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Published on November 16, 2009

Author: adnanmalik


Anatomy of the Pelvic Limb of Bovines : Anatomy of the Pelvic Limb of Bovines Muhammad Adnan Ashraf Abrar Hussain Bones of the Pelvic Limb : Bones of the Pelvic Limb Femur The largest, most massive and cylindrical bone. Proximal extremity has head, neck and greater trochanter. Distal extremity has trochlea and condyles. Patella A large sesamoid bone which articulates with femur Tibia A long bone with prismatic shaft with three borders Slide 3: Tarsus Six short bones. Tibial tarsal, fibular tarsal, first tarsal, second & third tarsal and central & 4th tarsal Metatarsus Metatarsus is four sided bone which is made up of the fusion of second and third & fourth metatarsals. Phalanges In each digit, 1st, 2nd and 3rd phalanx Sesamoids Other Sesamoids are present between metatarsal & first phalanx and second & third phalanx. Joints of the Pelvic limb : Joints of the Pelvic limb Hip joint is formed by proximal end of femur and acetabulum Stifle joint is formed by the femoro-patellar and femoro-tibial joints Hock joint is formed by tibio-tarsal articulation, intertarsal articulation and tarso-metatarsal articulation. Fetlock joint is formed by distal end of large metacarpal bone and proximal end of first phalanx. Pastern joint is present between first phalanx and second phalanx Coffin joint is the joint present between second and third phalanx Muscles of the Pelvic Limb : Muscles of the Pelvic Limb Lateral muscles of Hip and Thigh Tensor fascia latae It is large fleshy muscle which flex the hip joint. Middle gluteal It is extended up to 4 lumbar vertebrae. It extends the hip joint. Deep gluteal It is a fan shaped muscle lies directly over the hip joint. It abduct the thigh and rotate it medially. Biceps femoris It is an extensive muscle situated on the lateral aspect of hip and thigh. It extends the stifle , hip and hock joints. Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus Both are long, fleshy and fusiform muscles. These extend the hip joint and adduct the limb. Slide 7: Antereior muscles of thigh Quadriceps femoris It is a large muscle composed of four divisions. These are Rectus femoris, Vastus lateralis, Vastus medialis and Vastus intermedialis. All muscles extend the stifle joint. Medial muscles of Thigh Sartorius It is a strap like muscle with two strips. Gracilis and Pectineus These are large fleshy triangular muscles. These adduct the limb. Adductor It is a thick fleshy muscle which adducts the limb. Slide 9: Dorso-lateral m. of Leg and Foot Long digital extensor Lateral digital extensor Medial digital extensor All these muscles extend the digits. Cranial tibial Peroneus tertius Peroneus longus These flex the hock joint Plantar group Gastrocnemius and Soleus These extend hock joint Superficial and Deep digital flexors These flex the digits Nerves of the Pelvic Limb : Nerves of the Pelvic Limb Femoral nerve It is the strongest nerve of this plexus. It is continuation of fifth lumbar nerve. It innervates the quadriceps femoris. Saphenous nerve It appears along the caudal border of the sartorius, along medial aspect of thigh. Ischiatic nerve It gives muscular branches to Biceps femoris, Semimembranosus and semitendinosus. It divides into peroneal and tibial nerves. Peroneal nerve It is present between the two heads of Gastrocnemius. It divides into superficial and deep branches. Superficial peroneal nerve It descends between peroneus tertius and peroneus longus. Slide 12: Deep peroneal nerve It descends along long digital extensor. Tibial nerve It continues between the two heads of Gastrocnemius. It gives muscular branches to Popliteus, Soleus, Deep digital flexor and lateral heads of Gastrocnemius. Medial plantar nerve It is the medial branch of the Tibial nerve which divides at the back of hock joint. It continues with medial plantar digital nerve. Lateral plantar nerve It is the lateral branch of the Tibial nerve which divides at the back of hock joint. It continues with lateral plantar digital nerve. Slide 14: Dorsal digital nerves These are formed by the division of Superficial peroneal nerve when it passes down on the front of tarsus and metatarsus. Plantar digital nerves These are formed by the union of terminal branches of superfical and deep peroneal nerves. THANKS : THANKS References : References Books: Sisson, S. “The Anatomy of the Domestic Animals”, 4th Edition. Budras, K. D. “Bovine Anatomy”, 1st Edition

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