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Published on December 17, 2017

Author: kregerlawfirm


Slide 1: Personal Injury Attorney Raleigh NC Slide 2: Our Mission Client Service When it comes to working with and communicating with our attorneys, you will notice we are a little different.  Our attorneys strive to be as accessible as possible.  To that end, our attorneys are directly accessible by email, cell phone, text message or instant message.  We do not use our staff to build a wall between our clients and our attorneys.  When you want to speak to your attorney, you will always know how to directly reach us. Quality of Service We will handle your case with professionalism, and we provide excellent, compassionate and professional legal services.  We believe our legal services are second to none.  We do whatever it takes in order to completely and aggressively handle your case and attain a successful outcome that exceeds your expectations. Slide 3: Personal Injury We’ve seen a range of injuries working as personal injury lawyers in North Carolina, so we know what a terrible experience you are going through. We know how stressful it can be when you’re in physical pain, having a tough time working and taking care of your family, and receiving medical bills . Slide 4: Given our years of experience working as an adjuster for insurance companies, we have the experience necessary to help you navigate through the doctors, insurance adjusters, and lawyers involved in your case . Why choose us ? Hiring Kreger Law Firm costs you NO money NO  consultation fees We don’t get paid unless YOU get paid FREE  case review Hiring us will get you a BETTER result Slide 6: If you need a personal injury attorney, Kreger Law Firm are the people you want in your corner Slide 8: Phone: (888) 820-5885 Email: Fax: (888) 812-9380 Mail: 5003 Southpark Drive Suite 260 Durham, NC 27713 Contact Us Toll Free: (888) 820-5885 Slide 9: Thank You Visit Our website

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