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Published on March 21, 2008

Author: Dionigi


Slide1:  Applied Writing Sentence Writing Trying Your Hand Slide2:  Applied writing Read and Simulate Simulate and Create Slide3:  View our Nation’s majestic (雄伟的) monuments aboard the newly-built Dandy, tasting delicious food, dancing on her large marble dance floor , and under the stars on her upper deck (甲板). Year-round in Comfort   Departing from and Returning to Beautiful, Historic Old Town Alexandria Reservations: (703) 683-6076 1 Read the following two samples of emails and learn to write your own.   Read and Simulate Sample 1 The Ship for all Seasons The Ship for all Reasons Nina Dandy (快艇) DAY or NIGHT RAIN or SHINE Slide4:  Read and Simulate Travel Abroad Agency(代理) Outstanding Customer Service     51 Nahai Road Changchun 130012 0431 5967967     Sample 2-1 Slide5:  Read and Simulate San Francisco, California, U. S. A. 1 day o see the Golden Gate Bridge o ride on old-fashioned cable cars(旧式缆车) o walk through China town   Malaysia 3 days o walk along tropical(热带的)beaches o try water sports like diving o taste delicious seafood and fresh fruits   Sample 2-2 Slide6:  Read and Simulate Australia 9 days o see the famous Sydney Opera House o take photos from the Harbor Bridge o spend days on the beach and evenings at Sydney’s restaurant   Thailand 3 days o tour the temples and palaces of old Siam(暹 罗) o shop for silk and handicrafts(手工艺品)in Bangkok’s (曼谷)markets Sample 2-3 Slide7:  Simulate and Create   Reference Read the following travel ad and find out the details. Canada is a friendly country that is close to home. You’ll arrive as a tourist, but you’ll leave as a friend. Ski on our snowy mountaintops and swim in our clear blue lakes. Enjoy the clean air of the country and the excitement of our cities. For more information, call your travel agent or Holiday, Inc. (800-324-4839)    Come to Canada Slide8:  Simulate and Create   Read the following travel ad and find out the details. The country to visit: Attitude towards tourists: Activities arranged: Contact: Travel agent or Holiday, Inc. (Canada) (friendly) (Skiing on the snowy mountaintops, swimming in lakes, enjoying clean air and touring cities.) (800-324-4839)   Slide9:  Simulate and Create 日本5日游 Reference Translate the following travel ad into English according to the Chinese given below. 参观东京著名的寺院; 在Ginza区购物; 乘子弹头火车(Bullet Train)到富士山(Mt. Fuji)旅游并当天攀登(hike up)这座名山。  Slide10:  Simulate and Create Touring Japan 5 days   ● visit Tokyo’s famous temples   ● go shopping in the Ginza district   ● take a ride on a Bullet Train to Mt. Fuji and   ● spend the day hiking up this famous mountain Slide11:  Sentence writing Slide12:  attributives present participle past participle 1 There are a lot of fans _________ (hoped, hoping) for a glimpse of the movie star. 2 The tourist _________ (looking at, looked at) the map is a relative of my father. 3 People _________ (lived, living) in cities can enjoy more of modern life. living looking at hoping Make correct choices of words or phrases in the brackets to complete the sentences. Slide13:  4 Here is a notice _________ (warned, warning) people not to litter the beach. 5 Computers _________ (imported, importing) from abroad are usually more expensive. 6 People _________ (wishing, wished) to go on the tour have to book in advance. 7 Do you hear a man _________ (talked with, talking with) your brother in the living room? warning talking with wishing imported Slide14:  8 Those houses _________ (pulled down, pulling down) were built thirty years ago. 9 The devices _________ (using, used) by advertisers to gain people’s attention seem to be effective (有效的). 10 Most of the people _________ (invited, inviting) to the reception are old friends of mine. pulled down used invited Slide15:  1 He is reading a book calling The Way of All Flesh. Pick up the rotten “cherry” 2 Engines are machines produced power or motion. called producing Slide16:  3 You’d better not wake up the sleep baby. 6 There were twenty people injuring in the accident. 4 She wants to buy a ready-make dress. 5 A losing opportunity never returns. sleeping ready made lost injured Slide17:  7 The language speaking in that African country is French. 8 He thought something excited had happened. 9 Many products making from crude oil (原 油)are now in daily use. spoken exciting made 10 Animals can do many amaze things when properly trained. amazing Slide18:  1 昨天讨论的问题十分重要。 他是一个举止得体的人。 已经养成的习惯很难改变。 4 主席宣读了一份预先准备好的声明。 5 孩子们更喜欢由橘汁、糖和水制成的饮料。 6 他得在规定的时间内做出决定。 7 我们将在下次会议上讨论他提出的计划。 8 你认识在台上唱歌的那个女孩吗? …discussed… …well-behaved… …established… prepared …made… …given… …put up… …singing… key Slide19:  1. The question discussed yesterday is of great importance.   2. He is a well-behaved man.   3. The established customs are difficult to change.   4. The chairman read out a prepared statement. 5. Children prefer the drink made of orange juice, sugar and water. 6. He has to make a decision within a given period.   7. We’ll discuss the plan put up by him at the next meeting.   8. Do you know the girl singing on the stage?   Slide20:  Write a short passage of about 100 words to describe the picture. useful words and phrases Slide21:  My spare time activities: read novels and magazines listen to country music watch baseball or football games on television The best thing I love is: play the guitar Slide22:  I became interested in guitar: hear a famous guitarist give a concert at the age of seven save up to buy my own guitar take guitar lessons What I can do with the guitar: write my own songs relax express my inner feelings Slide23:  reference Slide24:  I’m a student. My spare time is filled with a variety of activities. You might find me reading novels and magazines or listening to country music. I might be watching baseball or football games on television. However, the best thing I love is playing the guitar. At the age of seven, I heard a famous guitarist give a concert in a big auditorium. I became interested in playing the guitar. I saved up to buy my own guitar and take guitar lessons. Now I try to write my own songs. I find playing the guitar a way both to relax and to express my inner feelings.  

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