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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: AscotEdu


Slide1:  Glen Sturtevant Director for Science & Technology 11 May 2007 Small Business Innovation Research Annual Program Review PROGRAM EXECUTIVE OFFICE FOR SHIPS Glen Sturtevant Director for Science and Technology 11 July 2007 OUTLINE:  OUTLINE PEO Ships SBIR Program Lessons for Successful SBIR Transitions PEO - NAVSEA ALIGNMENT:  PEO - NAVSEA ALIGNMENT VICE CDR/DEP CDR FLEET MAINT & MOD SEA 09 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SEA 00B SHIPS INTEGRATED WARFARE SYSTEMS LITTORAL & MINE WARFARE AIRCRAFT CARRIERS SUBMARINES COMMANDER NAVAL SEA SYSTEMS COMMAND SEA 00 NUCLEAR PROPULSION SEA 08 COMSPAWAR SYSCOM (ADDU for C4I) COMNAVSUP SYSCOM (ADDU for LOG SPT) NAVAL INNOVATION LABORATORY DIRECTOR SURFACE WARFARE DIRECTORATE SEA 21 Program Executive Offices Slide4:  MPFF Concept Refinement Technology Development System Development & Demonstration Production & Deployment Operations & Support JHSV LCS DDG 1000 LPD 17 CG 47 JHSS JMAC LCAC 1 A B C MILESTONES Pre-AoA CGX DDGX LSDX AMPHIBS MINE WARFARE SHIPS COMMAND SHIPS FFG 7 LHDX DDG 51 JCCX Ships Slide5:  DEMONSTRATION INSERTION ACQUISITION OSD - DARPA OPNAV & SECNAV ONR - NRL ACADEMIA NATIONAL LABS OTHER PEOs & SYSCOMs OTHER FEDERAL AGENCIES WARFARE CENTERS OTHER SERVICES INDUSTRY PROGRAM OFFICE NEEDS PROTOTYPE IDENTIFICATION Technology Transition Roadmap S&T DIRECTORATE Program Offices Needs:  Program Offices Needs Alternate Hull Forms & Propulsion Ship Signature Reduction Energy Management Lightweight Materials Hazmat Substitutes Hull & Tank Preservation Real Time Ship Design Optimization Modeling & Simulation Open Architecture Enablers Sea Base Enablers Distance Support Enablers Manning Reduction Enablers Modular Systems Affordable Shipbuilding - Ship Repair Production Processes PEO SHIPS SBIR Program Objectives:  PEO SHIPS SBIR Program Objectives Deliver Technology Solutions for Ship Program Office Identified Needs Maximize Cross-Program Application to Provide Strong ROI to the PEO Promote Innovation Create Business Opportunities for our Nation’s Small Businesses Slide8:  Investment Focus Areas Slide9:  PEO Ships FOCUS AREA TOPIC 1 TOPIC 2 COMPANY B STUDY COMPANY B PROTOTYPE PHASE 1 $70-100K each Competitive Award 6-9 Months PHASE 2 $300-800K Sole Source Award 12-30 Months PHASE 3 Non-SBIR Funds Sole Source Award SBIR Business Model COMPANY B PRODUCT Programs of Record Industry Congressional Adds 3 Topic Calls/Year Lessons for Successful SBIR Transitions:  Develop a Transition Plan with Sound Business Case for Continued Investment Understand Navy’s Needs Work with Your Customers Understand Their Perspective Earn Their Trust Build Relationships Transition Is A Process Not An Event Transition Requires Sustained Effort Lessons for Successful SBIR Transitions Slide11:  It’s All About Relationships Navy Program Offices Small Businesses Industry Primes Sponsor TPOC Small Business Manager Slide12:  Top Ten States 1 3 8 10 5 6 9 4 7 2 Slide13:  Elizabeth Madden (703) 588-2449 Peter Connor (202) 548-8921 SBIR PROGRAM CONTACTS

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