PERICLES workshop (IDCC 2016) - Appraisal

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Information about PERICLES workshop (IDCC 2016) - Appraisal

Published on February 29, 2016



1. GRANT AGREEMENT: 601138 | SCHEME FP7 ICT 2011.4.3 Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics [Digital Preservation] Simon Waddington (King’s College London) IDCC, Amsterdam, 25 February 2016 Appraisal

2.  Problem  Terminology  Appraisal tool requirements  Appraisal process

3.  Given a collection of archival content comprising complex digital objects  Can we preserve the objects? ◦ Technical versus content-based appraisal  Which objects will be reusable after 1,2,3,5.. years? ◦ Risks and their proximity? ◦ Impact/cost?  Manual data gathering and risk analysis are time- consuming and subjective

4.  Three main dimensions ◦ Risk – probability of an entity being non-usable ◦ Proximity – time frame in which we consider risk/impact ◦ Impact – potential loss of functionality and cost of mitigating actions  Mitigation (or preservation action) ◦ Process to transform entities in ecosystem E.g. Transcoding, software upgrade, hardware replacement  Types of risk ◦ Primary risk  to an entity arising through a stimulus that is external to the ecosystem ◦ Secondary (or higher order) risk  to an entity as a result of a potential change to another entity on which it has a dependency

5.  Periodically review the projects, both current and completed, and perform a risk assessment to understand the potential impact and the costs in maintaining the data in a reusable form  Assist a data manager or conservator in planning any preservation actions that are required, and provide an overall assessment of the reusability of the data.

6.  Provide assessments of risk, proximity (i.e. timescale in which the risk is expected to occur) and impact  Be largely automated ◦ Manual subjective assignment of risk should be avoided  Easy to use ◦ By e.g. supporting visualisation of risk, proximity and impact.  Where possible, preservation actions should be proposed and automated ◦ Provide ongoing, not just one-off assessments

7. 1. Assess primary risks a. Determine changes, probability and proximity 2. Determine secondary risks a. Determine potentially affected entities b. Probabilities of occurrence 3. Determine mitigating actions a. Determine potential preservation actions b. Estimate cost/impact c. Present options to user 4. Implement and validate potential actions

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