Personification: Writing Exercise

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Information about Personification: Writing Exercise

Published on June 24, 2009

Author: susanschneid


PERSONIFICATION : PERSONIFICATION By Susan Schneider PERSONIFICATION : PERSONIFICATION Giving human qualities or traits to: abstract ideas (death, life, love etc.) objects (table, cloud, flower etc.) non-living things (storms, wind, nature, etc.) animals We use personification to add interest or description to what we are describing. Personfication of a non-living thing : Personfication of a non-living thing The car was damaged by the tree. The car was sliced in half by the tree. Personfication of an abstract idea : Personfication of an abstract idea He was almost dead. Death was knocking on his door. Personfication of an animal : Personfication of an animal The dogs were barking at each other. The dogs were discussing something very important. YOUR TURN! : YOUR TURN! Imagine that you are an object…any object that is NOT living. Complete the questions on the worksheet while imagining you are that object. The second page of your handout is an example that I wrote. DO NOT USE A “LAWN MOWER” AS YOUR OBJECT. BRAINSTORMING Use your worksheet to brainstorm ideas for a paragraph using personification. :  WRITING Go to the class wiki Click on the page with your name. Click “EDIT” Write a paragraph about your object using your worksheet. Remember that you need a topic sentence (one sentence to summarize your paragraph). Use your thesaurus to find synonyms for very common words, like “happy”, “sad”, etc. NEXT: Slide 8: IAN NEXT: REVISING Revising is very important. Ask Ian to correct your grammar and spelling, so that your paragraph is perfect. Slide 9: EXTRA: Using “Google Images”, copy and paste a picture of your object into the text box with your text. If you do not know how to do this, please ask Ian to show you! Don’t Forget! Save your paragraph when you are finished. Slide 10: Please write only positive comments about other people’s writing. Comments COMMENT HERE! THEN, CLICK HERE!

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