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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: TyrantMon


Kaora Makes a Friend Written and Illustrated by Monnie Perez

Kaora was a happy child she liked to read a lot!

But most the other children found that she was strange Her jumping and her pouncing , her art and music streak

Left her all alone, with her books and canvas sets.

So when she had to go to school she bellowed and complained That all the other students would laugh and call her names

Her Mother told her not to cry, and that school was really fun! That Kaora shouldn't worry, after all it is a big step. From pre-school to kindergarten, Kaora would surely make new friends.

Her mother was right, as usual, As no sooner than the front gate would Kaora met her friend A quite little thing, this girl had glasses and her nose in a book sitting inside the gate.

Kaora said hello, and asked about the book, Her new friend only nodded a smile upon her face, she too had been lonely till Kaora came along. As she enjoyed her reading and not gossiping in the sun. The two fast became inseparable each and every day, they would hang out to read and play.

Till each of them was grown up, they stayed as thick as thieves not leaving the others side, as they still love to read.

Name Example Questions: 1. Answer the following questions in full sentences. a) What Happened in the story? b) What were some of Kaora’s things she liked to do? c) Why do you think the Kaora’s was alone before school? d) Do you think the Kaora’s mother was right about school, and why? e) What is an important to remember when making friends? 2. Draw something you like to do with your friends. 3. Explain what is happening in the picture.

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