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Published on January 8, 2014

Author: EmtecInc


PeopleSoft Upgrades Best Practices Tom Reznicek and Patrick Savage

APRIL 7-11, 2014 Sands Expo and Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada COLLABORATE 14- Quest Forum is THE source for PeopleSoft roadmaps & news. It matters where you register! All PeopleSoft education and events run through Quest

Agenda • • • • Introduction of Speakers and Emtec Project Success Project Shortcomings and Solutions Open Discussion

Emtec… ‘Big enough to do the work, small enough to care’ EMTEC THE COMPANY EMTEC SERVICES AT A GLANCE • Emtec has completed more than 1,100 Package Application engagements, including: • Serving clients for over 46 years • 14 locations, including 8 development centers - • Over 1,000 full-time professionals • Voted One of the Top 100 Places to Work by Cranes Chicago in 2012 • Our consultants have an average of 14 years of experience. Nearly 45% have advanced certifications 200+ Oracle clients with more than 415 engagements - 206 EPM / Hyperion & OBIEE clients and 323 engagements - 186 Microsoft Dynamics and more than 255 projects • Emtec is a premier provider of SaaS and Emerging technologies consulting, including 51 Salesforce Clients with more than 75 engagements, Including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Custom Cloud • Emtec has performed more than 6.3M hours of application development and maintenance work ranging from Business Analysis to Product Development • Emtec has served more than 565 Infrastructure services clients where we have: 4

Upgrade Projects • • • • • Distribution Company Professional Services Professional Association Financial Exchange Financial Services Company

Project Successes

On Time Within Budget • Kept a detailed project plan so people knew what was expected of them and when • Had regularly scheduled meetings to review plan, risks, and resolve issues • Kept upper management involved in project

Final Move to Production on Time • • • • Developed detailed task list for go-live weekend Leveraged PeopleSoft Change Assistant Had specific call-in times for progress reporting Used production like hardware on the final test move to production to get accurate timing for the real move to production

Latest User Data Security Migration • Developed method to migrate permission lists and roles separate from user data • Created diagrams and client deliverable to explain security migration plan

Trained Two Client Resources • Resources had PeopleSoft Upgrade experience but did not execute test scripts • Allowed upgrade weekend tasks to be split between 3 people • Documented manual steps • Documented common issues and resolutions

Reduced Data Conversion Time (72 hours to 42 minutes) • Identified slow processes by running Application Engine tracing and data conversion steps report • Tech leads tuned slow processes • Multiple test moves to production

Move to Production Completed On-Time • Used job properties in Change Assistant to record time, file name, and issues • Let Change Assistant accept errors (i.e. duplicate keys) and clean after scripts run • Created go-live spreadsheet with pre and post steps • Bypassed some backups saving hours

Knowledgeable Team • Technically strong and larger than previous upgrade teams • Two Emtec resources to go to with concerns • Knowledgeable Emtec PeopleSoft Upgrade Specialist • Cyber Source configured without additional Cyber Source specific consultants

Prepared Microsoft SQL Server • • • • Turned off database logging before scripts started Monitored database file size Added memory to database server Set maximum memory usage on database to allow for other processes on server

Updated/Validated User Guides • Guides consolidated multiple documents into one document per business area • Created process flow diagrams for requisition and PO entry • New testing documents for requisition and voucher approval, GL reports, and other processes • Created technical check printer setup document

Minor Post Go-Live Issues • Extensive testing: – Leveraged existing test scripts by updating menu navigation and business process changes for version 9.1 – Last round of testing done on production hardware – End users involved in system and user acceptance testing – Testing “Cheat Sheets” were created for users

Went Live On-Time & Within Budget • Managed issues with Excel worksheet, included owner and resolution • Assigned close action, which identified resolutions required for production and how to apply to production

Functional Ch. 2 & 6 Steps Completed Quickly • Functional users completed Ch. 2 tasks to reduce the number of transactions processed • Wrote SQL statements to perform validation checks before conversion • Identified Ch. 2 & 6 steps that had to be performed for A in test moves to production

Project Shortcomings and Solutions

Test Scripts Not as Usable as Thought • Review test plans and scripts upfront in project • Existing data and business processes that were not fully documented • Review any work already done

Canadian Payroll Customization Removed and Later Re-Added • Verify removal of customizations with the business

Differing Data Conversion Hours • Ensure final test move has as much in common with eventual go-live as possible • Should have ensured three data conversion processes were able to run error-free prior to golive to accurately gauge run time

Applied Large Maintenance Pack Taking Longer in Production • Keep more careful track of how much time it takes to apply large Maintenance Pack post-upgrade so more accurate estimate could be made

Initial Upgrade Pass Overlaid Delivered V9.1 Objects with V8.9 • Confirm initial upgrade pass is correct • Confirm filter that removed non-customizations is run • Confirm compare report is configured properly

Go-Live Move to Production Fell Behind in Day 2 • Escalate issues faster when processes run behind schedule • Document how performance issues will be investigated and have required tools ready • Do not apply new patches after last move to production • All hand-offs should be done by phone call and e-mail

Identified PM Areas for Improvement • Keep checklist from RFP to make sure everything taken care of • Some deadlines missed by project phase • Assign 1-2 people to check with everyone regarding environment restarts and refreshes

Longer Testing Than Estimated • Test check printing earlier for MICR and signature fonts • Test nVision reports earlier in process • Have Hyperion environment refreshed and ready for PeopleSoft testing • Test credit card transactions through to Cyborg • After initial install, test system while consultants on-site • Test on same operating system (64 bit) as production

Open Billing and Payable Transactions in Database from 2001 • Identify open transactions early in upgrade process and clean up transactions before go-live • Run Ch. 2 tasks to identify open transactions to clean up

Environments Required and Migration Path Not Communicated • Define environments and naming at the start • Define migration path and how environments will be validated and kept up to date • Do not build test environment too early in upgrade • Define how performance issues will be debugged and have proper tools installed on database

Wrong Initial Move to Production • Confirm the “Initial Alter Audit” is complete before starting to use an environment

Application Engine Jobs Run Manually Instead of Running Change Assistant • Install PeopleSoft Change Assistant on Windows Admin Server • Workstation version does not allow for automatic processing of application engine jobs

Security Migrated Twice and Custom Objects Built Twice • Apply the security after migration of custom code • Build database objects after migration of custom code

Knowledge Transfer Not Completed between 1st Team and Current Emtec Team • Document what was completed by first team and what will need to be completed by second team

Managing Competing Projects • Fully understand scope prior to engagement • Assign dedicated resources that are not part of upgrade • Need detailed testing plan and approach that would provide fully configured environment prior to testing • SWAT teams worked well when engaged • New Linux Security took several weeks to implement • Server storage issues but no determination of root cause • Needed better escalation points for Tech Ops • Architecture diagram needed more detail

Thank you for listening. Questions?

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