Patterns: the language of the subluxation

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Published on June 10, 2013

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NYCC for Anne Banco

PATTERNS: the language of thesubluxationPresented by:David Fletcher DC, FRCCSS(C)Chairman, Chief Clinical Officer, CLA

Life Flows from A.D.I.O.We live our entirelife experiencethrough ournervous systemLook what we getto work with!How specific areyour adjustments?This is whyEVERYONE, and Imean EVERYONE,can benefit fromChiropractic

Versions of Chiropractic

Chiropractic’s secret weapon:SimplicitySimply Amazing resultsbased onthe Simple GreatnessOf Arousing Innate

Outside StressInternal ResistanceNervous SystemEquation of LIFE

Can you spot the subluxation?

Pattern Recognition“ Man operates primarily out of pattern recognition”David Hawkins M.D.,Ph.D Power vs. ForceWhen synapses form a pathway, they leave you in arut.To create a better habit: “we have to painstakinglypractice a better response that wears a new groove.”Timothy Wilson “Redirect, The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change

Scanning tells the inside story

sEMG: Normal vs. Exhaustion

Resiliency and Reserve: The GAP

Nerve Interference and stress:NeuralTherm pattern analysis


GAP: General AdaptivePotentialWe all exist and live within boundariesThe wider the GAP between the boundaries,the more room we have to manoeuver ourlivesExternal stressors challenge internalresistance under the guidance of the NSLess healthy choices > moresubluxations > decreased GAP >...…Endless spiral … “doom loop”

Measuring the GAPX Rays look at the effects of long term damage to thespinal systems.Snapshot of a long standing processNeural scanning combines historical measurements withlive dataNeural Scanning gives instantaneous updates on progressexamsScanning combines perfectly with X Ray or can standalone as the diagnostic hub

Telling the most importantstorySpines don’t change on their ownThey react to stressors and the amount of reserveSurface EMG sensors detect wasted neuromuscularenergyThermal sensors detect the inability to regulate throughthe ANSHeart rate variability detects the chronic effects of stresson adaptability

Telling the most importantstoryInclinometry confirms how guarded the spinal motion hasbecomeAlgometry maps out the sensitivity along the spine andconfirms inflamed tissuesPut all these together and you get:The COREscore andCOREscore+

The C.O.R.E. PrincipleC: ChiropracticO: OptimizesR: Re-OrganizationalE: Energy

CORE AnalysisAdopt a “Nerve First” ApproachUnderstand the devastating effects ofsubluxation on human health and potentialLook deeply through the three layers: muscles,joints and nervesInvolve the entire team in this experienceBlend todays technologies with the timelessprinciples of healing

CLA’s Insight Scanning

Insight Scienceand Efficacy FDA & Health Canada Registered HIPAA Compliant Independent Lab Testing provedReliability Published in Peer Review Journals Recognized in ChiropracticGuidelines Allowed as evidence in court

Utilized and taught atleading chiropractic collegesLife University Life College WestParker College Palmer College, FLNew Zealand Chiropractic College Utilized with professional &Olympic AthletesBaltimore Ravens Indianapolis ColtsDetroit Lions Houston RocketsPhiladelphia 76ers San Diego PadresDan O’Brien, Decathlon Gold Medalist Olympics Gold Medalists at 2012London Games

Practice Strategies

What if...?you could examine a patient in under 10 minutes usingreliable, validated, evidence-based technologies?these tests could be administered by a staff memberand run in regular office flow?these test results opened up a new CHIROPRACTICconversation that moved the patient away from theirpain and towards wellness?

What if…?these same tests created massive increases in patientretention, compliance and new patient referrals?All of the test data could be compressed into ONE-NUMBER to report from?You could pay for all of these features from just theexaminations and re-exams?You’d be crazy not to ask howyou could learn more

Call or write todaySpecial pricing has been extended for the NYCC onupgrades and new client programs.Contact Anne Banco : akbanco@subluxation.com1-800-285-2001

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