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Published on October 15, 2013

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Branding, Personal Branding, Bahman, Moghimi, University of Georgia

The Samurai Group

Strategic Personal Branding Get The Edge in The Experience Economy by, Bahman Moghimi The Samurai Group The Samurai Group

OBJECTIVES Create Awareness On Personal Branding Take Home Ideas You Can Implement The Samurai Group

The Foundation Of Personal Branding P+A+ B =R Perception + Attitude + Behavior = Reality M + M + M.C = R Message + Media + Market.Customer = Results The Samurai Group

Personal Brands The Next Revolution! (manufacturing revolution) The Samurai Group

I AM A BRAND! The Samurai Group

Personal Brand Power Now More than Ever A Brand Equates Greater ROI Visibility, Profits, Impact The Samurai Group

Personal Brands Personal Brands sit at the VERY Pinnacle of Relationships. If done right; once established it is “virtually” impossible for any person to Break the Emotional Dialog, your Brand is communicating between You and Your Target Market. The Samurai Group

Get The Edge! What Words, Phrases, Emotions Do You Own? The Samurai Group

Be An Orange! Stand Out In The Barrel Of Apples The Samurai Group

“Success Is The Progression Of A Worthy Ideal” -- Earl Nightingale The Samurai Group

Personal Branding vs. Personal Development The Samurai Group

Competency Curve Rise From The “Sea of Sameness” (vague vs. specialized) The Samurai Group

Trusted Advisor (the center of influence) The Samurai Group

The Big Lie! We’ve Been Taught That Information is Power! Information is NOT Power… The Samurai Group

“Its not what you are that counts, but what people think you are.” -- Joseph Kennedy The Samurai Group

The Reality Its NOT That You Have To Think Like A CEO; Its That you HAVE To Be Perceived As A CEO (Jack Welch to Hugh Heffner) The Samurai Group

Ideal CEO Jack Welch Anita Rodick Steve Case Herb Kelleher Lee Iacocca Howard Schultz The Samurai Group

Ideal Sports Figure Michael Jordan ($200) Arnold Palmer Tiger Woods Hakeem Olajuwon ($45) The Samurai Group

Ideal Positions • Tony Robbins - Stage • Tom Hopkins - Stage • Mark Victor Hansen - Stage • William E Bailey - Stage + Mentor (co-branded) The Samurai Group

Image Is What They See, A Brand Is What They Think & Feel, It Conveys Ownership! (attract / repel) The Samurai Group

Personal Branding is a 2-Step Process 1) Strategic 2) Tactical The Samurai Group

3 Definitions Of A Brand Marketing Investor Personal The Samurai Group

Marketing A represents a promise, an internalized sum of all impressions received by clients, resulting in a distinctive position in their mind’s eye, based on perceived benefits that conveys a trust through the brand’s personality, an intrinsic value to the customer. The brand equals the communication, equals the message, equals the promise conveyed. The Samurai Group

Investor A Brand is an identifying symbol, words, or mark that distinguishes a product or company from its competitors. It is an intangible asset, a promise to a market which provides a competitive advantage. Appears as goodwill on the balance sheet of the acquirer in the amount by which the purchase price exceeds the net tangible assets of the acquired company’s brand. The Samurai Group

Personal Brand? The unfair advantage every individual has by capturing the value of our Personal Characteristics, Attributes and Life Experiences in a package that we effectively communicate to our audience, leveraging the specific ‘use value’ that comes from our Unique TalentTM. (intrinsic genius) The Samurai Group

What Does a Brand Represent? • Positive Expectation (benefits) • Promise to your Market • Preferred (privileged) Position • Owns Equity of the Mind • Highest Level of TRUST • Unique (cannot be copied) The Samurai Group

Attributes of Personal Brand • Genius Quality • Unique Ability/Talent • Experiences (glue) • Ancestral or Heritage • Personality or Style • Philosophy or Beliefs • Integrity & Ethics The Samurai Group

"Experience is knowledge, everything else is information" -- Albert Einstein The Samurai Group

Experiences Equate Credibility The Samurai Group

Unique Experiences • Specialized Knowledge Creates a Higher Use Value (specialist vs. generalist) • Ownership, YOU are the Undisputed Authority The Samurai Group

Certain Things Building A Personal Brand is NOT about doing Certain Things; It's about doing Certain Things in a certain way… [Communicating Certain Things In A Certain Way To Certain People] The Samurai Group

Story Telling The vast majority of great leaders in history have been great Story Tellers Source: Toastmasters International The Samurai Group

Metaphorical Story “A Great Brand is a story that’s never completely told. A brand is a metaphorical story that connects with something very deep, a fundamental appreciation of mythology. Stories create the emotional context people need to locate themselves in a larger experience.” Scott Bedbury, Creator of Nike & Starbucks The Samurai Group

The Brand Dialog What Does Your External Dialog Say To Your World? Example: Martin Luther King The Samurai Group

BRAND EXAMPLE The Samurai Group

Richard Branson, Virgin “The idea that business is just a numbers affair has always struck me as preposterous. For one thing, I’ve never been particularly good at numbers, but I think I’ve done a reasonable job with feelings. And I’m convinced that it is feelings – and feelings alone – that account for the success of the Virgin brand in all of its myriad forms.” The Samurai Group

The (Psychological) Ideal 1. A Brand is Unique; It Cannot be Copied • A process can be copied; once copied it becomes a commodity • Commodity Sales, Marketing, Advertising 2. A Brand like Matter, cannot occupy the same space in a persons mind! 3. Conscious & Subconscious Dialog The Samurai Group

Wheaties The Breakfast Of Champions Vs. Special K The Samurai Group

One Word Branding is Summed-up as TRUST The Samurai Group

Reasons Why 1. Trust Person 2. Respect Person 3. Respect Company 4. Product Benefits 5. Product Price + 11. Like-ability The Samurai Group

Managing Your Brand Your Personal Communication & Positioning The Samurai Group

Brand Promise Defines the intended reason [mindshare] and emotional benefits [heartshare] from the brand consumer's point of view, capturing their imagination. The Samurai Group

Questions To Answer 1) What emotions will your brand touch? 2) What expectations will your brand create? 3) What experiences will your brand provide? The sum of these questions equals a position in the mind called brand ownership. You gain preferred status in their mind and become the choice! The Samurai Group

Remember from Bahman: “You do not merely want to be the best of the best. You want to be considered the only one who does what you do.” The Samurai Group

Brand Identity (the package) Seeks to articulate one key idea again and again: whatever you do, be sure to communicate your brand consistently, every time. The Samurai Group

Connection With Market Personal Brands help YOU make a real connection with your market so that you earn their business again, again and again. The Samurai Group

Personal Brands Establish Authenticity Communicate Value with Clarity to your Brand’s Consumers The Samurai Group

Congruency Jack Welch -- Leadership Nelson Mandela -- Freedom Martin Luther King -- Justice The Samurai Group

Why Personal Branding Now? • Who do you TRUST more? • Who is more likely to do the RIGHT thing? • Who is more likely to be ACCOUNTABLE for their actions? Corporations or People? The Samurai Group

Technology vs. People “The Great Crossover” (we must take control back) The Samurai Group

Chaos “There will be more confusion in the business world in the next decade than in any decade in history. And the current pace of change will only accelerate.” Steve Case, CEO, Time Warner The Samurai Group

Specialize You MUST be DISTINCT and COMMUNICATE YOUR DISTINCTION or YOU will be EXTINCT! The Samurai Group

Questions To Ponder • How do people perceive you? • What does the world think you stand for? • What is the “brand gap” between your brand's perception and reality? The Samurai Group

Personal Brand What Words, Phrase or Emotions Are Evoked? The Samurai Group

Language What Language Are YOU Speaking? The Samurai Group

Unique Packaging Can you describe your Personal Brand’s – • Brand Mission? [external, includes clients] • Brand Description? [how you are perceived] • Brand Stand for? [what are you known for] • Brand Personality? [fun, serious] • Brand Packaging? [consistent] • Brand Presentation? [congruency] The Samurai Group The Samurai Group

Questions To Ask? 1) What business is your Personal Brand in? 2) What is superior about the “use” value you offer your brand’s consumers? 3) What differentiates your personal brand from those in your position? The Samurai Group

Discovery Questions 1) What kind of knowledge do you enjoy acquiring and sharing? 2) Are your current tasks aligned with your life’s goals? How? 3) What kind of advice do you give people (inside and outside) your profession? 4) What kind of advice do others ask you? What are you known for? 5) What area have you had the most personal study (training) over the last 3 - 5 years? The Samurai Group

Who Are You? What do People Think When They See You? (at a party) The Samurai Group

Perception & Reality What is the Biggest Misconception About You? The Samurai Group

Brand Wake-up Questions! Have you ever considered that you are a Brand? What is your Personal Brand? How would you define it? What is your perception of your Personal Brand? What is your markets perception of your Personal Brand? Define? What is the ‘reality’ of these perceptions? How far apart is the Gap between the Perception (internal) and Reality (external) of Your Brand? How are you managing the ‘reality’ of these perceptions within your market? How is your Personal Brand special or distinct? What unique talents do you have? Is your Brand’s message aligned and congruent with your market? How can you demonstrate that your Personal Brand is trustworthy? Cool? The Samurai Group

METHODS The Samurai Group

3M’s Message + Media + Market2 = Powerful Brand! The Samurai Group

Wall Of Indifference Pierce The Veils Of Indifference (don’t talk to strangers) The Samurai Group

Specialize Or Die! (promote job insecurity) The Samurai Group

Unique Talent Frank Sinatra Doesn't MOVE Pianos! *Unique TalentTM is the only thing we grow in by Massive Leaps throughout our life and never become bored with. Its how we are wired! Its who we are! The Samurai Group

Why Personal Brands Fail • Ignorance, People FAIL to recognize they are a Brand! • Try to be All Things to all people [Need Laser Focus] • Fail to tap into their True Passion/Unique Talent in Life • Professionals don’t realize their External Perception • Lack of consistency in behavior and image portrayed • Right Message, Wrong Market! • Fail to recognize Competitors Brand [Emotion] • Fail to have a Mentor to Advise them (lone wolf) • Fail to Reposition properly against another brand The Samurai Group

Branding Methodologies • Networking • Newsletters • Interest Mail • Post Cards • Letter Series • Testimonial Letters • Referrals • Personal Website • E-Mail • Multimedia • Adjunct Professor • Write A Book • Networking Club • Speaker The Samurai Group

Branding Methodologies • Testimonials • Mentoring • Association Boards • Community Boards • Letters To The Editor • Tips, Trends & Surveys • Camera Opportunities • Calendar Listings • Endorsement Letters • 800# • Brochures • Create A Worthwhile Event (Sales Major) The Samurai Group

Branding Methodologies • Press Releases • Publish Articles • Write A Column • Contribute to Pubs • Radio/TV Interview • Host Radio/TV Show • Audio/Video Tape • Alliances • Joint Ventures • Co-Branding • References • Case Studies • Stories • Sponsor An Event The Samurai Group

CONCLUSION The Samurai Group

The Experience Economy We live to pay for the experience! •Coffee Beans – Commodity 2 cents •Cup of Coffee – Diner 50 cents •Latte – Starbucks 3 dollars •Espresso – St. Mark's Square, Italy 15 dollars The Samurai Group

FUN Brand Names •Archibald Leech – Cary Grant •Cherilyn Shakisian – Cher •Tom Mapother – Tom Cruz •Bernie Schwartz – Tony Curtis •Margaret Hyra – Meg Ryan •Eugene Orowitz- Michael Landon •Francis Grum – Judy Garland •Issur Danielovitch – Kirk Douglas •Donald Drumpf – Donald Trump The Samurai Group

Last Words… A Personal Brand Must Sincerely Care about Achieving Destiny! “Success means never letting the competition define you. Instead you have to define yourself based on a point of view you care deeply about.” Tom Chappell, CEO, Tom’s of Maine The Samurai Group

The Samurai Group The Samurai Group

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