Performance to Proficiency: Are you able to deliver reproducible and consistent results in every situation?

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Information about Performance to Proficiency: Are you able to deliver reproducible and...
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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: rkattri



Just performance is not enough. You need to perform consistently and demonstrate proficiency with high degree of reproducibility in different environments. You must master the ‘environment’ (including the unknown ones as well) to the level that any environment does not create any up-and-down variation on your performance. You will not just be expected but will be ‘required’ to reproduce it consistently to same standards in range of real-life situations.

© Personal-Resonance All rights reserved Raman K. Attri January 2014 DNA of Mastery and Practical Wisdom: A Journey from Knowledge to Mastery Part-1 to Part 4

DNA of Mastery and Practical Wisdom Knowled ge

Where you should stop in the journey to excel yourself? 3

Part-I: Knowledge to A bilities: A re you differentiating yourself from the crowd? 4

Get Competitive Edge By Expanding Your Strategic Knowledge 5

Acquire important skills and practice to perfect those. 6

DNA of Mastery and Practical Wisdom Knowled ge Knowledge + Skills = Abilities

You “can” do it. You have been equipped to do it, but we are yet to see the disposition how effectively you do it

Differentiate Yourself From Crowd With Your Abilities. Integrated Your Knowledge and Skills Well 9

Part-II: A bilities to Competence: A re you winning others’ confidence on you? 10

- Disposition - Behaviors - Approaches - Methods - Mind-sets - Techniques - Involvement - Engagement - Critical Thinking - Methodologies - Problem Solving - Judgments 11

Attitude play a very important role how your abilities get noticed as competence and make other believe in your abilities. You may have two employees exactly equal in knowledge and skills (termed abilities together). But in a crucial time at crucial customer when things are at stake who is the one you can send right away without hesitation? The ONE WITH RIGHT ATTITUDE even though both have same level of abilities!! 12

Be Ahead of the Race By Developing a Winning Attitude. Pay attention to how you do the things and how you do it differently. 13

DNA of Mastery and Practical Wisdom Knowled ge Abilities + Attitude = Competence

You “can” do it!! You have “right disposition” to do it!! Given right opportunity you should be able to do it. H owever, you have not proved it yet in a real-life situation.

es iqu hn ec T ou rY fo By integrating knowledge and skills nicely, you differentiate yourself. By displaying a winning correct attitude, you differentiate yourself. And with correct mixture of right abilities with right attitude, you demonstrate your competence. That’s how others build confidence in you that you “CAN DO”! 16

Part-III: Competence to Perfor mance: Is your full competence getting converted into 17

Your Professional Environment - Actual job or work - Real-life cases - Different set of problems - Varied type of situations - Multiple scenarios - Multi-level challenges - Complex conditions - Dynamic environment - Realistic context 18

Why is that you are not coming up in limelight as a shining star in spite of your well appreciated competence? 19

Environment Transfer Function 20

DNA of Mastery and Practical Wisdom Knowled ge Competence + Environment = Performance

What it means to you? The competence when interacts with environment and comes in visible form is called PERFORMANCE (this is what you are actually able to do or this is what others able to see visibly). Fundamental law of personal performance is that environment acts as a controlling transfer function between competence and performance. All of your competence may not convert into visibly seen performance until… 22

Get noticed by conquering your environment Abilities, Attitude and Competence alone or collectively do not give you competitive edge when surrounded by similarly abled professionals. You won’t get a competitive edge until you conquer your environment. The one who masters the environment get noticed. 23

Mastering environment requires you to assess it how well and where exactly it is in alignment with your best competence. That’s your sweet spot for you to excel faster. 24

You are “actually” able to do it!! You have “proved” (dem onstrated) it in closer to real-life situations or actual real-life situations. B you are yet to dem ut onstrate the m astery!!!

If you want to be seen, then show your real-world success by converting competence into performance…. 26

Par t-IV: Perfor mance to Proficiency: A re you able to deliver r epr oducible and consistent results in every 27

Proficiency “Mastery of a specific behavior or skill demonstrated by consistently superior performance, measured against established or popular standards”. 28

Performance Vs. Proficiency Dreyfus (1986) considers the performance as a point on the continuum as an individual moves from being a novice to an expert. Gerathewohl (1978) made the distinction between performance and proficiency as: Performance is execution of an action of more or less specific function. Proficiency, in contrast, is related to the integration of a multiple actions. 29

You have reproduced performance multiple times consistently in multiple real-life situations.

Reproducibility According to Dreyfus & Dreyfus (1986, 2008) model, at ‘proficient’ level individual exhibit a consistent superior performance characterized by reliability, repeatability, reproducibility and consistency of his skills regardless of the situation, problem and challenge. 31

Proficient person sees the situations holistically in terms of various elements. As situation changes, his deliberation, plan and assessment may change. With changing situations, he is able to see new patterns which deviate from the normal. Decision making is very quick and fluid because of the experience in similar situation in past. A proficient performer has experience making situational discriminations that enables recognition of problems and best approaches for solving the problems. Consistency and reproducibility in performance distinguishes this phase of proficiency from the previous stages. 32


Just performance is not enough. You need to perform consistently and demonstrate proficiency with high degree of reproducibility in different environments. You must master the ‘environment’ (including the unknown ones as well) to the level that any environment does not create any up-and-down variation on your performance. You will not just be expected but will be ‘required’ to reproduce it consistently to same standards in range of real-life situations. T hat’s when you achieve proficiency.

Stay tuned and come back Stay tuned for remaining 2 parts of this presentation which will make you change the way you think about yourself. Or visit my blog PersonalResonance© and subscribe. 35

Subscribe or follow my blog Personal-Resonance Blog © Art and science of Self-discovery, Personal Expertise and Self-leadership Personal Resonance is a stage in the journey to know yourself, where your demonstrable professional skills, knowledge, attitudes and experience start vibrating at same wavelength as your most fundamental inner drives, passions and dreams. At this point, all elements of your inner- and outer-self reinforce each other to deliver peak personal performance. PersonalResonance © is a research based model to enable professionals with comprehensive selfdiscovery and self-analysis. This model enable them through their personal day-to-day activities rather than some out-of-the-world or go-by-the-book leadership tools. 36

As a job holding professional, Didn't you always want a simple and easy to understand game plan which can enable you to achieve higher performance and better personal effectiveness? And you wanted it by staying what you are and not by completely converting, polishing or camouflaging your real personality into something you are not. Just by being what you are, I will show you how to develop yourself into a leader without ever changing yourself, rather by knowing yourself. Basic premise is that you don't need to change and you can achieve everything the way you are. This blogs brings you a rare method of combining art and science to true self-discovery which sticks forever. Not any tips or guidelines but proven research based techniques and practices which you can even use to train others and get same results. Follow me to get simple yet uncharted secrets, methods, techniques and tools to bring best out of you and achieve greater personal effectiveness and unimaginable professional performance you always wanted. Why Personal-Resonance©? 37

Raman K. Attri Raman is a transformation management consultant and hi-tech learning specialist. Paralyzed with polio in childhood which limited his mobility, he set to challenge the limitations and over-exert speed of his learning and exploiting his potential to the maximum. In spite of obvious challenges in personal and professional life, he used his will power to take risks and ventured into professions and activities normally reserved for physically fit people. Learning the lesson from life hard way, he has the mission to help people develop their personal and professional mastery without having to change their fundamental personality. His strong believe in unlimited human potential lead him to conduct research for many years for develop Personal Resonance model, a unique selfdiscovery and performance enhancement model to help people step-by-step discover their best potential and resonate it in personal and professional world. E-mail: | Twitter: | LinkedIn: | Publications: Http:// | SlideShare: | Google +: Being a training specialist, he focusses on providing "how-to" methods, techniques to attain skills, rather than providing philosophical tips. Combining it with his unconventional learning and training models, his advisory services are targeted to equip organizations and individuals to increase personal effectiveness, develop self-leadership, achieve peak professional performance and reduce time-to-proficiency of their employees. Site: Https:// | StumbleUpon: | Tumblr: | Pin: Raman holds Professional Doctorate in Corporate Training, MBA in Operations Management and Executive MBA in Customer Relationship Management. He is pursuing another Doctorate in developing expertise faster through training strategies. 38


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