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Information about Peanuts

Published on July 10, 2009

Author: jacklola


Slide 1: email PEANUTS Slide 2: Guess what Woodstock. Cindy just sent me a mail. She says she wants to see me. What should I do? I get goosebumps everytime I see her. Geez… I hope someone could help me out. But who??? CHARLIE!!! Right. I’m sure he knows what to do. ? Slide 3: Hey Charlie! Yah? I got a problem… Uhmm… errr… Can you help me out? Sure! What’s it about? Remember Cindy? The hottie I met at the circus? What about her? She sent me a mail asking me to see her So what’s the problem? See, I got this thing for her Nah.. I always get cold feet whenever she’s around. Then why don’t you go and see her? Everything’s going to be fine. Just don’t forget to bring her something. So she’ll know you like her. ‘Yer right. I’ll do that. Slide 4: A present he says.. But what? Darn it! Charlie said that I should bring something with me Almost forgot… She’s allergic! Flowers… Chocolates!!! I can’t either… She’s diabetic! I know! I’ll just ask Patty! She probably knows what Cindy likes.. Slide 5: Hey patty! Can I ask you something? Sure Snoop! What does a girl want for a present? I bet that’s for Cindy… Yeah! How did yah know? Brown told us!! So, what should I give her? Well from what I know.. She’s an art collector… Perhaps you could give her a painting or something like that So that’s wat she likes… Thanks, you guys Slide 6: Patty says Cindy likes art.. Hey Stock! Would yah come with me to the meuseum? I bet I’d find something there.. Slide 7: If you were her, What would you want? Great!! Now I’m asking advice from a bird. I didn’t know that the meuseum is filled with my ancestor’s photos. So this is What she wants. I got just the gift for her!! Hehe… Huh??? Slide 8: And so Snoopy went to meet Cindy… Slide 9: The next day… I can’t understand her! I gave her what she wanted. I spent the whole night making that art! I even made myself a duplicate This is probably the sweetest thing I have done for anybody!! And you know what she told me?? She said that I was cheap and conceited!! Then she threw my gift back to me. Here! Since you’re my bestfriend.. I’ll let you have it. Slide 10: The photo of the next person tobe honored at the meuseum… Am I cool or what!! Hehehe… Here you go. Now aren’t you the lucky one! It’s her loss anyway… Slide 11: You’re still lucky. ‘coz if I were Cindy… I’d kick your ass like a football!!! Slide 12: THE END

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