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Published on January 28, 2009

Author: arturopelayo



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Arturo Pelayo T +1 (847) 890-9180! ! arturopelayo ! ! !! ! ! global media alchemist The following is a qualitative skill chart that encompasses a current self-assessment of “soft skills”. Some highlights that should be considered include living and working in Mexico, Germany and the USA for a combined eight years of life abroad. Finally, exploring the world through The Scholar Ship, an intercultural experience that encompassed living in a cruise ship for 16 weeks with over 250 international students, faculty and staff from 56 nations and over 60 languages. EXPERIENCE INTERCULTURAL/ NETWORKING / WORLD VIEW SENSE OF SELF / ANALYTICS PERSONAL CAPABILITIES / ACTIVISM & ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMMUNICATION SKILLS STRATEGIC THINKING I can leverage their diversity and I can quickly adapt, reinvent I can quickly immerse myself in I have a greater ability to I embrace with respect, creative ideas as a foundation to an myself, cope in vastly different foreign cultures and lifestyles empathize, observe and discern latitude and growing curiosity living with people increased capability to get past settings and establishing while rapidly translating this strengths and weaknesses of new ideas and perspectives. the perceived differences and profound relationships. capacity in strong & respectful people and the work we do. rapidly spearhead with collaboration. multicultural leadership & innovation. I have developed and expanded I am strong at building alignment I can suspend my own previous I have improved my ability to I am ready to take on roles and culturally appropriate language and consensus. mental models of people. I communicate with people in a tasks to which I am working with people and measures in working embrace them, get to know third and fourth language. I have unaccustomed. I am more relationships. them and form judgement until a better understanding of the confident and assertive when after. variety and peculiarities of a facing new situations. version of quot;World Englishquot;. I have the ability to see I have increased my I am more balanced in my I think more critically: I am more I can lead more projects with situations and issues from more perseverance and self-discipline. judgments (i.e., less likely to discriminating of processes and grace under pressure through maturing with people than one perspective. judge things as “good” or “bad,” less worried of cultural multicultural diversity, “right” or “wrong”). challenges. responsibility and independent thought. I have learned to improve I am more determined to I have a deeper understanding I value human diversity and I am more deeply committed to interpersonal communication develop fully my skills and of the common problems and respect others from a variety of an idea, cause, or goal. communicating with people through increased abilities in talents, especially those recently issues that confront all human backgrounds different from my listening well, speaking clearly, gained through overseas living. beings on this planet. own. and paying attention to nonverbal cues.

Arturo Pelayo T +1 (847) 890-9180! ! arturopelayo ! ! !! ! ! global media alchemist The following is a quantitative skill chart that encompasses a current self-assessment of “soft skills” & proven outcomes. Some highlights that should be considered include living, traveling and working in the European, Asia-Pacific and America regions for a combined eight years of life abroad establishing working relationships with people from over 80 nations and over 73 languages. PLACE GLOBAL IMPACT ACTIVISM PROVEN OUTCOMES STRATEGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Social Networking Community - Onboard programming - Expanded Instructional Design - Led the creation of an onboard - Developed NautiCast, a Higher Manager, facebook group of organizer on inaugural voyage. studies to encompass a global knowledge base for student Education podcast series TSS perspective through true organizations through a wiki recorded on the ship and - >Lead provider on Oxfam experiential learning. and a discussion board which syndicated through iTunes U - > Led the networking effort of Hunger Banquet simulation. were sourced through the for the Office for Partnerships, over 500 participants from the - Developed a report on “The voyage participants using open Professional Development and - > Lead conduit of support for inaugural voyages of TSS. Challenges for Instructional source tools such as Moodle Technology at the College of podcasting through “Visionary Design of Shipboard (LMS) and Zimbra. Education and Human - > Over 12 student Produktions”, a student Instruction”, to be published in Services (COEHS) of Western organizations and assembled conglomerate of August 2008 as a full chapter - Have continued being key Illinois University. programming activities where bloggers, podcasters, on the upcoming Handbook of conduit of support for facts: created in over 6 months in photojournalists, Research on Human facebook and NING - Delivered academic and social 650 online active members. advance of the voyage photographers, videographers. Performance and Instructional communities. Have expanded outreach projects with the Technology. the role of such for United Nations in Ecuador and September 2007: - >Students bought books - >Founding member of Social several projects in Portugal, together, made travel Justice Group - Developed a global network of - > Alumni Outreach, Panama, New Zealand, Inaugural Voyage arrangements together, got to colleagues and close friends Australia and the People's - > Founding member of “The know their roommates early. - > Career Opportunities, 200 program participants Republic of China. Bridge”, The Scholar Ship - Tips and best practices where Alumni Organization. - > Activism 55 countries. - Secured $12,000 in shared. scholarships through the - > Active member of The 60 languages. Institute for International Scholar Ship Alumni Council. Education.

Arturo Pelayo T +1 (847) 890-9180! ! arturopelayo ! ! !! ! ! global media alchemist PLACE GLOBAL IMPACT ACTIVISM PROVEN OUTCOMES STRATEGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Have worked primarily as - Have worked primarily as - Have invested time - Contacted Chris Anderson, official TED Curator and conduit of support and to conduit of support and to streamlining the discussion 12,500+ members strong. have been in contact with spread awareness of the spread awareness of the board postings. Very the organization since 2006. 100+ new members a week. organization. organization. challenging with the - Participated in Pangea Day facebook Community staggering amount of active 2008. Manager for TED members. - Became co-administrator in - Delivered insight to co- - Unprecedented network to - Lead through gaining - Developed relationships with April of 2008. admins on prior experience establish relationships with knowledge of participants leading participants as community manager. new colleagues and industry and steering conversations amongst: Jay Deragon (“The - Group is +350 members leaders. into productive discussions Relationship Economy”). strong. (Created in January with clear outcomes for 2008). participants. Co-administrator of Allan Cox’s “Your Inner CEO” facebook group.

Arturo Pelayo T +1 (847) 890-9180! ! arturopelayo ! ! !! ! ! global media alchemist PLACE GLOBAL IMPACT ACTIVISM PROVEN OUTCOMES STRATEGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Member of lead instructional - Developed background - Initiate phased deployment - Became a platform design team. research in the content through the College of “evangelist” by providing 12,000+ students management system. Education and Human unprecedented support to - Developed training materials Services through key faculty, staff and early for faculty, staff. - Established focus groups. Departments that offered a adopters. microcosmos of the full - Delivered training sessions. - Outlined strategy for Deans - Official Apple Student deployment that included imperative Developer on the team. - Advocate for “best-in-class” stake holder & learner - Initiated turn-key operations Submitted bugs as well as Universal Access (ADA interaction through face to for intrinsic “best practice” system improvement compliance) approach to face meetings as well as Instructional Designer for approach to documentation, queries. global reach through practices, design, leveraging social networking feature requests and iTunes U initiative of Western syndicated service on development and venues. Illinois University phased implementation and iTunesU. implementation. low overhead. - Activist for multicultural - Overwhelming support and - Develop a unique slideshow - Have been featured in local awareness on campus. encouragement that has led that integrates a variety of media agencies as well as 13 presentations to me to continue providing media that supports and modeled for educational classrooms with over 600 - Presented race relations this service on and beyond enhances learning through slideshows on WIU. students to date. slideshow to Law my Alma Matter. discovery, educated Enforcement students, - Awarded President’s Annual discussion as well as future Teachers in Education Excellence in Multicultural activism beyond the and Interdisciplinary Studies. Leadership Student of the classroom. Guest Lecturer year award.

Arturo Pelayo T +1 (847) 890-9180! ! arturopelayo ! ! !! ! ! global media alchemist PLACE GLOBAL IMPACT ACTIVISM PROVEN OUTCOMES STRATEGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Developed and delivered - Worked primarily in Image - Work in a Multi-functional - Led and sustained - Provided hands-on training IEC testing and standard Quality in the R&D Systems “matrix” organization in a relationships with clients, for nuclear safety clinical validation for the Engineering Group for the large R&D environment. outsourcing partners, certification and radioactive release and Symbia product line as well suppliers and medical test material handling for the Systems Engineer at Siemens - Ability to gain quick commercialization of the as c.Cam and e.Cam. sites. Engineering Department. Healthcare - Molecular Imaging expertise in new areas of Multi-modality imaging Group - Maintained organization of knowledge and provide system, Symbia, in the (September 2005 - May 2006) the Symbia Engineering test support to clients. People’s Republic of China. bay ($7M). - Managed Manufacturing - Developed & delivered - Initiated and maintained - Worked closely with - Expedited the sourcing of supplier decisions as well as training guidelines for future external contacts for manufacturing team to materials and provided weekly purchases in excess Material Analysts. material sourcing, testing, enhance safety and quality tangible lead times to Materials Engineering Analyst at on $150,000USD. manufacturing and quality practices as well as internal prevent manufacturing lags assurance. documentation. caused by material delay. Siemens Energy (June -August 2005) - Worked in lead project that - Executed countless - Acted as a conduit of - Delivered reports in forming - Established key became Symbia in 2005. durability, strain and long support for the Materials, proficiency in German. relationships that became term testing for multi- Chemistry and Physics vital at the work developed modality medical imaging group as lead Materials in the Molecular Imaging Materials Engineer at Siemens equipment. Engineer, Group two years later. Healthcare - Computed Tomography Group - Erlangen, Germany (June -August 2003)

Arturo Pelayo T +1 (847) 890-9180! ! arturopelayo ! ! !! ! ! global media alchemist PLACE GLOBAL IMPACT ACTIVISM PROVEN OUTCOMES STRATEGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Inaugural class of 35 - German Language, Science, - Proved ability to quickly - Initiated fundamental - Established long term students, from the newly Technology and Culture immerse in a new culture changes in long term goals friendships and relationships formed relationship between Course. Sponsored by the and quickly learn a new for life and areas of study with industry leaders. Germany & USA by which Deutscher Akademischer language. within Engineering Sciences. Primarily, in Siemens CT, exchange of students would Austauschdienst (DAAD) where 2 years later I had a be fostered and paired with Practicum. culture & technology - exposure. (June -August 2001) - Worked and developed - Cross organizational - As a Distance Learning - I acquired greater - Worked with Security close relationships with all support to database, Assistant, I was involved as organizational skills and an Clearance from the teams from support, to graphics, content and other a Spanish Teaching ability to link and streamline Secretary of the State of graphics, to web groups. Assistant for 460+ High content by working as a Illinois. development, to content School students across the Database Developer in - As Production Assistant, I developers as well as continental United States August 2000. eLearning Solutions management and executive was a conduit of Support for through Satellite uplink Assistant, media collection of distance provided through DirecTV management. learning Master’s Degree in and StarNET. Instructional Design Covering US territories and (2000 - 2005) Samoa.

Arturo Pelayo T +1 (847) 890-9180! ! arturopelayo ! ! !! ! ! global media alchemist PLACE GLOBAL IMPACT ACTIVISM PROVEN OUTCOMES STRATEGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP - delivered training to over - Immediate availability as - Ability to quickly grasp and - Gained practical expertise in - Revamped slideshow, 100 students, faculty and trainer with minimal time transfer knowledge to a providing leadership, media handbook as well as staff of WIU. investments to fully deploy, variety of learners in non- awareness and remediation imagery to streamline the deliver knowledge and homogeneous audiences. strategies for Safe Space printed materials for both enhance such through creation and endurance. trainers and trainees. participant feedback. Trainer (2005) - Delivered assistance to over - Provided substitute teaching - Established key - Delivered training and - Assisted in the development 500 students per academic assistance when needed relationships with faculty immediate remediation to of new laboratories by year concentrated in groups and proctored and staff and assisted them learners in classroom providing feedback on areas of 50 users at a time for 5 examinations. in the classroom with direct setting. of interaction design, space Computer Science years. learner intervention. design, layout as well as - Designed guidelines for peer platforms and maintenance Department Laboratory Assistants as tools. Laboratory Assistant well as regulations in Spyware and Malware. (2000 - 2005)

Arturo Pelayo T +1 (847) 890-9180! ! arturopelayo ! ! !! ! ! global media alchemist PLACE GLOBAL IMPACT ACTIVISM PROVEN OUTCOMES STRATEGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Secured over $35,000 in - Went from a “silo” - Represented all international - Founding member of the - Lead planner for new funding trough the organization to a horizontal students, faculty and staff in Student Life Implementation International Bazaar, the creation of three new organization. the Quality of Life Team of the new WIU largest annual multicultural Graduate Assistantships, Committee of the top Strategic Plan. event in West Central Illinois - Approved a new Western Illinois University leadership of WIU. with over 5,000 attendees in - Lobbied & Secured the Constitution and bylaws. - Incorporated largest student a span of 2 days. 600 members, 45 nationalities purchase of a - Secured institutional organization into the $500,000USD 16-bedroom - Developed activities that commitment by appointing Student Services Division - Consolidated Image (President, 2003-2004) emphasized on cultural International House to the an permanent administrative (transitioned from Academic Strategy both in print and awareness, student Board of Trustees. advisor to the organization. Services) electronic forms. Developed engagement and civic Image Handbook. responsibility. - Developed the largest media - Secured participation in key - Consolidated Media Group - In charge of Media & - Initiated Creative Commons showcase and marketing conferences and venues for and created the official Publicity group. group. (Vice President 2002-2003) effort with a budget of just webmaster/ community the executive team. - Created a Portfolio of assets $200USD manager position. - Began the consolidation of - Acted as Webmaster, - Streamlined and organized - Initiated the creation of an - Developed and delivered the electronic and printed implemented usability first digital archive of archive of the organization media banners sourced (Public Relations, 2002) assets of the Public guidelines. organization’s assets, knowledge base. from the members and Relations office. history, guidelines and placed across campus to practices. gain awareness of the organization. Guerrilla style.

Arturo Pelayo T +1 (847) 890-9180! ! arturopelayo ! ! !! ! ! global media alchemist Reference links: TED facebook group: Your Inner CEO facebook group: Your Inner CEO NING community: NautiCast Podcasting Series (iTunes 7): Center for the Application of Information Technologies (CAIT):

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