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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: ehpeacekeeper



Do You Have Any of These Cards in Your Wallet?

Have You Computed How Much You’re Really Getting? .20% .25% .10% Fraction of a percent .30% .50% .05% .25% 1%

What are Your Frustrations About it? Too many of them to bring all the time! Hard to monitor! It Takes FOREVER! I need to spend a fortune to get a Barbie Doll!

Rewards Can Be Great When… Value is BIGGER! REFERRAL activities are rewarded! Monitoring is EASY! No need for too many CARDS!

When You Gas Up

Eat Your Favourite Meal in a Quick-Serve Restaurant

Call Using Prepaid

Buy Medicines

Enjoy Your Favourite Beverage in Coffee Shops

Buy Groceries

Shop for Clothes

is making life better by empowering consumers to earn from everyday purchases.

Introducing Life is Rewarding. PayBux is a rewards App and platform for individual and community purchases. Subscribers are incentivised for loyalty and connecting with friends.

PayBux Editions Standard Edition (FREE) Transforming Lives. Premium Edition (via Upgrade to Mentor or Icon)

Life is Mobile 66% Sleep with Their Phones. 26% checks their phones at the dinner table. Transforming Lives. 240M business globally will be cloud computing via mobile by 2015.

The Future is Mobile There will be almost 4 billion subscribers by 2017. More than 5 billion broadband connections and about a billion LTE connections by then. A total of almost 10 billion mobile connections.

Basic Social Networking Calendar of Events and Activities (CEVA) Mobile Shopping (Thru-App Purchases) Payback Rewards and Incentives Electronic Credits and Transfers QR Codes Scanning

Basic Social Networking

Calendar of Events

QR Code Scanning for Mobile Vouchers/eGCs You buy prepaid credits called ‘bux’. Select mVoucher or eGC of your choice. Present to Merchant for redemption. Transforming Lives.

Scan and Go Merchant scans the QR Codes for fast and easy redemption or payment of purchased products. Transforming Lives.

February 2014 2nd Quarter 2014 February 2014

Our Unique Value Proposition Make every purchase a rewarding experience thru Cooperative Group Rewards. Transforming Lives.

Top-up Your Favourite Merchant Card Transforming Lives.

But What Makes PayBux Different?

PayBux is Generous. “...Generosity can be a highly effective growth strategy.” - Eddie Yoon, Principal The Cambridge Group

Payback Offer of at least 20% and up to 100%.

It is faster and realistic. It is COOPERATIVE.

Cooperative Group Rewards 20%-100% Rebate Each purchase transaction contributes an amount to the PayBux Generous Rewards Pool. PayBux keeps record of the transactions and awards rebates using HexCell Algorithm. 24-hour Transaction Period

Where Rewards Come From UPGRADE of Subscription. Personal purchases and Purchases of other Subscribers in the community. Transforming Lives.

A Different Shape for Success Transforming Lives.

HexCell Means Rewards Upgrade Purchases Earn HexCell Rewards from Subscription Upgrade and Qualifying Purchases from partner merchants.

The Starting Point Download the Standard Edition of PayBux App for FREE! Transforming Lives.

HexCell for Generous Payback A Qualifying Purchase generates a HexCell that determines rewards from your purchases and purchases of other subscribers in the community.

Sample Qualifying Purchases P1,500 P375 P300

Sample Qualifying Purchases P1,000 + 500 P100 + 200 + 75 P100 + P200

Sample Qualifying Purchases P3,000 P500 P500

HexCells from Purchases

HexCells from Purchases Each Qualified Purchase that produces HexCells is processed using special HexCell Algorithm ensuring rewards for all transactions. It ensures that everyone will get rewarded from their purchases.

HexCell for Generous Payback = You earn rewards when your HexCell is activated. It is activated whenever there are six (6) HexCells that are attached to it.

HexCell Regenerates for More Rewards Each time you earn a HexCell, a new one is automatically generated for more rewards until you reach the maximum number of HexCells you can earn based on your subscription type.

You Must Be ‘LINKED’ As a USER, you can only earn one (1) HexCell when you don’t have a Linker. A USER must be linked to another Subscriber to earn up to three (3) HexCells. Transforming Lives.

HexCell Limit for Generous Payback 1-3 HexCells up to 6 HexCells up to 12 HexCells up to 3 HexCells

As a matter of policy, the program will payback up to 100% of qualifying purchase amount regardless of HexCell Limit.

The HexCell Rewards Program

14 Ways to Get Rewarded 1. Generous Payback (GPB) 2. Payback Linker Rewards (PLR) 3. Linker Group Rewards (LGR) 4. Payback Infinity Rewards (PIR) 5. Icon Profit Sharing (HPS) 6. Icon Leadership Rewards (ILR) 7. Upgrade Rewards (UPR) 8. Upgrade Link Rewards (ULR) 9. HexCell Icon Royalty (HIR) 10. Icon Upgrade Rewards (IUR) 11. Icon Combo Rewards (ICR) 12. Group Combo Royalty (GCR) 13. Dream Board Fund (DBF) 14. Spartan Leaderboard Rewards (SLR) Transforming Lives.

Upgrade to Inspire Take the steps… Icon Mentor Builder Transforming Lives. …or make a big leap.

Start as a Builder A Builder earns rewards from purchases of other Builders and Users by ‘linking’ them. A User becomes a builder when they ‘link’ other Users. Transforming Lives.

Link. Build. Grow. There is no limit to the number of links a Builder can create. More links mean more rewards.

HexCell is Infinite

Payback Linker Rewards

Linker Group Rewards Transforming Lives.

Potential Linker Group Rewards No. of Link: 3 Progression: 3 # of HexCell / Sub: 1 Transforming Lives. LEVEL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total # of Subscribers 3 9 27 81 243 729 2,187 6,561 19,683 59,049 88,572 Rewards Value 9.00 27.00 81.00 243.00 729.00 2,187.00 6,561.00 19,683.00 59,049.00 177,147.00 265,716.00

Potential Linker Group Rewards No. of Link: 6 Progression: 3 # of HexCell / Sub: 2 Transforming Lives. LEVEL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total # of Subscribers 6 18 54 162 486 1,458 4,374 13,122 39,366 118,098 177,144 Rewards Value 36.00 108.00 324.00 972.00 2,916.00 8,748.00 26,244.00 78,732.00 236,196.00 708,588.00 1,062,864.00

Payback Infinity Rewards Transforming Lives.

Potential Payback Infinity Rewards No. of Link: 3 Progression: 3 # of HexCell / Sub: 1 Transforming Lives. LEVEL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total # of Subscribers 3 9 27 81 243 729 2,187 6,561 19,683 59,049 88,572 Rewards Value 9.00 27.00 81.00 243.00 729.00 2,187.00 6,561.00 19,683.00 59,049.00 177,147.00 265,716.00

Icon Profit Sharing Transforming Lives.

Rewards from Anything You Buy Transforming Lives.

Scan and Throw Scan the card and you’ve got a HexCell! Transforming Lives.

Rewards from Anything You Buy P30.00 Transforming Lives.

Any Question so far?

More Rewards by Growing Your Network of Consumers.

Auto-Upgrade It’s your call! By default, 50% of rewards go to Auto-upgrade. You just have to choose between Mentor or Icon. Transforming Lives.

No Man is an Island Upgrading to Mentor or Icon automatically puts you in the rewards community. Your presence contributes to the rewards program and you get rewarded as well. Transforming Lives.

Be a Mentor and Excel An Upgrade Key is required to become a Mentor. The Key is available from a Mentor or Icon Subscriber. Transforming Lives.

Mentor Upgrade Premium with 300 Bux!

Mentors are Duplicators A Mentor may link Builders and help them become Mentors too. There is no limit.

HexCell Rewards from Upgrade When you upgrade to Mentor or Icon, a HexCell is automatically generated to accumulate your rewards from upgrade activities in the hive.

Upgrade Rewards A HexCell is activated when there is a total of six (6) Upgrades (Mentor or Icon) associated with it. Upgrades may come from your personally endorsed Builders or from others joining the Hive.

Upgrade Rewards Transforming Lives.

HexCell Rewards (Upgrade) is Infinite Every time a HexCell is activated, a new one is generated to give you continuous rewards. There is no end to HexCell Rewards. Your newly generated HexCell can be activated again thru Upgrades or Regenerations in the Hive.

Earn Unlimited Rewards New Upgrades coming into the Hive activates HexCells, producing more HexCells that bring unlimited rewards. There is no limit to the number of HexCells that you can earn in a day!

Bring Two to Start Earning Builders who upgrade to Mentors or Icons must contribute to the Hive by helping at least two (2) Builders become Mentors or Icons. You will only earn your HexCell rewards when you satisfy this requirement.

The Upgrade Link Rewards P15 Transforming Lives. P10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Earn rewards from HexCells earned or activated by Mentors or Icons you have introduced into the Hive. Earn P10 per HexCell activated. Icons are automatically qualified to earn P15. Mentors are entitled to earn up to 6th generation while Icons are entitled up to 10th generation.

Mentors Can Get More P15 Transforming Lives. + P15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 + Upgrade one more Mentor and instantly qualify to earn P15 HexCell Group Rewards. Link a total of six (6) Mentors to earn HexCell Group Rewards up to the 10th generation!

The Inspiring Icon It takes an Icon to know an Icon. Upgrade to Icon is only thru an Icon. Icon Upgrade is the ultimate advantage in HexCell Rewards Program. Transforming Lives.

The Icon Upgrade Premium HexCell Account with 3 Combo Trackers. 500K Malayan Insurance for 1 Yr. Merchant Promo Vouchers. with 1K Bux!

The PayBux Icon Card Smart Card for OFFLINE and ONLINE transaction and transfer of PayBux balance. For Cashless transaction (fare payment and other form of settlement)

The PayBux Icon Card Peer-to-peer TRANSFER (P2P) for payment, reload and other form of financial value exchange.

Getting More Value Than What You Pay For SCENARIO: You spend P7,000 monthly on gasoline. This would produce 4 HexCells in a month which would average about 48 in a year. You may earn up to P17,000 in a year on fuel alone.

HexCell Icon Royalty + P25-50 Transforming Lives. P15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Aside from qualification to earn HexCell Group Rewards, an Icon is entitled for HexCell Icon Royalty (HIR) equivalent to P25 per activated HexCell by any Mentor in his Subgroup up to infinity. When an Icon personally LINKS a total of six (6) upgrades (Mentor or Icon), HIR is increased to fifty (P50).

Icon Upgrade Rewards = P1K Earn P1K for every Mentor or Builder you upgrade to Icon. Transforming Lives.

Icon Combo Rewards ICON TEAM A ICON TEAM B COMB 1 Combo = P1K 12MN-12NN: 1st Cycle 12NN-12MN: 2nd Cycle Transforming Lives. 10 Combos per Cycle 2 Cycles per Day P20,000 maximum daily rewards value!

Dream Board Fund Every 5th Combo earned goes to your Dream Board Fund. Your Dream Board Fund can only be redeemed for your Dream Items. It is not convertible to Cash or Bux. Transforming Lives.

Group Combo Royalty ICON TEAM A 1st Gen 10% 2nd Gen 3rd Gen 5% 4th Gen 5% 5th Gen Transforming Lives. 5% 5% ICON TEAM B 1st Gen 10% Earn rewards based on the performance of your personally linked Icons and their links up to 5th generation. 5% 2nd Gen 5% 3rd Gen 5% 4th Gen 5% 5th Gen

Potential ICR Rewards Rewards Value Icon Combo # of Icon per Level per Icon Royalty LEVEL ICR% 1 10% 6 10,000.00 60,000.00 2 5% 12 5,000.00 60,000.00 3 5% 24 5,000.00 120,000.00 4 5% 48 5,000.00 240,000.00 5 5% 96 5,000.00 480,000.00 Total Transforming Lives. 186 960,000.00

Potential ICR Rewards Rewards Value Icon Combo # of Icon per Level per Icon Royalty LEVEL ICR% 1 10% 6 10,000.00 60,000.00 2 5% 18 5,000.00 90,000.00 3 5% 54 5,000.00 270,000.00 4 5% 162 5,000.00 810,000.00 5 5% 486 5,000.00 2,430,000.00 Total Transforming Lives. 726 3,660,000.00

Tracking Icon Exclusive Rewards Tracker 1 Start with 3 Combo Trackers from Day 1! Tracker 2 Tracker 3 An Icon earns rewards when upgrading Builders or Mentors to Icon. The system determines the rewards using Combo Trackers.

Double Your Rewards Tracker 1 Activate all Combo Trackers! Tracker 2 Tracker 3 Activate all Combo Trackers by upgrading at least six (6) Icons. Your rewards are doubled when all Combo Trackers are active. Transforming Lives.

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