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Published on May 15, 2009

Author: eflclassroom


Personalizing your Teaching : Personalizing your Teaching Putting the student’s “map of the world” into our lessons WHY Personalize? : WHY Personalize? BIOLOGY CONTEXT! MOTIVATION EASE Why make it personal? REALITY! 2 Principles : 2 Principles It’s all about YOU! : It’s all about YOU! Students WANT to Learn! : Students WANT to Learn! Learning is a self organizing principle. It is natural and only requires the right pre-conditions to activate student involvement. The 5 Conditions : The 5 Conditions Personalized language : Personalized language Language is produced “meaningfully”. Students generate language that is internally created. RELEVANCY : RELEVANCY The teacher relates all content to the student’s own “world” and life. LINKING Student Created Content : Student Created Content Students create the lesson content and materials. In this process they are “commited” to the learning process. Task Based : Task Based Language learning revolves around tasks and activities. Activity and participation are paramount. Simplicity - Talk Time : Simplicity - Talk Time Lessons are low tech and recyclable. Used with any type of target language. The focus is on Student Talk Time. It’s about being HAPPY! : It’s about being HAPPY! Your Subtopics Go Here OUR PRIORITIES! : OUR PRIORITIES! TEACHER FOCUSED ACTIVITIES BASIC ACTIVITES FOR PERSONALIZATION SHARING OUR OWN IDEAS YOU DESIGN A “PERSONALIZED” LESSON ASK QUESTIONS WHEN YOU HAVE THEM! ADD YOUR OWN 2 CENTS WORTH. LET’S HAVE FUN AND LEARN FROM EACH OTHER. GETTING TO KNOW THE TEACHER : GETTING TO KNOW THE TEACHER SOME IDEAS : SOME IDEAS PICTURE PROMPTS INSIDE – OUTSIDE CIRCLES QUESTION MAKING INTERVIEWS WHO IS …..? GUESSING GAMES. ……………………………… PICTURE PROMPTS : PICTURE PROMPTS Treadmill Ask the Teacher : Ask the Teacher Students in groups brainstorm questions for the teacher. Or use “Spin the Question”. Or give students pictures about your life The teacher should ALWAYS echo back the question to the students! It’s all about THEM! Slide 18: Points Who? What? Where? When? Why? Whose? Which? How ____? ASK! End Game How M…? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ASK ME! : ASK ME! Running Pizza Dogs 1992 Toyota ACCORDION Marvin Gaye Wow Czech TORONTO ASK ME : ASK ME The students ask the teacher using the word prompts. The teacher answers and then asks them back. The students then write their own sheet of prompts and ask each other! ASK ME - FAMILY! : ASK ME - FAMILY! FINI WILLY RON ME! CINDY JOE KELLY KYLE KRISTIE BRIGET SOME IDEAS : SOME IDEAS The students ask about the teacher’s family using the target language. They must ask 1 additional question. Who is ……? / Is …. your ……? After, the students have 2 min. to write (in their own language) many names of family members. They play with other students. Asking additional questions. Write a question : Write a question Personalized Bingo : Personalized Bingo Students go around the group or class and write the names of all classmates that say YES. BINGO means they can sit down. Students ask 1 student who sits at the front. They try to get a bingo. Can be competitive with groups asking questions. Interviews : Interviews Interviews / Roleplay : Interviews / Roleplay Interviews are an excellent way to start every class! Students interview one class member. Let them take on another persona! Start your own Radio Show. Invite guests! In pairs, students can use “identity cards” to interview each other. INSIDE - OUTSIDE : INSIDE - OUTSIDE S S S S S S S S S S S S INSIDE-OUTSIDE : INSIDE-OUTSIDE Students write or draw on a small piece of paper. One half of the class is on the “outside” facing in. The other half on the “inside” facing out. On the teacher’s command, they ask and answer with the person facing them. The outside group rotates on the teacher’s next command. BASIC PERSONALIZED ACTIVITIES : BASIC PERSONALIZED ACTIVITIES WALKABOUTS : WALKABOUTS Students write / draw prompts on a post it. Students circulate to find “a match” – all those like themselves. When they find a match they link arms to form a chain and continue. The teacher calls the activity and reviews with the groups – their preferences. Ex. All students write the month of their birthday. They find those with the same month of birthday and stand under a sign for the month that the teacher has put up. Grammar Poems : Grammar Poems Tag Writing : Tag Writing Students write and brainstorm to share ideas! Take a blank piece of paper. Fold it in half (hamburger like), half again, half again. You have 8 lines. The student writes the title on the first line. The next student adds to it and folds the paper. The next student reads and adds some more. Continue to the last (8th) line. The original student then reads the paper or share as a class! Great for poems / stories / gossip / brainstorming! First Word : First Word What’s the first word you think of when I say ………..? Students can play for points. The student who hesitates longer than 4-5 seconds loses a point. Play to 3. This game rewires the brain to “flow” the 2nd language Word Games : Word Games Story Chains / Writing Chains Students take turns tell a story. Students write words to make a chain. Davidiomgranthillnessentialwaysamend ZIP – ZAP In a circle, one student in the middle who “chooses”. When the person in the middle points and says a letter/word – the two opposite must point and shoot the other student by saying a word related to what was called. The losing student sits and is eliminated. Play until a winner is left. Using Flashcards : Using Flashcards Flashcards should be used not only for recall but also to prompt natural “student” language. Write the target language on the board ex. A. When did you last ………? B. I last …………. on ……. day. ……………... 2. Students pick up a card and take turns asking, using their own creative language / mind. Communicative Bingo : Communicative Bingo The students speak about their own lives! Creative Thinking Games : Creative Thinking Games Cooperative Learning games foster “REAL” language use. The students use language to convey personal and ingrained thought. Not Like the Other Things : Not Like the Other Things _______ is not like the other things because __________! Only a Blank Piece of Paper! : Only a Blank Piece of Paper! SCC – student created content is the goal of all “personalized” lesson delivery. With just a blank piece of paper you can do many things! Make graphic organizers! Teach higher level skills! Play student created guessing games with controlled language practice. Do arts and crafts activities. Handtalker / Origami Draw the vocabulary activities. Student created bingo cards / wordsearches. Storybook Making and sharing! ………………………………………………………… Student Created Content : Student Created Content Student created Jeopardy : Student created Jeopardy WHO / WHAT / WHERE / WHEN / WHY $ 100 ____________________________? $ 200 ____________________________? $ 300 ____________________________? $ 400 ____________________________? $ 500 ____________________________? ANSWERS Surveys : Surveys SURVEYS : SURVEYS Surveys capture the student’s curiosity about their peers/classmates. They practice all 3 modes of communication ( Interpersonal / Interpretive / Presentational) -- Give students some target language to make their question. They ask others / record, then present. YES NO Did you __________ this weekend? I I I I I I I I I Recommended Reading : Recommended Reading Slide 45: The End HOW? : HOW? How do you get the resources to play some of these games? All the resources can be found on EFL Classroom 2.0 - Spin the Question / Not like the other thing / Bingo Cards / worksheets / ideas and so much more… :  CONTACT

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