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Published on November 27, 2008

Author: regor2012


Personalised Learning @ HC in 2008 : Clipart: MS Office Online Personalised Learning @ HC in 2008 Slide 2: We already personalise learning… BUT… Slide 3: Inbox (327) ICT to the rescue… NOT Slide 5: Hours Whole Class Individuals Online It’s TIME to change… Slide 6: Caution and Opportunity 4 Years of Work BUT how do you personalise learning for students? : BUT how do you personalise learning for students? 18 36 54 And for some new courses… : Personalised Learning Journal and folio Community of Inquiry Dialogue and collaboration Blended Learning Environment Face-to-face and online Automation Efficient Effective Engaging And for some new courses… Slide 9: And for new computers… Personalising and Extending Learning conceptualise, create, collaborate, communicate Connecting Learning Beyond the School local and global learning communities Improving Assessment formative, summative and collaborative assessment tools digital portfolios, blogs and wikis Slide 10: Professional Communities Creative Commons Copyright Visitor Statistics Community Comments Slide 11: Date Links to files on remote sites Displaying: Pictures Graphs Animations Videos Desktop Capture Tags topics criteria Bugs Blog… : Personalised Learning Journal and folio Community of Inquiry Dialogue and collaboration Blended Learning Environment Face-to-face and online Bugs Blog… Bugs Blog… : Bugs Blog… Professional templates and ‘add-ons’ Exists after course finishes Sharing for coaching/mentoring Student control privacy design site stats Audience outside the classroom parents friends special interest groups potential employer global community No need to collect or hand back Integrate multiple journals Sharing with learning community and for peer-assessment Learning journey: Self-Assessment Slide 16: My Class Journal Description Analysis Reflection Celebration Clearing house Community hub Learning Teaching Dialogue 1,150 page views 25 countries Slide 17: Professional Journals Slide 18: Automation: Collecting and Organising RSS Slide 19: Automation RSS Slide 20: Automation RSS Slide 21: Automation RSS Highlight posts Share posts Colleague Students Globally Add notes See what others have shared Export to relief teacher Capturing Multimedia : Capturing Multimedia Slide 23: Camera - SD Card $A200 Slide 24: Samsung MX20 - $A310 Camcorder - SD Card Slide 25: Samson H2 - $A250 Audio Recorder - SD Card Slide 26: Logitech Presenter - $A70 Laser Pointer/Mouse/Timer Slide 27: Bluetooth USB MMS eMail Mobile Phone Slide 28: Mimio - $900 Mimio / Interactive Board Slide 29: HC Photo Album 427 Photos - 6,600 views in 18 months HC Video Channel 50 Videos - 12,700 views in 18 months 11 Playlists HC Journal 26 Posts – 2,400 page views in 18 months 23 Countries – 62% Australia Slide 30: Online Classroom Slide 31: Tasks Documents Forums Submissions Surveys… Lectures PowerPoint Audio Video Resources Slide 32: Attendance & Participation Slide 33: GMail Presence Groups Photo Chat, Audio, Video Slide 34: CC Flickr: Lisa Andres What next? RSS Slide 35: WWW Web 2.0 – Learning Networks Goals Journal Bookmarks Activity Log Research Slide 36: What is it? Common Craft Slide 38: Privacy Settings Links via Tiny URL Reply to twitter post Date and Time Slide 40: Web Service eg Journal Web 2.0 – Networking Tools RSS Tag & Organise Share with ‘Friends’ Customise Look & Function Set Privacy Level ‘Friend’ Finder Recommendations ‘News’ Slide 41: WWW RSS Aggregation Comment Alert Activity RSS RSS RSS RSS RSS WWW RSS Slide 42: WWW Web 2.0 – Learning Networks Slide 43: Personalised Learning Goal Setting Journal – Descriptive and Reflective Activity Log Community of Inquiry Research – Individual and Collaborative Mentoring and Self-Assessment Digital Identity – Social and Professional Blended Learning Environment Online Lectures/Presentations Participation and Attendance Continuity and Presence Automation Efficient Effective Engaging Blended Learning : Blended Learning Slide 45: Facebook – Blended Lives Slide 48: Automation RSS Slide 49: Online Desktop Automation Slide 50: Live links to Journals Activity Logs Goals Research URLs Research Notes Mark Book Automation Slide 51: Directory (2,500) Pick of the Day Slide 52: Organised Research Sharing Notebooks How it works… Common Craft Slide 53: Bookmarks Recommendations Sharing Tagged RSS Slide 55: Same ideas in 5 mins… via Twitter The Networked Student – wdrexler (Nov 26, 2008)

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