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Published on February 16, 2014

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PEA - Amari Deal

The Grandmother Of All Scams (PEA-Amari Deal) Group 4 Cabral, Keith Gador, Lexa Orbeta, Hazel Ruiz, Nichole

• Public Estates Authority (PEA) is a government agency in-charge of the Manila Bay Reclamation area. • Amari Coastal Bay Resources Corporation • PEA + Amari + involved persons inside and outside the deal = PEA-Amari Deal

FACTS about the PEA-Amari Deal

The three islands were reclaimed off the coast of Manila Bay. This generated interest to potential investors. How we see Manila Bay What the investors see

The Key Players George Triviño “The Ital-Thai Development Corporation Phil. Rep” Bobby Montano “The Presidential Appointee” Frank Chua “Casino Buddy 1” Benito Co “Casino Buddy 2” PEA-Amari Deal Benito Cuevo “The Commissioner” Premchai Karnasutra “The Contractor”

? ! There were payoffs given to certain officials and individuals. (A total of P1.269 billion)

The whole brouhaha started when Trivino was cut in the deal. He gave the basis for Amari exposé to Maceda as well as the “Dear Joe” letter to de Venecia.

Group Findings

Former President Fidel V. Ramos was allegedly part of the deal, but he was not mainly focused by the Senate maybe because of his position. Hehehe…

Agnes Montano, Bobby Montano’s live in partner, was allegedly responsible in getting Malacañang’s approval for the Amari deal.

People in position involved with the deal received payrolls to hush up and impede the subsequent investigations.

Unsolved Issues… (No solid proof) • De Venecia’s roles in the deal • Former President Fidel V. Ramos’ possible involvement • Identity of officials receiving payoffs to hush up the investigation

Conclusion • • Former President Ramos and other high officials were part of the PEA-Amari Deal. This deal wouldn’t be possible if Bobby Montano and other persons involved did not have connections inside the Malacanang as well as in related agencies and organizations. Trivino felt he was stabbed in the back for not being involved to the transactions that’s why he squealed the whole PEA-Amari deal to Maceda.

• Lagdameo shouldn’t be convicted for he just followed the President’s command. • There is a proof of cronyism because President Ramos even created a position for Bobby Montano in the PEA.

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