Perceptions of Information Literacy: More Student Comments

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Information about Perceptions of Information Literacy: More Student Comments

Published on July 9, 2009

Author: mjdelia



Here are 10 anonymous comments from students about the MCS*2020 course and assignments. We had audience members read these comments during our presentation at WILU 2007 (York University.

For more comments see this presentation:

Anonymous student comments from MCS*2020: Information Management Winter 2007 semester

“One day when MJ sourced something incorrectly and I went to look for the article I was like I can’t find the article, what’s going on? I was so frustrated and then he was like, yeah, my mistake and I was like that’s why it’s so important to reference because when someone wants to find your article and they can’t find it, you go crazy. It’s like where is it? It’s supposed to be here. Am I crazy? What’s going on here? And if you can’t find the article, well then how legitimate is this?”

“I liked all the different things he brought into the course, like he would bring in newspaper articles and then he’d do searches on the database and the mapping. It was just expanding how many different areas you can get information from.”

“They have to show passion and trust and enthusiasm in what they’re talking about. Because a professor gets up there and they’re talking monotone about something that they went to school for 8 years for, I’m not going to believe you.”

“I’m not a master or anything at finding research and I definitely have room for improvement, but I didn’t think I needed a whole semester on how to do that, so it sounded really boring.”

“I’m O.K. with public speaking but I had to pretty much think on my feet and I was so nervous at first but I was surprised at how much I could think logically in my head with minutes to prepare and I didn’t even have a problem with the question-answer period. I felt like if I understood my information beforehand that I could handle it well enough. It makes you feel more confident about yourself.”

“It kind of gave you sense of what businesses do and what problems they encounter and how hard the decisions are. It’s not as easy as it might seem. You might think it seems easy but once you see it from the business perspective it seems a lot more complicated.

“I just appreciate that we’re given the opportunity, but it’s also interesting too cause I found it was a stretch for me to have to do that and I hadn’t had to do that before, so—and it’s funny because my roommate—I always got her to proofread my little one-page responses and she would proofread them and at the beginning they were terrible and towards the end it was just a few grammar things.”

“I find I’m more conscious when I’m sending an email to someone and I’m a little bit more aware of the language that I’m using and just that kind of – and obviously that’s going to be a big part of any job regardless—so for me that has been a huge part.”

“I would go and look and I would start to find links and I would kind of follow it that way which is from curiosity, which is what I did when we did research for our paper for the debate. I would just follow links from what he had given us till I found something that was relevant and interesting.”

“MJ was like, working in the library, this is how you reference, this is what I do every day, this is how you do a presentation, cause this is what I do every day, whereas like a lot of professors are really involved with academics as opposed to the students.”

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