet access − Better browser, location, etc. technology − Leverage point for cheaper, flat rate data plans •  Drive innovation in the mobile industry − Build a large platform and application developer communities − Drive investment in mobile software •  Don’t get locked out! − Major mobile platform players are pushing into the software services space − Platform consolidation moving to the major players − Google can only be successful when there is true openness and competition Google Confidential 11

…and then give it away? •  Android is no way tied to Google services − You could use it to build a Yahoo or Baidu phone* •  We’ve open sourced the entire platform − Hosted at, not Google servers − Will grow the core technical team to include many other entities •  People don’t need a partnership with Google to launch Android-powered devices * I leave out Microsoft because they would probably use Windows Mobile. Google Confidential 12

Client Connectivity Cloud अ Make it accessible Google Confidential

Cloud is More Accessible •  Empower
 –  Democra6ze
 –  Ensure
 –  Provide
 Costs/user Revenue/user Google Confidential

Google App Engine Running Web Apps on Google’s Infrastructure •  Fully-integrated application environment •  Python Runtime •  Free quota of 5M pageviews per month Google Confidential Google Confidential 15

OpenSocial Making the Web More Social •  A family of APIs •  A reference implementation •  A community of developers, containers and apps Google Confidential 16

Google Data & AJAX APIs Read / Write Access to Google Services YouTube Health Notebook AtomPub Calendar Code Search Blogger <your web apps> Contacts Picasa Docs Spreadsheets Apps Base Add Content To Your Existing Applications Maps Videos Blogs REST News Books Local Listings <your web apps> RSS Images Atom YouTube Search Google Confidential 17

Overcoming the Language Barrier Engish Speakers Indic Speakers 7% 93% Source: Census 2001 •  Transliteration API •  AJAX Language API Google Confidential 18

Maps: Powerful medium to organize information Today: Finding an Apartment Go to a real estate web site: How safe is the area? •  Built completely using the Maps API •  Powerful user Where are good schools? interaction features Google Confidential 19

Open Source Cloud Computing •  Hadoop: Hadoop is an open source Java software framework for running data intensive distributed applications on large clusters of commodity computers. Inspired by GFS an MapReduce •  Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus (Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Program To Useful Systems) is an open source cloud computing infrastructure based on Xen, implemented using commonly available Linux tools and web services technologies. •  10gen: 10gen is an open source web application Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology that helps developers focus on building application functionality. 10gen also has it own application server and file system, and the whole lot is available under open source licenses. Google Confidential 20

Why Does Cloud Computing Matter to India? •  Need for large number of solutions catering to citizens beyond the “elite” •  Eliminate the barriers to innovate, cost of hosting; build into an environment that democratizes information and tools •  Economics of developing and deploying applications need to be appropriate for India – cost effective. Open-Source and CC offer such economics to develop large scale apps Google Confidential 21

Last thoughts on a cloudy future The web belongs to you; it belongs to us; it's our platform. Together, we can move it forward. The “cloud” would become more accessible through powerful clients and pervasive connectivity OpenStandards: Market will have lots of competitors Engineers: Your new employees is the “cloud generation” Security: All companies in the cloud business need to gain users trust! Google Confidential 22

Thank You! 23 Google Confidential and Proprietary

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