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Published on June 13, 2019

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1. [PDFBOOKE-BOOKMOBI] The End of Vandalism by Tom Drury

2. PDF [Download] The End of Vandalism [PDF EBOOK EPUB KINDLE]

3. DESCRIPTIONS Author : Tom Drury Pages : 352 pages Publisher : Grove Press Language : ISBN-10 : 143889.The_End_of_Vandalism ISBN-13 : 9780802142702 A thief vacuums the church before stealing the chalice....A lonely woman paints her toenails in a drafty farmhouse....A sleepless man watches his restless bride scatter their bills beneath the stars....Welcome to Grouse County...."Tom Drury's loving, wryly intelligent take on Grouse County is at once sophisticated and compassionate. Drury's prose is quietly heartbreaking, laugh-out-loud funny, and always, absolutely convincing. The End of Vandalism marks the beginning of a distinguished American career."?Jayne Anne Phillips"Remarkable...Every so often a debut novel appears that simply stuns you with the elegance and beauty of its writing....A+"?Entertainment Weekly"So amiably dense with anecdote and observation, the reader is bounced along by its energy....Grouse County is unabashedly American, a setting both nostalgic and wittily contemporary....In a sense, the main character is the county itself, with its eccentricities, rituals, quarrels and comforts."?The Boston Sunday

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