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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: Naj_Jandy



Action song was primarily the surprising activity that awaited for us in the very first day of our PE class.

First song we've ever sang in our childhood. The songs that taught us basic knowledge may it are in the realms of anatomy, the sovereignty of God's power and even our daily activities. Action songs that mirror our childhood. Songs that reactivates our sleeping nerves. Songs that energize us before another quest for new lesson begins. It may sound very exclusive for preschool, but being in college doesn't excuse us for doing them again. Organized previously by Ma'am Balacquit we are formed into various groups with I belonging to the Socrates group. We were asked to list five action songs on a paper and to perform them next meeting. And so we took our memory lane back to the years we used to sing our hearts out before our day in school begins and began scribbling the title of those songs on a paper. Finding a common break from our diverse schedule is apt to be tough. Being with my group mates for practices feels like a relaxation rather than a necessity. We really had fun figuring out the choreography that would perfectly fit the transition of the songs. We really enjoyed pointing out our mistakes and turn them into glorious laughing stocks. Those moments make me realize how fun it is to make friends out of strangers. I can say a PE class in their company is turning out great. We may be like boisterous children in practices we still make sure we adhere to the goal of our rendezvous which is to polish our group performance and spend a great deal of time with it. Days flew by so fast and we're taken nearby the chapel at 7:00 o'clock in a Tuesday morning. Various groups were called before our ears came distinguish the resounding emblem of our group....Socrates! The next thing I knew we were singing in chorus, all smiles, spreading good cheer all over the place with our voices and accurate movements carried over precisely throughout the performance. Gladly, we concluded our action song in a curtsy and cleared up the space for the next group. Honestly, I thought having a 7:00 am class would crease my forehead but then the activities laid feel like jogging in the morning in a daily basis. A religious dose of exercise. It might sound really funny to think we're to relive those childhood traditions in college. I don't mean to condemn doing action songs; I just thought the idea is a quirky and brilliant way to put our adolescent stage a touch of childish pleasure. Not only did it enjoy us, it unleashed our confidence as well.

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