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Published on February 17, 2020

Author: aikonjhon


slide 1: Pegasystems PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Pega Certified Senior System Architect PCSSA 80V1 slide 2: Dumpspedia PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Exam Braindumps slide 3: Are you struggling through the Certified Senior System Architect Certification Exam Preparation and wish there was an easy way to get through Your prayers have been heard Dumpspedia comes with exciting new ways to learn Pega Certified Senior System Architect PCSSA 80V1 terms and concepts through Pegasystems Practice Tests. You can now rest assured for you have a guaranteed source of success in your pocket PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Practice Exam Dumps. PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Practice Test Questions are all that you need to pass your exam with single try. Dumpspedia PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Exam Braindumps slide 4: You dont have to take any worry about your PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Dumps Questions. We will give you some demo questions and replies of PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Test Dumps here. Dumpspedia PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Exam Braindumps slide 5: An agent in your system is running on three nodes. You have been asked to update the agents schedule interval. How would you make your update A. In SMA select a node then select the agent and finally update the interval. B. For each node copy the agent schedule instance and modify the interval. C. Open the agents rule and update the interval. D. Open the agent schedule for each node the agent is running on and update the interval. Answer: D Question NO 1 slide 6: Management reports that have an unacceptably large number of cases are incorrectly identified as duplicate cases. Which two approaches could you use to modify the duplicate case search process so that it produces fewer invalid duplicates Choose Two A. Add a Persist Case step after the Duplicate Search step. B. Adjust the condition weights. C. Adjust the threshold value. D. Do not use a must match condition. Answer: B C Question NO 2 slide 7: Which layer of the Enterprise Class Structure ECS contains generalized assets that are then extended by specific implementations A. Division B. Organization C. Implementation D. Framework Answer: D Question NO 3 slide 8: Which two options do you configure on a portal record Choose Two A. Identify the user role of the type of user who would access the portal. B. Determine which skin to use to apply branding to the portal. C. Change the applications available to users. D. Configure the positioning of the navigation pane within the portal. Answer: A B Question NO 4 slide 9: Which answer best describes the benefit of using screen flows A. Screen flows help a single user complete complex tasks by presenting multiple screens in a logical sequence. B. Screen flows help you organize separate tasks into steps so you can control how when and by whom work is performed for each step. C. Screen flows provide a way to add an assignment to a process that is preconfigured with one or more actions a user can take. D. Screen flows provide an easy way to add a step to a process that is preconfigured with functionality such as sending an email or creating a case. Answer: A Question NO 5 slide 10: You created a data transform to concatenate a users first and last name values. You add the concatenate data transform to a flow action as a post-processing action. What occurs when the flow runs A. The data transform runs after the user enters data in the first name and last name fields. B. The data transform runs before every flow action run. C. The data transform runs after the flow action runs if the user enters data in the first and last name fields. D. The data transform runs every time the user performs the flow action run. Answer: D Question NO 6 slide 11: The purpose of a Circumstance Definition is to _________. A. define the properties used in a circumstance B. define the values available to an end user in the application C. define the values used in a circumstance D. define the list of all circumstance values for a rule Answer: C Question NO 7 slide 12: Which layer of the Enterprise Class Structure contains assets that cannot be reused in other applications A. Implementation B. Division C. Organization D. Framework Answer: A Question NO 8 slide 13: Select two reasons for organizing delegated rules in a separate unlocked ruleset. Choose Two A. A separate unlocked ruleset is necessary because changes cannot be made to rules in a locked ruleset. B. A separate unlocked ruleset allows you to organize the business users responsible for managing the delegated rules. C. A separate unlocked ruleset allows for versioning control of the individual delegated rules in case you want to roll back changes. D. A separate ruleset can help prevent accidental or unauthorized changes to critical elements of the application. Answer: A D Question NO 9 slide 14: In which of the following situations would you use a rule circumstance to resolve the requirement A. A national insurance company requires a different minimum for liability coverage in each state. B. An online order process optionally allows customers to update the credit card number saved with their account. C. A service level notifies the assigned user when a goal interval is exceeded and notifies the users manager when a deadline interval is exceeded. D. A process does not execute if a user is single Questions Answers PDF Page 6 Answer: A Question NO 10 slide 15: Offering Effective PDF Tests Training to Individuals and Companies 100 Passing Assurance on All Dumps Special Student Discount Available Printable and Searchable PDF Braindumps User Interactive Exams Software Get Free Live Updates Exams Software Real Exam Environment Like Actual Tests Dumpspedia PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Exam slide 16: With just a few weeks left until the actual exam I began to panic as I couldn’t find any good books to prepare from. I started browsing the internet for some good things and all the reports and reviews pointed me towards this site so I decided to give them a try. In a very short period I was able to prepare for the exam completely and passed it with 98 score. Great quality stuff. PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Exam Braindumps slide 17: Dumpspedia PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Exam slide 18: Thanks For Watching How about we start with the Five have all the refreshed and approved PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 test dumps which will lead you to accomplishment in simply first endeavor. Our PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 questions are 100 approved and substantial to think about. We have 100 passing that you will get a decent score in simply first endeavor by utilizing our PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 Dumps Questions Answers. Good luck

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