Personality - How to Find your own Way

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Published on February 3, 2014

Author: jlorrain84



Find out what truly keeps you going in life. Be yourself.

Personality How to Find your own way

Know where you are now... see where to go next

m y W at h m s s is n io in l e? if

How does it benefit me?

What am I GOOD at?

W I o td ha e ik l d to ? o

What are my values & beliefs?

How do I ACT ?

How do people react when I show up? Speak? Act? Work?

How do I want people to see me act?

How do I want people to react when I show up? ! Speak? Act? Work?

What s my c re di b i li t y ?

What s my difference ?

What do people praise about me?

Where do I get my inspiration from ?

What s my dream ?

How can I reach it?

th e r a t a h W l e it im ? s

Why does it matter to me?

When I picture successful situations in my past, what are the common elements to my happiness ?

Picture yourself in 5 years Put it on paper

Where will I be? How will I be? Why?

How do I plan to get there?

What kind of experiences do I want to go through?

What would be the consequences ! of my acts?

Does my personal development depend on other people around me ?

What s preventing me from being myself ?

« They can because they believe they can » Virgile

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