Persian to Peloponnesian War

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Information about Persian to Peloponnesian War

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: mcaggia



A travesty to the history, BUT nonetheless, a VERY brief presentation that does little more than list a series of events that lead from the 1st Persian War to the Decline of Athens after the Peloponnesian War.

 Athenian influence suspected

 Persia sets its sights on Greece

 None comes

 With little help, Athens stuns Persians at the Battle of Marathon

   Other city-states now recognize Persia as a real threat Alliance formed to unite Greece against another Persian attack “the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend”

 Led by the Athenian king Themisticles

Spartan King Leonidas and his elite bodyguard of 300 sacrifice themselves to hold off the Persians  Allows the remainder of Greek forces to fight again another day 

  Persian fleet is destroyed at a naval battle near the island of Salamis Without supplies, Persians are forced to retreat from Greece

Athens urges other city-states to remain an alliance to fight possible future Persian attacks  Many city-states decline, preferring their independent nature 

 Using the naval fleet at their disposal, Athens uses force to interfere with trade

 Sparta negotiates an agreement with Athens to not force other city-states into the league

  Athens violates agreement with Sparta Athens and Sparta go to war

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