Performance reviews for November 2013

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Information about Performance reviews for November 2013

Published on November 19, 2013

Author: TimHolden



Webinar delivered to subscribers in November 2013

Effective performance reviews in the Canadian by Toronto Training and HR Inc. November 2013

CONTENTS 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19-20 21-22 23-24 25-26 27-28 29-30 About the speaker Definitions All about performance reviews Words speak loudly just like actions The interview Poor performance Making performance reviews work Conducting performance reviews Moving away from paper-based reviews Rating and ranking systems Issues around professional ethos Designing a performance review system Problems with performance reviews Conclusion and questions Page 2

About the speaker Page 3

About the speaker Timothy Holden heads the specialist training and human resources consultancy Toronto Training and HR 10 years in banking 10 years in training and human resources Freelance practitioner since 2006 The core services provided by Toronto Training and HR are: Training event design Training event delivery Reducing costs, saving time plus improving employee engagement and morale Services for job seekers Page 4

Definitions Page 5

Definitions     Performance review Performance appraisal Performance management 360 degree feedback Page 6

All about performance reviews Page 7

All about performance reviews         Types of performance review Purpose of performance reviews Objectives of performance reviews Uses of performance reviews What can they achieve? Benefits of performance reviews Key elements of performance reviews Common themes of performance reviews Page 8

Words speak loudly just like actions Page 9

Words speak loudly just like actions     Questions for the appraiser Questions for the appraisee Phrases to use Watch the language used Page 10

The interview Page 11

The interview        Preparation Good interviews Bad interviews Listening Feedback Negative feedback After the meeting Page 12

Poor performance Page 13

Poor performance  Specific objectives and descriptions of the improvements needed  Specific steps to achieve the desired improvements  Specific methods for measuring performance and assessing improvement  Collaborate; don’t assassinate Page 14

Making performance reviews work Page 15

Making performance reviews work           Pre-conditions Validity Involvement Training Acceptable standards and targets Linked to other systems Input into performance reviews Sources of information Employee feedback An hour each quarter Page 16

Conducting performance reviews Page 17

Conducting performance reviews         Different approaches Gathering information Make it a conversation Hear what is being said Reward the positives Help fix the negatives Set SMART objectives Getting the most out of the situation Page 18

Moving away from paperbased reviews Page 19

Moving away from paper-based reviews     Start eReviews Siloed performance reviews Full circle performance reviews Page 20

Rating and ranking systems Page 21

Rating and ranking systems  Advantages and disadvantages  Practical problems  Numbers and ratings Page 22

Issues around professional ethos Page 23

Issues around professional ethos  Professional ethos typified by…  Characteristics emphasized by performance reviews Page 24

Designing a performance review system Page 25

Designing a performance review system  Gaining support for the system  Choosing an appropriate rating instrument  Selecting raters  Determining timing  Ensuring fairness  Decisions to make Page 26

Problems with performance reviews Page 27

Problems with performance reviews          Unclear standards Halo effect Central tendency Leniency or strictness Bias Horns effect Recency error First impression Fixed impression Page 28

Conclusion and questions Page 29

Conclusion and questions Summary Case studies Questions Page 30

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