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Information about PERSONNEL POLICIES

Published on July 2, 2009

Author: dhavaselvi


Stress management : Stress management E.Dhavaselvi. M.Sc Nursing II year Definition of stress: : Definition of stress: Stress is a state manifested by a specific syndrome which consists of all the nonspecifically induced changes within a biological system. *Hans Selye (1956) POTENTIAL SOURCES OF STRESS : POTENTIAL SOURCES OF STRESS ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS : ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY Reduction in work force Temporary layoffs Reduced pay Shorter work weeks POLITICAL UNCERTAINTY TECHNOLOGICAL UNCERTAINTY New innovations are threat to many people Computer Robotics Automations ORGANIZATIONAL FACTORS : ORGANIZATIONAL FACTORS Pressures to avoid errors/ complete task Work overload A demanding and insensitive boss Unpleasant co-workers TASK DEMANDS Design of job Autonomy Task variety Degree of automation Working condition- noise, temperature Slide 6: ROLE DEMAND Function of the particular role he plays. Role conflict creates expectations causes- dissatisfaction ROLE OVERLOAD It is experienced when the employee Is expected to do more than time permits ROLE AMBIGUITY Is created when role expectations are not clearly understood and the employee is not sure what he is to do Slide 7: INTERPERSONAL DEMANDS Pressures created by other employees Lack of social support from colleagues and poor interpersonal relationship leads to stress ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Excessive rules and lack of participation ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP Management style of organization’s senior executive Slide 8: INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES Perception and interpretation of stress by an individual Job experience- experience is said to be a good teacher. It can also be a great stress reducer. SOCIAL SUPPORT Collegial relationship with co-workers or supervisor Social support act as a palliative, mitigating the negative effects of even the high strain jobs Involvement with family, friends and community support PRIMARY CAUSES OF STRESS : PRIMARY CAUSES OF STRESS Not doing the kind of work a person want to Coping with current job Working too hard Colleagues at work A difficult loss Inverted-U-Relationship between stress and job performance : Inverted-U-Relationship between stress and job performance Consequences of stress : Consequences of stress STRESS MANAGEMENT : STRESS MANAGEMENT INDIVIDUAL APPROACH Personal responsibility Time management technique Make daily list of activities to be accomplished Prioritizing activities by importance and urgency Scheduling activities according to the priorities set Knowing your daily cycle and handling the most demanding parts of your job during the high part of your cycle when you are most alert and productive Slide 13: Increasing physical exercise Non-competitive physical exercise such aerobics, walking, jogging, swimming, and riding a bicycle *Increases heart capacity *lower at rest heart rate *provide a mental diversion *offer a means to let off stream Relaxation training Meditation Hypnosis Bio-feedback *objective is to reach a state of deep relaxation where one feels physically relaxed, somewhat detached from immediate environment and body sensations. Slide 14: 15-20 minutes a day of deep relaxation releases tension and sense of peacefulness Expand social support- tension reduction Having friends, family and colleague to talk- moderate stress Organizational approaches Modify or change task, role demands and organization structure Strategies to consider Improved personnel selection Job placement Use of realistic goal setting Slide 15: Re-designing of jobs- to give employees more responsibility, more meaningful work and more autonomy. Increased employee involvement in decision making Improved organizational communication- lessens role ambiguity and role conflict Goal setting – individual perform better when they have specific and challenging goals and receive feedback, on how well they are progressing toward these goals Slide 16: Use of goal Reduce stress provide motivation clarify performance expectation Establishment of corporate wellness program- focus on total physical and mental condition *workshop- quit smoking, control alcohol, lose weight, eat better, develop regular exercise program Slide 17: Goal feedback reduced uncertainties Results in Less Less Less stress employee role Frustration ambiguity THANK YOU : THANK YOU

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