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Information about PeopleSoft

Published on August 27, 2010

Author: gokulstrikes


PeopleSoft ERP : Gokul Chandar MBA CORE I PeopleSoft ERP PeopleSoft, Inc. : PeopleSoft, Inc. David Duffield & Ken Morris started in 1987. Headquartered at Walnut Creek and moved to Pleasanton in California. Products initially based on client-server architecture. Guess What? : Guess What? Product Design : Product Design The Software suite moved to a web-centric design called Pure Internet Architecture (PIA). The new format allowed all of a company's business functions to be accessed and run on a web browser. There is no need for additional plugins, or JVMs such as the Jinitiator required for older Oracle Applications. Development Platform : Development Platform The architecture is built around PeopleSoft’s proprietary PeopleTools technology. A scripting language called PeopleCode, design tools to define various types of metadata, standard security structure, and batch processing tools. Can run in different database platforms & operating systems. ERP Competitors : ERP Competitors What they did? : HRMS CRM Manufacturing Financials EPM SASS What they did? PS in Use : PS in Use 9 of top 10 commercial banks are PS customers 59% of top 100 of fortune 500 companies own PS Retail - the 5 biggest use PS 6 of top 10 communications companies use PeopleSoft 60% of the top 15 insurance companies use PeopleSoft 70% of top 10 health care organizations use PeopleSoft 19 US States use PeopleSoft 50 of largest US Counties and Cities use PeopleSoft 7 of top 10 Research universities use PeopleSoft 8 of top 10 printing and publishing companies use PeopleSoft Development & Implementation : Development & Implementation In 1997, Cleveland State University licensed PeopleSoft's software for tracking student records. A $20 million donation to Cornell's nanotechnology research building in 1997 which became named Duffield Hall. The deployment of PeopleSoft payroll and Oracle accounting King County, Washington systems more than doubled in its projected cost. There are reports of problems with the implementation as of 2008. PS <-> J.D. Edwards : PS <-> J.D. Edwards In 2003, PeopleSoft performed a friendly merger with smaller rival J.D. Edwards. They are differentiated by the Configurable Network Architecture or CNC Architecture. This architecture is designed to shield applications from both the operating system and the database backend as long as some flavor of the SQL language is used. J.D. Edwards : J.D. Edwards IBM's DB2/UDB, Microsoft's SQL 2005 and Oracle databases are supported. J.D. Edwards also continues to support thousands of customers on AS/400s running its original J.D. Edwards World or WorldSoftware" product. Host of operating systems including Linux, Microsoft Windows and IBM's AS/400. Unique Brand : Unique Brand Brand Power : Brand Power There are some areas where PS is still in use as because of their Brand. United States Department of Defense Wm Morrison Supermarkets Bank of America Navy Federal Credit Union CheckFree Web PS’s Logo : PS’s Logo Oracle likes to Acquire(2003) : Oracle likes to Acquire(2003) Oracle took PeopleSoft(2004) : Oracle took PeopleSoft(2004) No more PS but it is ORACLE(2005) : No more PS but it is ORACLE(2005) ORACLE support for PS Customers : ORACLE support for PS Customers ORACLE honors PS & JD E : ORACLE honors PS & JD E Oracle has announced that a new product Fusion is to be released in the near future. Oracle says Fusion will take the best aspects of the PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Oracle Applications and merge them into a new product suite. Slide 20: Thank You Listeners. Slide 21: Any Queries?

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