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Published on October 18, 2016

Author: layfield_barrett


1. Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Pedestrians always have the right of way, but crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk can still be a dangerous experience. When individuals driving cars fail to exercise reasonable caution and/or follow the rules of the road, they can cause grievous pedestrian accidents. While the placement of barriers improves the safety of pedestrians traveling near storefronts and on some walkways, crossing the street is still one of the leading causes of pedestrian-vehicle accidents. Thousands of pedestrians are injured or killed in accidents every year. When someone else’s negligent actions are the cause of the accident, victims and their families are entitled to compensation for their injuries. Contacting an Attorney At Layfield & Barrett, we understand a pedestrian accident can leave families in difficult circumstances. Paying for medical expenses and rehabilitation can be quite demanding. Add concern about the future, loss of income and future wages, and loss of quality of life, and even accidents that aren’t life-threatening can change victim’s lives forever. Our legal approach focuses on the stories of the people we represent. An accident is not an isolated event for a victim. It continues to affect our clients’ lives long after the police report has been filed and the news reports stop being recounted. Our job is to make sure every aspect of the case has been evaluated so we can build a strong and complete picture of how an accident has affected your life. Your income, medical treatment, and emotional and physical experience with life after the incident all factor into how a personal injury case is built. We encourage anyone who has been involved in a pedestrian accident to consult a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Layfield & Barrett always offers a free initial consultation. From there, you will have the information you need to decide whether to pursue legal action against the parties that have caused you harm. Uniqueness of Pedestrian Accidents Unlike accidents that involve people in other vehicles, pedestrians have no protection, leaving them exposed. Nobody wears a helmet when walking down the street. That means that when pedestrians are struck, the likelihood for a traumatic brain injury or other serious injury increases. Pedestrians may find their extremities broken or fractured. They may also suffer from what are considered catastrophic injuries, where severe and sometimes permanent damage is done to the brain and/or spinal cord. A person’s life changes completely after being involved in a pedestrian accident. Our attorneys specializing in pedestrian accidents are compassionate representatives who are ready to help clients in whatever way possible. From talking to insurance companies on your behalf to helping you settle medical expense disputes, your legal representation goes much farther than simply working on the facts surrounding an accident.

2. Avoiding an Accident Even though motorists are required by law to yield to pedestrians, those crossing streets and walking in high-traffic areas should exercise a higher degree of caution. Pedestrians can decrease the likelihood of being involved in an accident by:  Following the pedestrian road signs. Do not cross a street anywhere but at a crosswalk. Always wait for the “walk” sign before crossing.  If you are unsure that a driver has seen you, wait until you have made eye contact with the driver and are sure that he or she will not dart out into the crosswalk. Call the police if you see or are involved in an accident. For those involved, reach out to a Layfield & Barrett attorney as soon as possible. We can help you get your case started, get back to your life, and move on from the accident. Source:

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