Personalizing Your Prospects Experience

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Information about Personalizing Your Prospects Experience

Published on October 21, 2013

Author: pardot



Your prospects want accessible and relevant information—but delivering it is easier said than done. In this session, we’ll show you how to use data you already have to create a personalized experience for your prospects. Learn to use variable tags to customize your emails, utilize prospect browsing data with dynamic content in landing pages and emails, implement progressive profiling/dependent fields on Pardot forms, and much more.

Personalizing Your Prospect’s Experience TJ Gephart (@TJGephart) Vincent Migliore (@PardotVincent) #ET13B2B

Introductions 1.  Name 2.  Role at your company 3.  How long you have been using Pardot 4.  Goals & Expectations for this session 5.  Personal Fun Fact(s) #ET13B2B

Personalization: The Foundation



Prospect’s Buyer Persona Marketing User vs Executive User vs IT User Marketing: What can I learn? How does it help me do my job? What do YOU want to see? Executive: What value/ROI does this provide? IT: How do I implement this? What resources do I need? #ET13B2B

Persona Thoughts Might not be easy to define •  CEOs of small companies running marketing Actions are more important than someone’s title •  It shows their interest. Re-evaluate your lead qualification •  How well are you using scoring and grading #ET13B2B

Speaking of Interests What do you already know about their interests? Tailor what they see based on what you know they want •  Ex: Are they interested in a specific product? Optimize the content based on this interaction. •  Use tools like A/B testing. #ET13B2B

Prospect’s Lifecycle Stage Prospects or Customers? Opportunity for upgrading customers •  Base criteria off score or grade Lower the score, more education Higher the score, calls to action •  •  #ET13B2B

Location Advertise directly to folks when events are happening in their backyard. Offering in-person demos vs scheduling a call Quotes/Case-Studies from local clients Pro Tip: Use auto-geography identification by IP #ET13B2B

Personalizing Your Forms

POLL: How many fields is optimal to ask on a general form?

POLL: How many actual fields are you currently using on your general form?

What Not To Do! Pretend this is for a general whitepaper download: 1. How many fields on this form would you keep? 2. How many “levels” of progressive profiling would you use here?

Form Notes There is a 5% decrease in completion for every field over 4 fields you have on a form. Track behavior, not their ability to fill out a long form. #ET13B2B

Dependent Fields #ET13B2B

Dependent Fields To setup, edit the initial field that needs to be completed. •  Ex: If country is US or Canada, ask for State/Province •  Edit Country field to set up dependency No Nesting •  Can’t make a field dependent upon another dependent field #ET13B2B

Live Example: Dependent Fields

Forms & Gated Content •  Don't make it hard for interested people! •  Replace a form with a one-click download •  Customize thank you content based on their response Submit

Landing Pages

Landing Page Statistics Over 50% of people who visit your landing page will leave after 10 seconds. #ET13B2B

Set Yourself Up for Success •  Keep branding consistent and avoid any confusion •  Use limited links and reduce any chance that they will become distracted and navigate away •  Always serve up relevant content. Not bait and switch. #ET13B2B

When Creating Dynamic Landing Page Content •  Have a purpose •  Have a plan •  Use your own CSS •  Test, test, test! #ET13B2B

Interests #ET13B2B

Multivariate Testing You can always improve through testing! Headline - keep it short and direct Offer - demo, free consultation, whitepaper Images - demo screenshot, whitepaper pages Questions Asked - department vs job title #ET13B2B

Live Example: Multivariate Testing

Page Actions A completion action when a cookied prospect comes to a specific page on your site. It’s another data point. #ET13B2B

Live Example: Page Actions

Personalizing Your Emails

General Advice •  Make the content relevant to who you are sending to. •  Be ethical and honest in your messages •  Make your messages about quick wins. •  Ex: If you have X problem, this is how you solve it #ET13B2B

Subject Lines •  How to make email relevant & engaging before they even open the email. •  33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone. (Convince & Convert via •  Recipients often only read the subject line or the first few lines of an email. Include your CTA first. •  Subject lines fewer than 10 characters long had an open rate of 58%. (Adestra July 2012 Report) #ET13B2B

Variable Tags •  Great for adding in details you know about the person from their prospect record •  Works in the subject line •  Use default mail merge values to cover all the bases •  Testing using test lists #ET13B2B

Live Example: Default Mail Merge Values

Live Example: Test Lists

Chaser Emails (Dynamic Forwards)

When Creating Dynamic Email Content Be aware of the "creep factor" when using names and other sensitive info. Timing is key! - 2am on the weekend feels automated #ET13B2B

A/B Testing in Pardot 1.  List splitting 2.  Separate Email Templates 3.  Compare Rules #ET13B2B

General Advice •  Write an email like you’d write to your mom. •  Don’t overuse HTML. •  Make it personal. •  Keep a consistent point of contact (from assigned user) •  Don’t overdo the customization. Just 1-3 dynamic pieces. #ET13B2B

General Advice Make the content relevant to who you are sending to. •  Which of these points are relevant? Be ethical and honest in your messages •  Subject line & email content actual align Make your messages about quick wins. •  If you have X problem, this is how you solve it #ET13B2B

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