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Published on April 10, 2014

Author: kjhaxton



Peerwise presentation, part of Keele's sharing good practice day in January 2014.
Screencast of presentation available:

Getting Wise with PeerWise Katherine Haxton & David McGarvey Sharing Good Practice, January 2014

COPYRIGHT: Graham Fowell/The Hitman; taken from Bates and Galloway, Education in Chemistry January 2013.

Why? Promote continued engagement with lecture material. 2012/13: 10% of module ‘problem sheets’. 4 or 5 over semester, every 2 weeks. Submit at 2pm, mark and return at 4pm with whole class feedback. Effort based mark – 0,1,2

A different approach: PeerWise Student Authored Multiple Choice Question Bank 3 deadlines per semester to write, answer and comment on questions. Marks purely for engagement (0,1,2 scheme).

Question Authoring Create MC Question Answer options: - Preferred answer (note not *correct*) - appropriate distractors Explanation - explain theory - why are distractors wrong - don’t just give correct answer Select appropriate topics Add Pictures Add EquationsAdd Videos

Question Answering Answer question Confirm or change answer [rethink based on explanation, other classmates views] View other answers and explanations. Told if answer agrees with the authors answer Select a topic, and question Write comments (and disagree with author answer!)

Topics Acids and Bases Hydrogen Bonding Moles and molarity UV - Vis spectroscopy Atomic Orbitals HyperValence NMR Units Atomic Structure IR spectroscopy Naming organic molecules VESPR Beer-Lambert Law Infrared Newman Projections VSEPR theory Bond Order Ionic Character Orbitals Valence electrons Conjugation Isomerism Organic acids Hybridisation Isomers Periodic Table Electron Pair Geometry Periodic Trends dipole moments Electron orbitals Lewis structures Polarity electron configurations Electrons In Atoms MO Energy Level Diagrams Representing Molecules Equations of Light electron quantum numbers Electrons in molecules Maths Solvents and Organic Acid-Base electronegativity Elements Molecular Geometry polar solvents Molecular Orbital Theory radial nodes and nodal planes boundry surface repersentations Stereochemistry in chiral centres Effect of nuclear charge

Setup and Support Account Creation - admin account - student identifiers (e.g. student number) - students create accounts General Support - resetting passwords - reminders of deadlines and expectations

How? Intro Session - introduce concept of multiple choice questions - MCQ ‘Grunge Prowkers’ by Roger Lewis - explain why writing questions benefits the students (and why we’re not shirking our responsibility). - introduction to constructivist model of learning - computer classroom session to get accounts created and help with using interface

Metrics Competition element: student leader boards and badges Access logs – no. Qs written, answered, no. comments written Review questions and comments contributed by individual students 390 questions authored, 4090 questions answered “Very useful learning tool, the badges thing encourage me and my friends to answer more and compete with what we got.” -- a Keele first year student

Assignment Introduced Deadlines Exam Period Deadlines strong motivation for question writing at the last minute!

Deadlines Assignment Introduced Exam Period

Evaluation Emerging Themes - useful revision tool - tutor questions would be useful - more tutor input desired - deadlines adding to workload “It’s a fantastic way to revise and goes hand in hand with going over lecture notes, however it would be useful if more people made questions.” “I very much despise PeerWise.” -- from two Keele first year students

Evaluation 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 I find the PeerWise website easy to use. I find it very difficult to write multiple choice questions. I prefer to answer questions than to write them. Writing questions on PeerWise helps me learn. % agree Neutral % disagree

Evaluation 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 I do not like writing feedback on questions. I am frustrated by questions that are unclear. I found this task pointless. I found this task very difficult. % agree Neutral % disagree

PeerWise Resources [includes information on scaffolding] [Grunge Prowkers Quiz online] generated-assessment.asp [Bates and Galloway, Education in Chemistry January 2013]

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