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Published on November 23, 2007

Author: Tarzen

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ARCTIC DIMENSION Design – Lifestyle Cross-sectoral Business Opportunities :  ARCTIC DIMENSION Design – Lifestyle Cross-sectoral Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Quick Check France France: Country facts in a nutshell – 1/2:  France: Country facts in a nutshell – 1/2 Population data Inhabitants: 58,9 million households : 25 431 Average number of pers. per household : 2,3 Single households: 2004 1999 8333 000 7381 000 age 20-29 19% 17% 30-49 12% 11% 50 + 24 23 Major urban centers Paris : 11,1 million inhabitants Lyon : 1,6 million inhabitants Marseille : 1,5 million inhabitants Lille : 1,1 million inhabitants 50 urban centers of more than 150 000 persons Country facts in a nutshell -2/2:  Country facts in a nutshell -2/2 Educational level 100% of children between 3 and14 are in full-time education Schooling expectancy for a 5-year old child is 16,8 years Superior studies are rather long (4,7 years in average) and usually not combined with professional experience Economics data GDP per capita: 28 303 USD (Finland: 28 595 USD) Household disposal income per capita (2003) : 17 793 USD (Finland: 16 340 USD) Unemployement rate: 9,7% Everyday lifestyle:  Everyday lifestyle Lifestyle in Paris and in the rest of France varies considerably. Greater Paris with a population of around 10 million (3 million in Paris center area) is by far bigger than any of the following biggest cities (Lyon and Marseille with 1,5 million inhabitants only). In Paris the characteristics of every day life are defined by busy rhythm and long working days which start and finish reasonably late (from 9 am to 19 pm or later) lunch break still an important moment of the day even though the time spent daily for lunch and to having meals in general is shortening all the time. Meals are the major form of social life, either at home or in restaurants. Going out for a drink only is less common, if it is not just a quick aperitif before meal. Anglo-saxon pubs and bars are however gaining foothold since the last 10 years, but a lot of the clients are foreigners the breakfast is changing into more complete meal with cereals, juice, etc in addition to the traditional croissants and other viennoiseries. It is always predominantly sweet (jams etc.) lunch and dinner are mostly three-course ones with a starter, main course and dessert public transport is efficient but traffic jams, strikes and other occasional problems are frequent apartments are in average quite small and expensive, the price depends however a lot of the residential quartier. Differences between areas are considerable and the ”right address” is socially important. physical appearance, clothing and brand products are important for parisians. The appreciation of (luxury) brands is common and people are ready to pay for them. despite the long working hours shops close reasonably early, mostly at 19 h except on Thursdays when the department stores stay open till 21-22h. On Saturdays all the shops are open as during the week, but some smaller shops may be closed on Monday. the French taste is often traditional and classic (compared to the UK for exemple) but modern decoration and clothing style are very trendy at the moment Finland and Scandinavia are reasonably often quoted in decoration magazines and they have a certain image in France Slide5:  Outside Paris the lifestyle is less hectic and in the countryside can be still quite traditional As to the grocery shopping, France is the country of hypermarkets and it is quite typical to buy a big lot in one go and then get the fresh stuff elsewhere a few times a week in spite of the increasing share of retailing chains, special shops like boulangeries, greengrocers, cheese and meat shops still are popular as well as the weekend food markets in specialised consumer goods retailing there number of chains is increasing and consequently the share of independent shopkeepers is decreasing. Many international chains are already in France in addition to the local chains design shops and all types of speciality shops are appreciated leisure and fitness: there are gym club chains which stay open reasonably late due to the late working hours. Jogging and swimming are quite popular, roller skating as well. For any hobbies (clubs or other guided activities) it is typical that you have to subscribe for a year or at least be a member of a club. Skiing is popular on winter holidays. the French tend to take sports and fitness less ”seriously” than the Finns; no too heavy sweating but a good opportunity for socialising and showing off nice brand clothing or other equipment Retailing market:  Retailing market Leading department stores Leading design / decoration chains and shops Life style concept stores: the business idea and display is build around a certain life style theme (like Body Shop, Pentik Shops in Finland, Muji in Japan) Characteristics of the retailing market Single shops or chains? Own brands (private label) or a range of branded products? Shop-in-shop concepts? Are these type of shops located in shopping malls, in certain district, spas, yacht or country or golf or fitness clubs etc. The Leading department stores There are 2 leading department store chains: Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, and 2 smaller operators (BHV and Le Bon Marché) :  The Leading department stores There are 2 leading department store chains: Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, and 2 smaller operators (BHV and Le Bon Marché) Galeries Lafayette www.galerieslafayette.com Turnover 1979,50 million euros 2004 the leading department store in France new life style department store ”Galeries Lafayette Maison” interior decoration, some foodstuffs, shop in shops, active services Brand sales points average m2 Galeries Lafayette 39 8200 Nouvelles Galeries 23 3500 The leading department stores:  The leading department stores Printemps www.printemps.fr the no 2 French department store 22 stores in France – average surface 7200 m2 5 stores abroad: Japan China Taiwan Saudi Arabia Andorra BHV www.bhv.fr 67 % owned by Galeries Lafayette department store chain known by its extensive decoration and DIY- section 7 stores in France, 2 abroad (Liban, Martinique) turnover 580 million euros 2004 The leading department stores:  The leading department stores Le Bon Marché one of the 4 luxury stores owned by LVMH Group. luxury 32 000 m2 department store in Paris, linked to Grande Epicerie de Paris (a 2840 m2 gourmet shop) brand image important, shop in shops The leading design / decoration chains and shops:  The leading design / decoration chains and shops Slide13:  Lifestyle concept chains Lifestyle concept in the French market:  Lifestyle concept in the French market Leading lifestyle trends health & wellbeing, ”zen” ecologic thinking, nature exotism (Asian, Russian) high tech & home equipment: home cinemas, flat screens, mobile phones, internet connections cocooning family spirit, ”maison de famille” vs single urban lifestyle: culture, intellectualism, modern design How does lifestyle concept show on the consumer good market Increase of shops specialised in well being and self care, and wider selection of these products in other sales points. Media discussion around this topic. Exotism is seen throughout the consumer goods retailing, from foodshops to decoration and clothing, as well as in the advertising of travel agencies etc. cocooning, family spirit and urban lifestyle are widely presented in interior decoration media and shops (see the next page – decoration trends). Slide15:  Lifestyle issues are discussed mainly in the magazines and newspapers, not that much on TV. There is not (yet) offering of decoration or gardening programs as in many other European countries Trends are also well seen in product selection of the shops A permanent feature on the French consumer good market is that brands are valued and high price of brand products is accepted. France is the leading luxury brand creator in the world and this can be seen in the attitudes of consumers both on consumer good and food sectors. Also luxury and quality are highly appreciated. Deco Trends:  Deco Trends transparent plastic furniture ”murs végétaux” – interieur plants, green walls, nature in the deco ”chaises longues”, modern versions move from the garden inside the house lightning: optical fibers, creative solutions for ambiance giant flowers (real / artificial) postmodernisme, new versions of old classics ”industrial trend”, metal furniture, lofts ”modern baroque” ”black and white”, graphic patterns traditional furniture and decoration classics, country style, cocooning

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