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Published on August 20, 2008

Author: pueblowarriors


Richard Ahern : Richard Ahern Government Bob Buckley : Bob Buckley CTE/Business Cody Burkert : Cody Burkert Math Linsay DeMartino : Linsay DeMartino Exceptional Education Ruben Fierros : Ruben Fierros Exceptional Education/CBI Elizabeth Grijalva : Elizabeth Grijalva Exceptional Education Tolga Gungor : Tolga Gungor Math Megan Higgins : Megan Higgins English Michael Power : Michael Power Fine Arts David Rodriguez : David Rodriguez History Ruben Romero : Ruben Romero Counseling Victoria Schroeder : Victoria Schroeder English Jerry Shinn : Jerry Shinn Physical Education John Stein : John Stein Counseling Marcela Trahan : Marcela Trahan World Languages Lorin Labardee : Lorin Labardee Government Ellen Hammes : Ellen Hammes CTE/Business Summer Reflections: : I went to Washington D.C. with Teresa Toro and Patricia Dienz for the GearUp Conference. Just use your imagination! Summer Reflections: Summer Reflections: : Thinking about change… Beth finished her Master’s degree and was hired to teach 4th grade at Quail Run Elementary. Summer Reflections: Madison started high school at Mountain View this year!Remember when she was just a baby? : Madison started high school at Mountain View this year!Remember when she was just a baby? Matthew started middle school at Tortolita. : Matthew started middle school at Tortolita. Scott needed to change schools and is attending Quail Run where Beth is working. : Scott needed to change schools and is attending Quail Run where Beth is working. The Bucket List : Setting goals for your life Making every moment count The importance of relationships Intentionally creating memories The Bucket List Grandpa’s Bucket List: : Grandpa’s Bucket List: My Professional Bucket List! : My Professional Bucket List! Improve attendance and grade reporting throughout the year. Help facilitate Si Se Puede Day Closer monitoring of MTG uploads What will be on your bucket list? : What will be on your bucket list? My challenge to you… What experiences and memories will you provide for your students that they will remember for the rest of their lives? What are your professional goals for the year? What areas of your instruction are you going to work on to improve? First Week Information : Teacher Absences Attendance Grades and Standards Course Overview Hall Monitoring CAC’s Warm Body Counts First Week Information First Week Information : Weekend Schedule Bell schedule for the first week: Period 1-7, M-F. First Week Information Making the Grade : Use of MTG is no longer an option. Critical for Parental Access! Please update and upload your grades frequently. Making the Grade I need a sub… : Reporting Absences/Requesting Substitutes Substitute request form Or, call the number on the memo for last minute requests. As much as possible, let Angie know the day before if you will need a substitute. I need a sub… Calendars and Schedules : Bell Schedule School Calendar Staff Development Calendar See Handout Planning Period Staff Development Literacy and Differentiated Instruction Focus Calendars and Schedules District Policies : Teacher Evaluation Documents Attendance Policy District Policies Evaluation Documents : Review Teacher Evaluation Documents Teachers will continue to be placed on a multi-year professional growth cycle including a formal evaluation year and two years of professional growth. Evaluation Documents Slide 43: Placement Schedule The Evaluation Schedule : Please review the schedule found in your folders. You are placed on the schedule based on your year of hire. Supervision Assignments are included in your faculty folders. The Evaluation Schedule How often will I be observed? : How often will I be observed? Standards : Teachers are committed to students and their learning. Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students Teachers are responsible for establishing, managing and monitoring student learning in a positive learning environment Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.. Teachers are members of learning communities and exhibit a high degree of professionalism Standards Slide 47: Overarching Objectives Curriculum Design Objectives Assessment Learning Experiences Skillful Teacher Curriculum Planning Standard 1: Teachers are committed to students and their learning. Slide 48: Clarity Principles of Learning Models of Teaching Skillful Teacher INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES Standard 2: Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. Slide 49: Personal Relationship Building Class Climate Expectations Space Time Routines Attention Momentum Discipline MOTIVATION MANAGEMENT Skillful Teacher Standard 3: Teachers are responsible for establishing, managing and monitoring student learning in a positive learning environment. Data for Standards 1, 2, & 3 : Formal Observations Classroom Walk-Through Observations Advisory Information and Observations Assessment Data Data for Standards 1, 2, & 3 Slide 51: Standard 4: Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience. Continually reflects on his/her practice in promoting student learning and adjusts instruction accordingly Draws upon education research and research-based strategies in planning instructional content delivery Slide 52: Standard 5: Teachers are members of learning communities and exhibit a high degree of professionalism. Is an active member of professional learning communities Understands and supports the vision of the school system Contributes to the smooth functioning of the school environment Works collaboratively and creatively with parents in support of student learning and well-being Data for Standards 4 & 5 : Some of the data for Standards 4 & 5 will come from information that you provide your evaluator. Remember Section H? Data for Standards 4 & 5 Professional Growth Year 1 & 2 : Please review the Professional Growth documents in your folders How does this work? We will encourage teachers to focus their growth plans around literacy and differentiated instruction. Professional Growth Year 1 & 2 Slide 55: Overall Assessment and Recommendations Formal Tool Teacher Performance Evaluation – Final Report Professional Growth Plans Professional Growth Year Plan – End of Year Review Slide 56: Formal Tool Evaluators complete a narrative description based on the five performance standards. The description includes: on-going classroom observations; walk-throughs; learning-focused conversations; analysis and review of student results; contributions to overall school mission and environment; review of student and parent surveys; review of professional growth plans and implementation results; and information from any other documents collected by the evaluator and/or the teacher during the full length of the cycle. Slide 57: Professional Growth Plans Teacher completes the End of Year Review Evaluator attaches the Post Observation Report (written feedback from the formal observation). Collaboratively completes the Overall Assessment page. Attendance Policy : Attendance Policy Please refer to the Attendance Policy and Attendance Regulation in your folders. Attendance Policy Changes : Parent/Student notification letters will be sent at 3, 6, and 10 absences. Students may lose credit for a class after the 10th absence. Parents/Guardians or students have the right to file a written appeal for review by the Appeals Committee at the school. The Parents/Guardians or student have the right to a final appeal to the building principal. Attendance Policy Changes Office Responsibility : The Registrar will generate a list of students with 10+ absences in each class. Students will receive an NC for each of these classes. The Registrar will grant credit only for those students the Appeals Committee approves through the attendance appeals process. Office Responsibility Teacher Responsibility : Teachers will continue to give letter grades on all student work and record the grades. Teachers will provide all students who are absent (excused & unexcused) from each class with make-up work. Credit will be given for completed work in a timely manner (1 for 1) Teachers will not have the ability to give an NC. Teachers will have a new comment to use during grading periods that will say something like, “grade pending attendance appeal”. Teacher Responsibility Student Responsibility : GO TO CLASS EVERYDAY! If a student is receiving an NC due to attendance, but they have done well in the class, they will need to file a written appeal. The written appeal, including all supporting documentation, must be received by the building principal within ten days of the end of the credit period. Student Responsibility Appeals Committee : Must include an administrator, a counselor, and a teacher. Appeals could be granted for: Absences are reduced and the student remains in class Homework is being completed in a timely manner Grades reflect that the student has met the requirements of the course We expect that we might need multiple committees to review appeals. If you are interested, please see me or Ms. Dienz Appeals Committee 504 Students : Teachers are responsible to follow the accommodation plans for 504 students. I am required to provide these plans to teachers during the first ten days of school. They also must attend and provide information regarding 504 students during the review process. Please work with Angie Ortiz to pick up these plans. 504 Students Additional Policies : Honor Code Film Approval Form Reporting Suspected Crimes Policy Additional Policies

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