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Published on March 22, 2008

Author: Peachebooks


Slide2:  Title: People at Work By C Bohannon-Brown PEN # 2930 Published by Peach e~Books Georgia All rights reserved. This publication may be reproduced by educators, parents, and students for educational purposes only. Commercial duplication is prohibited. © Peach e~Books March 22, 2008 Slide4:  Our communities are supported or helped by different people performing different jobs. Slide5:  People in communities need food. Farmers grow food or raise animals for people to eat. Slide6:  People in communities need medical help, when they are sick. Doctors help people to feel better. Slide7:  People in communities want baked goods. Bakers make cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats for people to enjoy. Slide8:  People in communities need everyone to follow the laws. Slide9:  Police officers make sure that all rules are obeyed for the safety of all citizens. Slide10:  People in communities need help, when fires start. Firefighters help to extinguish or put out fires and save many lives. Slide11:  People in communities need soldiers. Soldiers protect the American people and our belief in freedom. Slide12:  People in communities need mail carriers. Mail carriers deliver letters, magazines, and packages to homes all over our country. Slide13:  People in communities need teachers. Teachers help to educate children, so that they can become tomorrow’s leaders. Slide14:  Our communities are supported by people who perform different yet important jobs. Slide15:  Online Resources Thank you to the following on-line resources: Lafayette (Indiana) Police Department Dodge County (Georgia) Firemen Medical Doctors Baker Farmers’ Pictures Slide16:  Online Resources Thank you to the following on-line resources: American Soldier picture Navy Ensign Construction Worker Teachers

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