Percutaneously inserted central cather line

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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: kbahaaeldin



Short presentation on percutaneously inserted central catheter
PICC in premature babies (preemies) and neonates.

Khaled Bahaaeldin Professor of Pediatric surgery KasrAlAiny school of medicine, Cairo University 3/17/2014

When resources become skimpy, human beings don't suddenly cooperate to conserve what's left. They fight to the last scrap for possession of a diminishing resource. Deepak Chopra K.H. Bahaaeldin3/17/2014 2

Peripheral Vs Central Peripheral Central  Basic skill level  Initially more available  Short life span  Low mixing blood volume  Low potential for grave complications  Sepsis is function of number & time  Skilled procedure  Limited routes  Potentially indefinite use  High mixing blood volume  Relatively graver/life risking complications  Sepsis is function of time K.H. Bahaaeldin3/17/2014 3

PICC line It possibly offers the best of both worlds. However there is always a price to pay for any compromise!  Basic skill level Peripheral Vein cannulation.  Central placement At the Junction of either the Superior or Inferior Venae Cava with the right atrium.  Potentially indefinite placement  Lower Risk and Gravity of complications. Remember it’s still a central venous access!  Cost!  Restriction on infusate (only for small Preemie caliber 1Fr)  More care demanding than both!  Place it before it’s too late! K.H. Bahaaeldin3/17/2014 4

I had four wise friends They taught me all I knew Their names were: when, how, where and who K.H. Bahaaeldin3/17/2014 5

PICC line  Who; any preemie or neonate requiring admission >7 days  Where; theoretically any peripheral vein will end up in superior or inferior vena cava  How; Asepsis, cannulation skill, gently, patiently and confirm tip placement.  When; Make the decision early!  Available peripheral veins.  Every puncture = potential sepsis  Spare peripheral veins K.H. Bahaaeldin3/17/2014 6

K.H. Bahaaeldin3/17/2014 7

K.H. Bahaaeldin3/17/2014 8

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Thank you for your time K.H. Bahaaeldin3/17/2014 10

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