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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: vssudharsan



Sports Quiz @ BITS Hyderabad

Pearl Sports Quiz SudharsanVeeravalli

Thanks ▪ L Madhavkrishnan ▪ Ojas BN ▪ Major Chandrakanth Nair

Prelims ▪ 25 Questions ▪ Questions 11-16are starred and will be used to resolve ties ▪ Sudden death starting from Q1 incase of tie in starred questions ▪ Top 8 teams make it to the finals. ▪ Clues and part points at QM’s discretion

Q1 His art of sledging through innocuous one-liners that scratch deep into a batsman's composure has received grudging respect worldwide. When Harbhajan Singh walked to the middle at a crucial juncture in a Asia Cup match, he merely verbalised an observation, noting that Harbhajan preferred three-quarter length, elbow-covering sleeves when bowling but not while batting. In 2002 he ruffled Jacques Kallis into a fury at Centurion with references to Don Bradman, digging at a misquoted line from Kallis that had been jumped upon by the media for betraying great arrogance. After Gareth Batty's offspin came into the attack when he was batting in a Test, he asked quizzically: "Where's Robert Croft, England's best offspinner?" Which cricketer is being referred here for his slick sledging?

Kumar Sangakkara

Q2 Marlboro, a long time sponsor of the team coined the nickname_____ for this sportsperson owing to his resemblance to something. When he retired from his sport and started an airline company,____ became one of its mascots and was named after him. Identify the sportsperson and fill in the blanks

Niki Lauda. “The Rat”

Q3 vaṭi manju viraṭṭu, vēli viraṭṭu, vaṭam manjuviraṭṭu are variants of which ‘sport’ that is based on the concept of “flight or fight”?


Q4 He is noteworthy for having played in the longest ATP doubles match ever, alongsideTomáš Berdych, defeating Marco Chiudinelli and Stanislas Wawrinka in the 1st round of the 2013 Davis Cup.The match was played on 2 February 2013, lasting 7 hours, 2 minutes. However, his biggest claim to fame was the his remarkable upset that he pulled off on 28th June, 2012. Who is he?

Lukas Rosol He defeated Rafael Nadal in the second round ofWimbledon

Q5 Sometime last week FIFA officially authorized something that was on a trial basis since 2012, bringing to an end a long standing issue that was particularly detrimental to people of a certain region. Though this will have a bigger impact on the women's game it will also extend to the men following a request from certain Canadians. What ?

Wearing of head covers for religious reasons

Q6 Identify

Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko

Q7 This is a term that is used to describe a match in a series where the series result has already been decided by earlier matches.Wide usage of this term can be found in Davis and Fed Cup matches while it is also not uncommon in other sports like cricket and hockey.

Dead Rubber

Q8 Who is this sports champion, pictured on the cover of Autoweek ?

Sebastian Loeb, WRC Champion

Q9 The pic is a cricket- themedValentine's Day card from Cricket Australia.Whose face has been blanked out?

Chris Rogers

Q10 The postal address of the Allianz Arena bears the name of an eminent personality who stayed in Munich till 1927 before moving to Leipzig. What is the postal address?


Q 11 ____ is a form of automobile racing allowing a wide variety of types, ages and makes of purpose-built racing cars to compete "head to head".This makes for some interesting matchups, and provides the opportunity for some compelling driving performances against superior machinery.The name roughly translates to “Free Formula“. FITB.

Formula Libre. The name translates to "Free Formula"

Q12 The X is a chess opening whereWhite adopts a combination of the Queen's Gambit and Réti Opening: White plays d4 and c4 and fianchettoes the white bishop on g2. The X derives its name from ____ - a nation inside a nation—after tournament organizers at a 1929 tournament held at ____’s capital, asked Savielly Tartakower to create a new variation in homage to the area's chess history. Which opening?

The Catalan Opening

Q13 X is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message (e.g. political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from grassroots participant(s). It is intended to give the statements more credibility by withholding information about the source's financial connection What sports related term is this ?


Q14 In the picture is Tatyana Vladimirovna Kotova , a Russian long jumper. A bronze medalist at the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics she also has 3 consecutive silver’s to her name in the World Championships. Why was she in the news sometime in the beginning of this year? (Specific answer needed)

Failed drug re-test hence giving Anju Bobby George the gold at the 2005 World Athletics Finals

Q15 The phrase “A- B - C -D” is said to have been coined by a commentator in the 1992World Cup match between New Zealand and Australia.This phrase was more of a fad in the nineties with each team having at least one of them. Gavin Larsen sees the term as a mark of respect and acknowledgement while Chris Harris would rather it not be used. The above two along with Rod Latham andWillie Watson were rather famous exponents of “A-B-C-D”.


Q16 Popular legend has it that King GeorgeV introduced <this tradition>. But the tradition actually dates from around the time of the firstWimbledon tournament in 1877, according to Audrey Snell, a librarian at the Wimbledon LawnTennis Museum. <Something> and tennis, she said, both signaled the arrival of summer. What is this tradition ?

Giving strawberries and cream to spectators. Wimbledon’s signature snack.

Q17 Identify the sportsperson in the video < Kuka vs _____ match>

Timo Boll , German TT player

Q18 The woman in the pic in Lila. She came into limelight as a result of a certain infamous sporting incident in 2006. Who is she and what was the incident ?

Zinedine Zidane’s sister

Q19 Who were the first brother and sister in tennis history to be ranked No.1 (not necessarily at the same time) in the respective category ?

Marat Safin and Dinara Safina

Q20 You will find this statue outside the Estadio Eduardo Santos in Santa Marta which is the home town of this flamboyant footballer also known as “El Pibe”. Who ?

Carlos Valderrama

Q21 This Hawaiian golf prodigy earned the nickname “The BigWiesy” owing to the similarity of her swing to that of a PGA veteran who was nicknamed “The Big Easy”. Prodigy and veteran ?

Michelle Wie and Ernie Els

Q22 In October 1999 Banco deVizcaya and Argentaria announced their merger thus becoming the second largest bank in their country. In 2008 they did something that continues to be so till date and if all is well go on until 2018. What did they do ?

Sponsors of the Spanish League

Q23 This week the Bahrain Grand Prix organisers decided to name the first corner in honour of Michael Schumacher. However they are not the first circuit to name a corner after the German.Ahead of the 2007 race the fast left-rightTurn 8/9 at the place where he won five races was renamed ‘Schumacher S’. Where ?

Nurburgring GermanGrand Prix will not be accepted because: In 2007, the FIA announced that Hockenheimring and Nürburgring would alternate with the German Grand Prix with Nürburgring hosting in 2007.

Q24 Touch Play is the authorized biography of X, and is possibly only the second biography of anyone in this sport. The book was released on 11 January 2006 by X on the final day of the National Championships in his home city.This event was chosen as the last NationalChampionships in the city were held in 1962, and was organised by X’s father who was the pioneer of the sport in his state. X was the first to achieve a ‘Grand Slam’ in his sport. Who is X?

Prakash Padukone

Q25 Nicknamed the ‘Fighting Jondas’, this country played in their first FIFA World Cup in 2010. Their most notable performance was the 3-2 win over the Italians in the group stage before finally bowing out to Netherlands in the round of 16.Which country ?


The End

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