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Published on February 18, 2008

Author: Vincenza


Personality and Stress:  Personality and Stress Lecture #2 Type “A” Personality:  Type “A” Personality Coined by Dr Friedman and Dr Roseman (cardiologists) in the 1960’s Competitive, overachieving, time pressured, impatient, hostile Hostility is the only component supported by current research. Especially social hostility. Not expressing hostility (suppression) makes it worse. But it wasn’t discovered by cardiologists after all…:  But it wasn’t discovered by cardiologists after all… The upholstery guy noticed he was replacing the chairs in the cardiology unity the most He mentioned it to Dr Freeman, who dismissed him No one knows who the guy was In primates, lowest glutocorticoid levels are found in males who…:  In primates, lowest glutocorticoid levels are found in males who… are best at telling the difference between threatening and neutral interactions who take the initiative if the situation is clearly threatening who are best at telling whether they won or lost, and, in the later case, who are most likely to make someone else pay for the defeat Outlets for frustration:  Outlets for frustration Rats who could run over and bite another rat after being shocked showed lower levels of stress Punching a wall, take a run, hobby Even imagining outlets helps Exercise provides your body with the outlet that it was preparing for Social Support:  Social Support Put a primate through something unpleasant and it gets a stress response. Put it in a room with other primates and, if those primates are strangers, the stress response gets worse. If they are friends it is decreased.
 Those with spouses or close friends have longer life expectancies. When a spouse dies, the risk of dieing increases. Predictability:  Predictability Knowing exactly when it will start and end Study of the Nazi blitzkerig bombings of England: London However, too much predictability can lead to boredom and stress Control:  Control Or at least the perception of it Locus of control
 Place two people in adjoining rooms studies Perception:  Perception In one study, parents of sick children were told that their children had a 25% chance of survival. They showed only moderate rise in stress response. Why? Primary appraisal With similar injuries 80% of civilians (and 1/3 of soldiers) requested morphine Learned Helplessness:  Learned Helplessness a rat who can recently been exposed to repeated and uncontrollable stressors cannot then learn a simple task. Learned helplessness looks much like depression and antidepressants can help It takes surprisingly little in terms of uncontrollable unpleasantness to make humans give up Loss of a parent to death, divorce of parents, being a victim of abusive parenting all make the child at risk for depression years later Benefits of Laughter:  Benefits of Laughter There is a reduction in cortisol, a chemical that indicates stress in the body, and an increase in mood elevating endorphins. Laughter is also thought to improve circulation, stimulate the nervous system, heighten the immune system, and make the heart stronger. Laughter:  Laughter Adults laugh approximately 15 times per day, while children laugh about 400 times a day! It has also been discovered that faking laughter will cause the body to respond as though the laughter is real. Sometimes we like stress:  Sometimes we like stress Horror movies, roller coasters, bungee jumping Control and predictability The science of tickling Can you be addicted to stress? Adrenaline Junkies:  Adrenaline Junkies Adrenaline Junkies:  Adrenaline Junkies Dopamine is released (causing pleasure) CONTROL AND PREDICTABILITY Adrenaline junkies may release low amounts of dopamineノ or maybe their receptors are less receptive to it. No one knows for sure, but there are atypical versions of dopamine receptors in people with addictive personalities. Addicted to Dopamine?:  Addicted to Dopamine? Dopamine is also produced in anticipation of a reward - this is why gambling can be highly addictive If the reward is likely, but not guaranteed, the dopamine levels are higher Many people with addictions have abnormal dopamine receptors Hungry rats given food get a 50-100% rise in dopamine. Rats given cocaine have a 1,000% increase. Homework:  Homework Write a 2 page paper about a stress management technique. Double spaced is okay, but 2 full pages This is to start getting you thinking about the group presentations Has there been any scientific research about this technique? How does it work? What are it’s origins? Suggestions: breathing, progressive relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis, visualization, thought stopping, exercise, nutrition, time management, assertiveness

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