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Published on November 22, 2007

Author: Garrick


Gable Hall School:  Gable Hall School Focus on Self Assessment within the Physical Education and Dance Department Introduction:  Introduction 3 part session Development of assessment within the departments Dance Self assessment – Practical PE Partner assessment – How I did it Assessment History:  Assessment History Curriculum 2000 changes to Attainment Targets Introducing and using the Attainment Targets Individual Subject Assessments Pupil Tracking Assessment Booklets Using the Attainment Targets:  Using the Attainment Targets Targets broken down into sub categories Example of categories This helps the pupils know exactly where they are and which areas they need to target to get to the next level. Breakdown of Attainment Targets:  Breakdown of Attainment Targets Assessment Board:  Assessment Board Individual Subject Assessments:  Individual Subject Assessments This is an example of some of the trampolining assessment developed in association with the attainment targets. Pupil Tracking:  Pupil Tracking Each pupil has a target level for which they need to achieve from the beginning to the end of the year. The individual targets transfer to class and then to year group and key stage targets. It is therefore extremely important that the pupils know exactly what their levels are and what they need to do to get to the next level Assessment Booklet:  Assessment Booklet To help the process of target setting the department have developed an assessment booklet that the pupils use to identify areas to set a target for improvement. Booklet Page Example:  Booklet Page Example Activity Target Setting Page – Athletics You are responsible for setting yourself targets at the beginning and end of each block of work. Before Block – where am I? What is my current National Curriculum Level? ______ Where do my strengths lie in this activity? _____________________________________________ Where are my weaknesses in this activity? _____________________________________________ What can I do to progress in this activity? _____________________________________________ What specific skill/technique/tactic would I like to learn in this block of work? _____________________________________________ How can I achieve success in this activity? _____________________________________________ Booklet Page Example:  Booklet Page Example After Block - review of progress Did I feel that I made progress in this area? Yes/No Complete the table on page ? for this activity. Use the breakdown between levels on page ?. Are my strengths in my Practical Ability or Knowledge and Understanding?_____________________________ What level would I give myself overall? _________ What new skills did I learn? __________________________________________________________________________________________ What can I do to improve in a future block of work? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Dance Assessments:  Dance Assessments Dance has been a separate subject for the past two years at Gable Hall School. The assessment board was devised using Dance specific language based on the PE Attainment Targets as a guideline to help both teacher and pupil assessment. Put into pupil friendly language using phrases such as I can, I have and I give. Dance Assessment Criteria:  Dance Assessment Criteria Here is an example of the areas and levels which are assessed in dance. I have included level 4 and 5 which these pupils were generally working at. Assessments:  Assessments Lesson Context:  Lesson Context This was the second lesson of the unit based on different stimuli. Objectives Know how to use a stimulus to give movement qualities Understand how to create movement in response to a word Be able to create a movement phrase from selected words and perform. Assessment focus on Performance Pupils were working at sublevels of 4 and the focus of the assessment was to set targets to achieve level 5. Lesson content:  Lesson content Describe the ball to someone in a different room. Without telling them what it is. Brainstorm the qualities of the ball e.g. Round, Light, Soft, Bouncy Pick a minimum of three words and create a short phrase of movement demonstrating those words. Lesson Focus:  Lesson Focus Peer Assessments Penultimate Badminton lesson in the block of work:  Peer Assessments Penultimate Badminton lesson in the block of work Objectives Know your own and partners strengths and weaknesses Understand the perfect model of a variety of shots Be able to show tactics in doubles games Assessment focus on partners shot analysis Pupils were asked to observe their partners on a number of shots they had learned in previous lessons Observation Sheet:  Observation Sheet Differentiation Points Each pair were given the appropriate help with the analysis:  Differentiation Points Each pair were given the appropriate help with the analysis Pupil with worksheet:  Pupil with worksheet Differentiated bits:  Differentiated bits Overhead clear:  Overhead clear Serve:  Serve Child sitting at board:  Child sitting at board Conclusion:  Conclusion Raise pupil achievement By making the pupils more aware of their own and others performances Pupils know the level they are working at Pupils can set targets for improvement between levels

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