Peptic ulcer (Clinical features, Investigation and Management) -physiology

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Information about Peptic ulcer (Clinical features, Investigation and Management) -physiology

Published on March 13, 2014

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Peptic Ulcer (Physiology)
-clinical features

Maryam Jamilah Binti Abdul Hamid 082013100002 IMS Bangalore

 We should be able to identify clinical features for peptic ulcer  We should be able to know the investigation in peptic ulcer  We should be able to list the management in patient with peptic ulcer.

Duodenal Ulcer  Abdominal pain in the epigastric region  Pain worsens when stomach is empty (usually 2-5 hours after a meal)  11PM-2AM greatest acid secretion  Feels better after eating/drinking but worsens 1 or 2 hours later  Vomiting is rare unless pyloric stenosis is present

Gastric Ulcer Pain after eating Appetite changes (decrease) Weight loss Vomiting (after having a meal)

 NON-INVASIVE -serology -13C-urea breath tests -faecal antigen test  INVASIVE -histology (biopsy) -rapid urease tests -microbiological culture

1. Examination of blood 2. Examination of stool 3. Gastric function tests 4. Radiological Investigation 5. Endoscopy (diagnostic accuracy >95%)

Changing of lifestyle  Quit smoking  Hurry, worry, curry  Eat slowly  Take meditation programme or any programme to release stress  Don’t eat too much of spicy food  Quit eating smoked food

Drugs/blocker for peptic ulcer 1. Antacids 2. H2- receptor blocking drugs 3. M3-muscarinic receptors blocking drugs 4. Proglumide 5. Omeprazole

6. Sucralphate (basic aluminium salt of sucrose octasulphate) 7. Antibiotic 8. Vagotomy

 Perforated peptic ulcer  Gastrointestinal bleeding  Coffee ground vomiting  Gastric Outlet Obstruction


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