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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: FranBangor


This theory is now regarded as overly simplistic because almost no one can be accurately described as being simply introvert or  extravert.  Most  persons   fall  somewhere   between   Jung’s   two types— in whom introversive and extraversive tendencies exist in a rough balance and are manifested at different times in response to different situations. An extravert’s  attention  is  directed  toward  other  people  and  the   Extrovert and introvert outside world. personalities are the two Characteristics: outgoing, responsive to other people, and have main basic personality the ability to make quick decisions.; types identified by Carl Edward is a very private person. He displays Jung. These were further Bella was instantly attracted to Edward from their divided into 4 subfirst Biology class which displays Bella as a an introverted thinking type as he finds categories. determined individual. Bella has the tendency to expressing his feelings difficult, particularly An introvert is an individual whose interests are directed inward toward their own thoughts and feelings. Characteristics: Solitary, contemplative and reserved. at the beginning of his relationship with Bella. He tries his best to protect her from the vampire world, which makes him seem very emotionless and standoffish. Alice’s  isolated  human  life  indicates  an  introverted intuitive personality. Along with the power of premonition, her intuitive personality allows her to generate future plans to protect her family. Even as a human, her abilities as a prophet meant that she was very much future orientated. Rosalie displays characteristics of Introverted Feeling Type as she is very distant with Bella and does not agree with her decisions. She is very difficult to get to know and does not involve herself with others. She also seems rather mysterious and feels things very intensely. Irina is very reserved and unsociable, and displays an introverted sensing type personality. Because of sensitive experiences in her past, she tends to overreact to certain stimuli. This tendency causes a war between the Cullen Clan and the Volturi. follow her own instincts for instance the life threatening pursuits she conducts just to see Edward after their break up, displaying  ​ extraverted intuitive personality. Jacob displays an extraverted feeling type as all his actions often focuses around Bella, intending to keep her safe and happy. His behaviour is outgoing, and confident as he is always with his  ‘pack'.  Despite    his  occasional   arrogance, Jacob respects his elders and follows the rules. Jasper is an Extraverted Sensing Type as he acts rather than think, seeks pleasure, and is keen to enjoy the good things in life, such as food. This is seen when he finds it difficult to discipline himself around the scent of blood and attacks Bella without thinking. Gwennant Mai, Tegan Aspden, Elliw Haf, Siwan Jones and Sioned Hughes. Dr Cullen shows features of the extraverted thinking type. He always puts others before himself and is keen to help. His behaviour is often orientated around what is expected, and aims to obey the set rules.

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