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Information about Personal Injury/Criminal Cases - AZ Criminal Defense Lawyers

Published on February 22, 2018

Author: myazlawyers


slide 1: w w w . m y a z l a w y e r s . c o m 201 7 Per sonal I nj ur y / Cr i mi nal Cases My AZ Lawyer s Wor ked On The BI G wi n of My AZ Lawyer s How our l awyer s managed t o get an i nnocent out of j ai l Pol i ce Mi sconduct i n Mesa and Sur pr i se AZ When l aw enf or cer s go t oo f ar Wr ongf ul l y Accused of a Cr i me slide 2: About My AZ Lawyers When choosing a lawyer to represent you in your case be it a messy divorce a bankruptcy to ease your debt or defending your rights against criminal charges it is important to think about the training and experience your attorney has. The attorneys at My AZ Lawyers have the knowledge and expertise needed for your case and you will work with the person best suited for your specific case. Our lawers also have experience in their practice areas which include: · DUI and DWI Defnse · Bankruptc Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcies · Divorce · Familylaw Modifications · Custody Issues · Arizona Expungement Attorney · Criminal Defense · Custody and Family Law Maters Our Arizona attorneys can help guide you past the strong emotions that are a part of these adverse circumstances and help you build detailed and realistic arguments. Our trial la wyers have extensive experience in the court room and can protect you and gain the best possible outcome during proceedings whether the issue is with property during a divorce or defending you against criminal DUI charges. Your rights and needs are at the forefront of our minds when you come to MY AZ Lawyers for help. A basic legal education is not enough help you through your case so choosing the right lawyer is essential to getting a successful outcome for your case. Our attorneys have the additional specialty training in their practice areas to make them experts in their subject matter and better poised to represent you. Dont choose just any lawyer to represent you. The stakes are too high and you have too much to lose. Choose an attorney with the right training and the experience that you can trust. Call My AZ Lawyers to connect with an attorney who has that training and experience and who is dedicated to helping you. slide 3: On the night of January 8 2017 Mesa Police received a call reporting domestic violence at Sage Apartments at around 8 p.m. After arriving officers heard voices and sounds coming from an adjacent apartment so when they saw several people inside they attempted to get them to open the door. They told the man who answered they needed to se e i f anyone was injured but after he refused to let them in officers broke into the Mesa apartment and shot him with several less-lethal bean bag rounds and tasers only to realize they were at the wrong apartment shortly after. Anthony Knierim proprietor of the apartment was just watching a film with his girlfriend and some friends when the police knocked and did not want to open the door without a warrant. By law if it is believed that a person is in immediate danger the police can enter a home but that does not justify how the police handled the situation Now Anthony Ramirez local police misconduct lawyer at My AZ Lawyers is currently helping Mr. Knierim file a claim agai nst the Mesa Police for a civil rights violation. slide 4: Police Misconduct in Surprise AZ A family in Surprise AZ believe th at their son was shot and killed due to police negligence. Attorney Anthony Ramirez is a former police officer who also believes that the Surprise Officers could have handled the situation better. Derek Adames family is fighting back. They had been told their son was killed in an altercation with officers when he dragged an officer while fleeing from the police. The body cameras from the incident appeared to tell a different story. In t he video the shots are fired first before the car starts moving forward slowly. Dereks family has retained police misconduct attorneys with My AZ Lawyers to represent their family in the quest for justice and truth. slide 5: Wrongfully Accused of a Crime Jamaican national Damion Williams was arrested last year for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Damion William came to Phoenix to enjoy a nice vacation. How ever w hen he was sleeping at a friends house the police raided the h ouse and allegedly found drugs hidden in a closet. Damion was arrested on the spot. To learn more about Damian Williams trail watch the following videos: Wrongfully Accused of a Crime in Arizona: ABC News Coverage: Along with his attorney Anthony Ramirez from My AZ Lawyers Damion went to trial to prove his innocence. Anthony Ramirez is former police officer turned attorney He has built quite a reputation in Arizona for criminal defense and personal injury cases. If you are being wrongfully charged with a crime that you did not commit in Arizona schedule a free consultation with My AZ Lawyers. slide 6: The BIG Win For My AZ Lawyers After a year being in jail Damion Williams is free. Later summer of 2017 Damion Williams was found not guilty of a crime that he did not commit. Attorney Anthony Ramirez commented that "This was going to be an uphill battle." Due to the fact that Damion was found inside the house where approximately 80 lbs of marijuana was found. Thanks to one of the suspects Curtis taking the stand for Williams. To learn more about the case watch the following videos: Man from Jamaica freed after more than a year behind bars ABC News Coverage: Big Win for Criminal Defense Attorney Anthony Ramirez: Before Damion left Attorney Anthony Ramirez showed him around Phoenix. Anthony and his team took Damion out to eat in Downtown Phoenix to a Diamondbacks game and enjoyed a dinner with Damions family. Anthony took it upon himself to ensure that Damion Williams vacation ended on a good note. I 5 The attorneys at My AZ Lawyers are the best If you are looking for a criminal defense or personal injury lawyer in Arizona contact My AZ Lawyers. You can trust the experience attorneys at My AZ Lawyers. Know who your friends really are. slide 7: About our Aorneys Mr. Ramirez draws on his experience as an insurance claims adjuster and private investigator assisting insurance companies resolve casualty claims. His prior experience gives him the knowledge and skills to be an aggressive advocate for injured plaintiffs in civil litigation cases. Additionally Mr. Ramirez is a former police officer with the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department giving him the knowledge and experience to effectively represent criminal defense clients. Mr. Ramirez also a Pro Tem Assistant City Prosecutor in the City Prosecutor’s Office for the cities of Avondale Tolleson and Buckeye Arizona. Candace E. Kallen is the managing attorney with My AZ Lawyers PLLC. Ms. Kallen received her Juris Doctor at the Arizona Summit Law School after completing her Bachelors of Science in Communication and Public Relations at East Carolina University. Born in Phoenix Arizona she has lived in Florida as well as North Carolina. During this time she gained 6 years of managerial experience prior to returning to Phoenix and joining the firm in May 2014. Morgan McCain is an associate attorney with My AZ Lawyers PLC. His practice areas include bankruptcy law estate planning and probate law. He is admitted to practice law in all state and federal courts in Arizona. Morgan is a “Zonie” and Valley Native having been born and raised in Mesa. After high school Morgan began his college studies at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City Utah Michael Clonts graduated from Syracuse University College of Law in New York Let’s go ‘Cuse with an emphasis on international national security and counter-terrorism law. A lifelong native of Arizona Michael returned to the Phoenix area to practice after graduation. He now practices family law as an Associate Attorney for My AZ Lawyers. My AZ Lawyers attorney Lisa Monnette is an experienced attorney dedicated to winning. Always working with her clients’ best interests in mind Lisa advocates for the rights of her clients while working towards the best possible outcome for a case. Lisa is an exceptional attorney because she is understanding to the needs of her clients is an expert in Arizona law and is engaged in her cases Stacie Gravito is a compassionate results-driven attorney with a wealth of experience serving people from all walks of life. A California native Stacie graduated from Golden Gate University School of Law in 2011 with an emphasis in public interest law. During her law school tenure she served as the Magister of Phi Delta Phi Honor Society Treasurer of the Student Bar Association and Co-Chair of the Public Interest Law Foundation.

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