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Published on March 16, 2008

Author: Patrizia


Personnel Management:  Personnel Management *Human Resource Management Eight Areas of Operations:  Eight Areas of Operations The Importance of Personnel Management:  The Importance of Personnel Management Personnel are a MAJOR factor in determining the quality of experience a visitor receives. “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world…but it takes people to make the dream a reality.” Walt Disney At a minimum, personnel training should accomplish the following::  At a minimum, personnel training should accomplish the following: Train employees to be friendly and courteous Give employees basic knowledge of facility features and programs Introduce employees to the visitor and his problems and needs Train employees to be alert to situations where they can help visitors Make employees aware of the image projected both by themselves and the facility A sound personnel administrative program is vital in::  A sound personnel administrative program is vital in: Obtaining and retaining intelligent and capable workers Utilizing employee’s efforts effectively Maintaining a willingness to work to attain your organization’s purposes and objectives Human Resource Functions:  Human Resource Functions Traditional Hiring Recruiting Selecting Training Supervising Evaluating Additional Functions Leadership Instructional strategies Counseling techniques Crisis confrontation and intervention The Goal of Hiring::  The Goal of Hiring: The goal of filling a vacant position is not to fill the position, it is to fill the position with the right person. Hiring the right person helps to keep your turnover rate low. The turnover rate at Walt Disney World has been averaged about 24% among service employees, compared to 200% for companies such as Burger King and McDonald’s. The Job Description:  The Job Description Thorough and accurate job descriptions must be prepared for each position in your organization, from front-line personnel to middle-level managers to top-level managers. What to Include In a Job Description::  What to Include In a Job Description: Title Listing of responsibilities and functions Required knowledge and skills Minimum acceptable education level, certification requirements and previous experience Physical or medical standards. Recruiting Employees:  Recruiting Employees Recruiting Types of: Internal External Goal of recruiting: increase the ratio of employee applications to those actually hired. How to recruit Promote from within Use staff to recruit Use armed services Use construction industry Farming/agriculture background Apprenticeship training programs Universities & technical schools Internet Selecting and Hiring:  Selecting and Hiring Selecting Application Interview Phone In Person Reference Check Negotiations Appointment and Probation Equal Employment Opportunity:  Equal Employment Opportunity An important aspect of the screening and selection process involves the need to comply with EEO regulations for moral and legal reasons. Avoiding any form of discrimination based on religion, sex, national origin, race, marital status, age, disability or character is essential. Training:  Training Thorough orientation Introduction to the agency and its personnel and program practices. Tour of facilities Exposure to its various divisions and functions Introduction to personnel Outline of responsibilities and procedures Overview of organizational climate/environment On-site training/Apprenticeship “Scrimmage games” – Mock work environment Personnel Policy Manual – Major Categories of Policies:  Personnel Policy Manual – Major Categories of Policies General Regulations Definitions Employment Hours of Week Compensation and related benefits Absences and leaves Travel and vehicle use In-service training Rules of conduct Relations between employees Definitions::  Definitions: Full-time Seasonal Salaried Exempt Non-Exempt FLSA Employment:  Employment Application Recruitment and selection Appointment Probation Seasonal Evaluation and ratings Promotions Assignment and transfer Disciplinary actions Separation and resignation Reinstatement Hours of Week::  Hours of Week: Workweek Full-time salaried Full-time hourly Work schedules Compensation & Benefits:  Compensation & Benefits Salary classification Pay periods and time reports Deductions Holidays Overtime Vacation Insurance Retirement Credit Union In-Service Training:  In-Service Training Purpose Conference Attendance Staff Meetings and Conferences Rules of conduct:  Rules of conduct Dress and appearance Employee cooperation Reporting for duty Relations between employees-department-community:  Relations between employees-department-community Employee-administrator relations Employee-community relations Gifts Solicitation of funds Management of funds Publicity releases Employee-patron relations Accidents to patrons Employee Manuals:  Employee Manuals A good employee manual will not just include personnel policies but will also serve as a reference with the details of more complicated or less frequently performed tasks. It will present a numbered sequence of operations, in order, for each of these tasks. Disciplinary Action:  Disciplinary Action Manuals should clearly specify the required behavior. In addition, both informal and formal disciplinary actions should be included. Disciplinary Action:  Disciplinary Action Reprimands – either verbal or formal, which are entered in the service record. Suspensions – or temporary separations without pay, for specified periods Demotions – involving placing the employee on a lower job classification at a lower rate of pay Dismissals, which are discharges or separations for cause. Supervision:  Supervision Role as a coach: Pass along your experience and knowledge. Role as a counselor: Employing encouragement, criticism and a range or techniques to deal with possible problems in the work environment, interpersonal difficulties, or other emotional or social issues that may occur. Guidelines for Effective Counseling::  Guidelines for Effective Counseling: Listen patiently - without interrupting Refrain from criticizing or offering hasty advice Never argue with employees while counseling them Give them your undivided attention while they are talking Look beyond the mere words of what they are saying Guidelines for Effective Counseling::  Guidelines for Effective Counseling: If the problem is minor, simply helping the employee unburden him/herself may lead to a solution. If the problem is more severe, you should recommend a counselor or trained professional in that subject. Employee Motivation:  Employee Motivation Reinforcement techniques: Positive reinforcers – add something good to the employee’s life Negative reinforcers – remove something unpleasant, such as a distasteful task or schedule, from the employee’s life Punishers or deterrents – adds something unpleasant or removes something good. Reinforcement techniques are considered to be far superior in producing lasting behavioral changes. Evaluations:  Evaluations It is essential that supervisors regularly rate employees on criteria such as personality traits, degree of responsibility, enthusiasm, initiative, human relations skills, appearance, specific job related skills and overall level of performance. Evaluations:  Evaluations Evaluations should be both formal and informal. Formal evaluations should be done regularly. They should be nonthreatening and part of a two-way process in which both parties come to a mutual agreement about the goals that need to be set. Peer evaluations – help to guard against bias and error Volunteers:  Volunteers Motivation for volunteering – desire to serve/contribute to the community, in a program involving family members, in an activity in which they once starred or for prevocational value. It is important that these motivations are recognized and that volunteers are given the fullest opportunity to meet their needs satisfactorily. Volunteers:  Volunteers Recruitment of volunteers – Should be systematic and professional. The selection of volunteers is important to weed out those who are unstable, have unrealistic expectations or lack the potential for making a real contribution. Orientation and training are as vital for volunteers as for paid staff. Volunteers:  Volunteers Supervision is also vital. If volunteers are given meaningful assignments that challenge their capabilities, their involvement will be more consistent than if given trivial jobs to perform. Recognition of volunteers, through simple verbal appreciation, in reports and publicity, at special occasions, or through tangible expressions of appreciation help to make volunteers feel like an integral part of the organization. Special Maintenance Employee Issues:  Special Maintenance Employee Issues Occupational Safety and Health Act Maintenance related safety problems Occupational Safety and Health Act::  Occupational Safety and Health Act: OSHA (1970): The employer has the general duty to furnish employment and a place of employment free from recognized hazards that are known, or likely, to cause death or serious physical harm. Occupational Safety and Health Act::  Occupational Safety and Health Act: The safety and health standards promulgated by the Secretary of Labor are designed to protect working people from occupational injury and illness. Since 1973, the year CA’s OSHA program began, fatalities dropped 8.75%, amputations are down 40%, explosive-related injuries 28% and construction injuries 30% in CA. Special Employee Safety Problems::  Special Employee Safety Problems: Temporary and seasonal employees Language barriers to safety Workers in isolated locations Vehicles and traffic hazards Tools and equipment Protective equipment Rubbish removal Other Concerns:  Other Concerns Dealing with employee unions Terrorism or threats to personnel Sexual Harassment Political Correctness Case Problem: Taken from the 1998 WDW College Program Manual:  Case Problem: Taken from the 1998 WDW College Program Manual An incident occurred in the Main Street break area involving two employees. According to written statements provided by an employee who witnessed the incident Fred Smith was verbally insulting John James, who finally struck Fred with a closed fist. Fred retaliated and struck John several times before they were physically separated. Case Problem: Taken from the 1998 WDW College Program Manual:  Case Problem: Taken from the 1998 WDW College Program Manual Now assume the following facts were discovered through investigation: Fred Smith is a white male, age 24. John James is a black male, age 45. The verbal insults contained racially-based statements. John James had made previous complaints to management regarding prior incidents in which Fred Smith had made similar racial remarks. Case Problem Solutions: Taken from the 1998 WDW College Program Manual:  Case Problem Solutions: Taken from the 1998 WDW College Program Manual Based on the first case problem and barring any other mitigating factors, such as a perfect record, both employees would be fired in accordance with company policy regarding fighting. Based on the additional information and under current Company policy, Fred Smith would be terminated and John James would receive a written warning in his personnel file.

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